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الأحد، ٢٩ أكتوبر


Luxor Governorate, Egypt

13 Days Egypt Awakening the Codes

11:11 Egypt is calling you! You are a code carrier, keeper of the flame! It's time to awaken that power buried deep within you. A powerful transformative journey awakening to Sacred Sounds of the voice and activating your light codes.

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13 Days Egypt Awakening the Codes
13 Days Egypt Awakening the Codes

Time & Location

٢٩ أكتوبر ٢٠٢٣، ٥:٠٠ م غرينتش+٢ – ١٢ نوفمبر ٢٠٢٣، ١:٠٠ م غرينتش+٢

Luxor Governorate, Egypt

About the event

This year coinciding with 11:11 we are set for an amazing transformational journey to some of the most amazing sites of Egypt!  Egypt is a magic place and it enables us to tap into that magic within ourselves.  You will remember the magic you carry, you will recalibrate it, you reactivate it and you will feel that magic reawakening in you.    What is the Magic? The Magic is the Sacred in You. I Am a Code Carrier of Thoth, so you will be receiving Light Codes activations every day on this Sacred Journey.  You will tap into the Akasha and go deep into the ancient Egyptian times through powerful Meditations that open your brow chakra and take you deep into your own book of the Soul and the Akashic Records of the Ancient Egyptian timeline.   Are you ready to reawaken to the Ancient Wisdoms ?  During this most Sacred of Journeys, you will go deep into you through powerful light codes meditations,  Ascension Healing and the Sacred Sounds of the voice to lift you up into the higher vibrations and frequencies that align you with your Sacred Purpose.  You will learn about the significance of Luxor and Luxor Temple and the Ascension.  You will learn about the Pharaoh Amenhotep III and the lineage of the Sacred all the way back to the Holy Land of Israel to the Holy Land of Egypt.  You will taste the energy of the Ascension Flames and you will learn about mission and purpose, both personal and that of Twin Souls and Flames.  You will recieve the Light Codes to activate your own flame to help you awaken to your Soul Purpose.  You have time to receive as much learning as you want or as much integration time as you want.  This is a journey of  Activating the ever increasing Light within you.  A time for receiving upgrades with the Codes of Thoth and Enochian Keys that will help you to understand and remember who you are....   13 Days in Egypt Awakening the Codes  29 October - 12 November

We will be working with the amazing system of LUXOR Light and learning about where it originated and how it is conncted to the Etheric Temple of Luxor and the Ascended Master Serapis Bey and his incarnation as Amenhotep III.  We will be working with the Sacred Sounds of the Ametron Truth healing system and learning about the connection of the three sacred sounds and the codes of Thoth.  You will experience both these unique healing systems during the course of this powerful Egyptian Retreat.

You will get to experience Luxor like a local with time to wander, mingle and merge with the land.   We will be connecting with the desert, enjoying a camel ride to the back of the Valley of the Queens to connect to the spirit of Luxor.   We will be visiting many temples such as the Temple of Thoth, Medinat Habu.  Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Temple of Seti II, Ramesseum, Collossi of Memnon, Deir El Shewit and the temple of Isis, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple and all the temples contained therein such as Sekhmet temple.  Temple of Hathor at Dendarah and Temple of Osiris at Abydos.  Dush temple a temple dedicated to Serapis and Isis, Ibis temple, Philae and the Temple of Isis, Kom Ombo temple dedicated to Horus and Sobek, Edfu and the temple of the sacred Marriage of Horus, Temple of Khnum in Esna.  We visit the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Monkeys and the Tomb of Ay, the most powerful tomb that can potentially awaken your kundalini if you are well prepared.  We will be preparing for that.   The desert Oasis and the hot springs.   We will be working with meditation and sacred sound baths, healing and energies for awakening the kundalini.  Discussions on the ancient lineage of the Royal Bloodline of healers and mystics from (Joseph) Yuya and Tuya, Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye, Akhenaton and Moses, connecting with Thoth and activating latent inner codes.  It will be a journey of remembrance.  An opportunity to carve out your own piece of alabaster, sunset on a felucca on the Nile and many more surprises along the way.   Prior to every temple will be working with the powerful awakening codes so you can awaken your inner powers.  We work free flow and with the energies of the group.  

You will receive the full itinerary when your register for the Retreat.

Pre Requiste to attend this program is to be taking part in the LUXOR Light Ascension Program.  Purchase of Level One, LUXOR Light Ascension is your non-refundable deposit.  If for some reason you decide not to attend or something should happen that the trip cannot go ahead, you do not lose anything because you have a 7 week ascension program.   This program is $333AUD

The balance of the cost of the trip is $2888AUD   

Trip includes

Hotel rooms

Breakfast in Luxor, Al Kargha and Aswan

Breakfast and lunch in al Kargha and Aswan

Airport transfers

Travel to al Kargha and Aswan

Boat rides to Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple and Philae

Felucca at Sunset


Does not include

Tickets to temples

Lunch and dinner in Luxor


Full details upon application.

You might like to buy my book "Birthing a New Reality" and learn about how LUXOR Light Ascension originated.   It's available on Amazon now!      

Once registration has taken place you will be invited to our WhatsApp group and from there will begin discussions and arrange meetings to prepare with meditation and discussion prior to leaving for Egypt.

هذا الحدث له مجموعة. نرحب بك للانضمام إلى المجموعة بمجرد التسجيل في الحدث.

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