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LUXOR Light Ascension Level Two

Becoming Refined or Redefined!

I'm so excited that you have decided to join us to continue the journey!  


Level Two is different to Level One, as is Level Three different to both of them.  Here in Level Two you are going to find that the energy appears different; it is not so heavy, such a booming, knock you out type energy.  Here, providing you have cleared enough of the heavy baggage in Level One, which is the really heavy intense energy you feel as you are ripping through the layers, you will begin to feel a finer, more "refined" type of energy.  It's more refined, because you are becoming more refined!  To clear the baggage in the third and fourth dimensions, you need the really heavy duty hammer effect; knock you over the head type stuff.  It works and that is what has drawn so many people to love the LUXOR Light energy.  It is an "obvious" energy that is triggered through this particular system and it's always good to go back and clean up through level one.  Level One is the foundation, that keeps us from losing our ability to find our way.  It helps us to keep cleaning up the mess that we create while trying to move into the New World.... with a desire to leave the old world clean, clear and dusted so eventually you never have to revisit it in reality.


In the lower dimensions that we are healing through level one, we are working very much on the emotional body and clearing any remaining chaos, so that means working to clear denser energies.  You are generally able to feel the clearing of the blockages take place and you can feel the energies of Sirius like a heavy blanket inviting you into sleep so you are removed of the ego while you heal.  You know when you work on the lower chakras, you are working with reds and oranges and then upward into more mind stuff with the yellows.  These vibrations while not specifically noted in the work we are doing are in fact the vibrations you are pulling on to enable a positive influx of the appropriate energy in the lower chakras and the lower dimensions.  


The lower dimensions focus on healing the emotional body and then mastering the emotions, then as we step up toward the fourth dimension we are working more with the frequencies of yellow and green.  We are trying to heal the mental body, that ego part of self or our personality extension of our soul.  It is not soul, but rather where we try to reach up into soul for guidance to assist with our clearing.  As we clear and heal that lower mind/ego stuff, we then focus more on bringing mastery over the mind.  Here you can see we are working more with the green frequencies which is the mix of the yellow mind and the blue that tames it and brings in the communication of truth through the mind.  At this point we are more heart based and our emotions while maybe still not completely healed are certainly more conversive with us and we are able to understand our emotions more and learning how the connect in with the mind.  And even how the mind tends to converse with the emotions and create our emotional state.  We then begin to recognise how we create our own emotional states and that if we don't master that we will keep ourselves attached to living in the drama of the third and fourth dimensional world.  


When you think back and look at the third dimensional world, we can see all the chaos and crap that we allow ourselves to live through.  In this state you will understand why we need to evolve through a positive influx of red energy, but red is the most dense of all vibrations.  Can you understand now, why in level one the energy feels so strong.  


Now comes the tricky bit.  We are not choosing colour frequencies to help us heal as we would with colour therapy, but we are rather working with the Fourth Ray Path with the Ascended Master Serapis to help us cleanse through the ascension flame which is the flame of purity and is white.  From the White Flame is all flames, all vibrations and so it is a flame of intelligence; of pure intelligence that strips from it the pefect vibration that is needed for each individual in their clearing of the lower dimensions and lower chakra consciousness.  So red is infused with the white flame, orange is infused with the white flame, yellow is infused with the white flame and so we have the masterful element of all rays choosing to place exactly the vibration that is specific for each individual.  Maybe you need some blue in the base, some yellow, some violet or whatever essence you may need and it is all distributed through the intelligence of the white flame of purity. 



When we move up beyond the fifth dimension we are working with the higher chakras, the higher degrees of initiation and therefore the frequencies are higher.  There are indigo infused with the white flame, violet infused with the white flame and  magenta infused with the flame of purity to enable heaven (violet) to be embodied with earth (red).  Frequencies beyond anything we can imagine and really beyond the concepts of our mind as we move up through the higher dimensions toward the infinite realms of the God-force.  These frequencies get finer and more and more refined, they are felt only if you are highly attuned to such high frequencies.  Some are so high they feel like you are being "wired" or like the high pitch of a dog whistle.  Words cannot really define them. 


Already there?  How did I get there?

During the year 2004 while working with the trial group, I came across a book that had been on my shelf for four years that I hadn't got around to reading. I picked it up now and again with good intention to read, but never got around to reading it. I bought it after experiencing a healing session at the Conscious Living expo in Claremont, Western Australia. The practitioners had commented that I was already “there”, which I didn’t know what they meant at the time, and didn’t take much notice but was drawn to buying the book. Interestingly though, I always remembered that comment knowing there was to be a reason I had remembered it and that I would eventually gain clarity.  I had intentions of maybe learning that particular healing system one day, but when I had asked my Higher Self if this system would be good for me I would receive a yes response from my pendulum, but when I asked if I should do the course I got a no response.  Confused, I never went any further with it. Anyway after finally having a little look at the first few pages I saw why; It is very close to what we are doing with LUXOR Light; a similar purpose just different energy.


Going Beyond


I had been concerned as to how far I could go with the  trial group I was working with at the time, wondering why some members of the group would rise in frequency after a Monday session, and then drop back very quickly, not seeming to be able to hold the vibration for very long.


This piece in that book explains it more clearly, and it resonates with me, but I always suggest you go with what feels right for you.


Page 10 “Beyond Reiki – Eternal Light” by Shimara Kumara


Shimara Kumara channeled a message from Ascended Master Kuthumi which explained that when we jump from one system of healing to another, we are not working with integrity with any, and therefore we don't really hold the highest degree of those energies.  It means we are jumping from one system to another all the time and eventually you would not know which energy is which.


"As we all go through different levels of understanding, a person may feel guided to work with one particular system, and be happy with that decision and subsequent energy. Another person may go through the same process, but maybe, a year or two later, may again feel guided often intuitively from the heart, to change the system they are working with and choose re-initiation into another. Now, while this is fine because it may be that person’s consciousness has risen in the intervening time and they are now ready for a higher vibration of energy, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the person understands the results of their actions". ~ Shimara Kumara as received by Master Kuthumi.


She explained that when we choose from our personality level the masters will respond and send the appropriate energy we have chosen to be initiated into, but they have to constantly replace your energies with the one you are choosing.  But, it's not acting from true integrity or following your Divine Inner Guidance, but rather following an ego desire to collect energies.

Because we can receive according to Universal Law and Free Will, our decision to switch and change is given to us, so we should be sure we are making a decision in accordance with our own  Inner Voice of Truth.  Follow the joy in your heart, and trust in your own inner guidance and you will be making the right decision.



The Purpose of LUXOR Light Healing System

The Purpose of the LUXOR Light Healing system is to raise the level of consciousness of the Initiate. What happens when we raise our level of consciousness or our “frequency”, is that we reach a point where the physical body will no longer hold a physical illness. The Soul on this journey is also given the opportunity to meet their “teachers” in order to learn our lessons and continue our spiritual growth. These “issues” become our “teacher” and as they say, when the student is ready the “teacher” will appear. In other words when we have reached a point in our spiritual growth we have then earned the opportunity to bring our real issues forward looking at them from a higher perspective, and be able to experience complete healing. With complete healing comes greater spiritual growth.


Clearing Karmic Debt

In the LUXOR Light system of healing, we follow the path of the initiate from the 3rd dimension through to the 6th dimension to clear and activate our chakras in order to raise our levels of consciousness. Once we have reached this point we are then given the opportunity to continue the work and to continue growing and evolving while also working for the betterment of the planet and the Universe. 


Once we have rid ourselves of most of our personal Karmic debt/issues we are granted the opportunity to complete the 7th initiation.


One might be under the impression that the road on the spiritual path is one of bliss and harmony, but we soon see that we have more healing that continues to come up for us to look at. The reason is that as we become more “light” the weight of any unresolved issues weighs too heavy in the energy field and comes to the surface and says “look at me”. By the time you have reached the 7th initiation you are at a much higher level of awareness and can heal these issues more completely and more quickly with a much more detached approach. 


Forever in the Testing Grounds

Once you have completed the initiation of the 24th dimension you have really achieved enough healing and learnt enough to enable you the opportunity to continue even more so. You step into the next phase of initiations and have become the Master of your own Realm and are able to expand your levels of consciousness even further.



There is no limit on the path back to the God force; growth now is generally much faster and you ‘feel’ different. However, while you are in the higher realms and on the path to Mastery, you are also stepping into the Higher Initiations which basically means you are forever in the “testing grounds”. If you have chosen the path to mastery the challenges don’t become easier but rather harder simply because if you are putting your hand up to become a master, then you need to earn it. The path to mastery and then the path of the master becomes one that is purely for the purpose of service, so you can assist others as they move through their own challenges.


22 Keys to Mastery

There are 22 levels to be completed in the LUXOR Light system of healing. 22 as we know is a Master number and these steps represent that you have chosen to work toward building a better world, and as we enter the New World, this Master Builder of the New World is just beginning to enter its major purpose now. 


According to teachings of the Essenes is suggested that there are 22 steps toward finding the God Within or to reconnecting with the God Force and finding balance and harmony with the God/Goddess in Oneness.  This is spirit or Higher Self entering into manifestation and creating Heaven on Earth.   22 represents that we have come full circle and beyond the present incarnation. It represents the Alpha and the Omega, the God and the Goddess never coming to the limit of our potentials. It is Infinity and beyond.  From this level our consciousness is receiving from our ancient and wise pasts transforming our life and continually awakening us and encouraging us to aspire higher again. Our spiritual consciousness brings mastery over our physical body and the material world.  We merge as the perfected Hue-man. We are  no longer ruled by the materiality but  we are to manifest easily and instantly for our spiritual purpose and missions.  We now use all earthly gifts with a respect toward the higher purpose.  Abundance is easily attainable because we now know and trust in the abundant universe and understand that as we think, so to do we create..

Connection to the Essenes


“22 is the number of initiations to the Brotherhood of Essania”. This piece of information was taken from the book “The Way of the Essenes” written by Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan. They suggest that each component corresponds to a test that challenges the psyche as well as the physical body and speak of these initiations originating from Atlantis where they were practiced in the temples of On in Ancient Egypt. But, for us it is not like that; it is our day to day life that presents us with our initiations; corresponding to humanity’s sacred architecture; to the mysteries of the 3 and the 7 that one must solve for oneself.


There is a strong connection between LUXOR Light and the Essenes and many participants of LUXOR Light feel a strong connection.  The more you study what LUXOR Light is about and how the energy works and the purpose it holds and those who work with it, you will also see the Essene connection more and more.

The LUXOR Light Healing System


After completion of the 22 levels of the LUXOR Light activation system you will be offered the opportunity to be initiated into the LUXOR Light healing system. The purpose of this system is to assist others to raise their vibration through the healing process. This is not a system of healing where you can learn to become a LUXOR Light practitioner by simply stating a desire to do so. It is a system where you must practice the dedication and commitment to do so. The first requirement is to work through the activation system until you reach the ability to access the energies of the 25th Realm, and maintain that energy at least. 


Practitioner status is earned and not given, and it is a long journey that doesn’t happen overnight. It is through dedication of service to others, practice of meditation and other spiritual activities and most importantly the working of the energy and a willingness to accept your part in the Divine Plan and actually “doing it”. I say this path is not for everyone, but those that choose this path will find much joy in the experience, the journey, and you will love the energy; the energy of Pure Unconditional Love. Sometimes stepping into this energy when working on someone at a high level of consciousness gives you the same feeling that one has when they have fallen in love - sweet and pure.


Making choices as to the frequency you wish to work with can sometimes be confusing. I suggest you take your time until you know which frequency you feel at home with.  LUXOR Light does tend to over-ride Reiki and working with too many frequencies will eventually water them all down and bring confusion as to which one you are actually using. I feel that once you gain a better understanding of what you are choosing your growth will be speedier.

2.2 Meditation with Ascended Master El Morya

On the journey through dimensions 3 to 6, we are working with the Ascended Master El Morya who oversees these levels.


We were introduced to Master El Morya in Level One and know that he is the Master of the First Ray; the Blue Ray, the Ray of protection and of God’s Will. He tells us that without discipline on the First Ray, one cannot become disciplined on any of the other rays.


El Morya guides those individuals who rebel against their own spiritual mission and who are not following the master of their Ray because they have not yet come to grips with their own relationship to the Will of God.


Master El Morya represents the energy of the leader – courage, power, self-reliance, loyalty, faith and initiative. He has guided me this far and to the Master El Morya of the First Ray, the Ray of the Will I give my thanks and say “Thy Will be Done”.

You only need to do this meditation once and then move on to the other meditations....

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