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السبت، ٠٩ نوفمبر



11:11 Twin Flames in Egypt 7 Night Retreat Nov 9 - 16, 2024

Dive deep into twin flame wisdom at Luxor, visiting temples, receiving powerful healing and awakening light codes activations, interspersed with local experiences.

11:11 Twin Flames in Egypt 7 Night Retreat Nov 9 - 16, 2024
11:11 Twin Flames in Egypt 7 Night Retreat Nov 9 - 16, 2024

Time & Location

٠٩ نوفمبر ٢٠٢٤، ٩:٠٠ ص غرينتش+٢ – ١٦ نوفمبر ٢٠٢٤، ٢:٠٠ ص غرينتش+٢

Luxor, PJ92+R8Q, Al Bairat, Luxor, Luxor Governorate 1340550, Egypt

About the event

Book Your Twin Flame Vison Quest

Reserve your spot now and step into the timeless embrace of Egypt. Let the sacred land guide you toward your twin flame, the mirror of your soul. Remember, love knows no boundaries, and in Egypt, the veils dissolve.

This is More Than a Retreat: I've been living and working in Egypt for 8 years and for 18 years I've been bringing groups.  Egypt and Luxor in particular, is in my heart, the people, the land, the temples, the Nile, the experiences.  In Luxor we are all one big family, and everyone wants to see you have a magical time.

You will also receive a free 90 minute phone session with light codes activation valued at $188AUD  and one pre-recorded Light Codes of the Temples of your choice when you book and pay in full for your place.  

During this retreat we will be working with ascension frequencies, light codes and delving deep into the twin flame purpose.  We will be looking at what union means, what mission means and what the third energy means and how to attain it and much more.

We will be  visiting temples that are aligned with the twin flame purpose and connecting deeply with the energies of the sacred land of Egypt.  We will delve into the twin flame connections of Ancient Egypt, the gods and the goddesses, the Pharaohs and the Queens and looking at which ones were twin flames.  We will connect with the energies of love and the sacred marriage, the ascension temple and the divine feminine and divine masculine energy temples.  

We will be retreating walking distance the temple of Medinat Habu and the little temple of Thoth.  

We will spend time on the Nile, to heal (element of water) the emotional body, connecting with the fire (flame) energy of Thebes mountain to bring deep transformation.  We will connect with the element of earth through the spirit of the stones of the desert to help bring physical healing and union and to the element of air to cleanse and purify our minds and uplift us into the element of Akasha and the Sacred Sounds of Egypt.  

If you wish to stay on after the 7 days, to do further temples you will need to book accommodation early.

Note: Retreat details and prices are subject to change. Book early to secure your sacred space.  For these particular retreats I cannot take more than 5 people, making this an intimate and powerful opportunity.


  • Twin Flames in Egypt

    انتهاء البيع: ٢٨ سبتمبر، ٢:٠٠ ص غرينتش+٣

    This ticket includes One free 90 video or phone call with ChristinA valued at $188AUD / $124US / $115Euro One free recording of Light Codes of the Egyptian Temples of your choice.

    ١٬٥٠٠٫٠٠ US$


٠٫٠٠ US$

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