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LUXOR Light Ascension Level One (3)

1.10  Clearing Blocks within the Fourth Dimension

However far you progress on your spiritual path it is always important to remember the previous dimensions you came from. As you will recognise, we still live simultaneously with all our previous dimensions and so it is still possible to be blocked at a certain dimension below the dimension we now operate from. Maybe it is a memory/issue that was not completely healed from there. We can still slip into those dimensions from time to time which can cause a blockage in a particular chakra at that point. Don’t ignore the earlier dimensions therefore at any particular stage;  this is the true meaning for "wholistic healing" which is healing on all dimensions, or staying balanced on all dimensions. If the third dimensional chakras are not kept in balance for example, we can still create a physical ailment, so don’t become so spiritual that you forget where you came from. We still need to be grounded and we still need to look after the physical body.  Healers are of most benefit to us when we choose someone who is at a higher level than ourselves to facilitate the healing. If, for instance I had an imbalance in the third chakra at the fourth dimension, and I was to have a healing with a healer who was working from the fourth dimension, they would be able to pick up that imbalance and assist me to bring it back into balance, however, they would not be able to work into the higher dimension to assist me with my healing. I would need someone of an equal or higher level of consciousness to facilitate the healing that was right for me.


An example of someone at the sixth dimension with a block at the fourth dimension and how we picked p that there was an irregularity at that level.


Sandra, who has sixth dimensional chakras is experiencing some anger. She feels it is not aimed at anyone or anything in particular but feels anger welling up for no apparent reason. It seems not to belong to her. She had experienced activation at the sixth dimension only the week previous. A few nights later she had a dream which included all her family. The feeling was that she had to go and learn something or be adjusted. She knew she had been somewhere with the family and remembered there were catlike animals around and that she was running and scaling a fence as was one of these animals. She received a message which said ‘remember what you can do’. She remembers walking across water because they wanted to go for lunch and there just happened to be a nice place across the water.  And, then she had to walk back again over stormy waters. Her daughter was with her but the rest of the family were still swimming and weren't getting anywhere.


If we look at the fourth dimension, we know it is about the heart energy and learning about unconditional love etc. so let's look at the symbology behind the dream.....


Water is usually seen symbolically for the emotional centre. 

The Star system Sirius is a place of Higher learning, a place where we would go to be adjusted in order to prepare ourselves with the understanding of the ascension process. 

The sixth initiation (5th dimension) is the commencement of the planetary ascension experience. Sirius is leading our planet into the fifth dimension and Sirius A is inhabited by catlike or lion-like beings that are highly evolved spiritually. 

If we look at where lunchtime is in the position of the day, it is half way, and so is the heart centre the half way mark between physicality and spirituality. Once we move through the heart centre, which is to do with releasing attachments to the material world including family, people, reputation etc, and deal with the throat centre, we are able to transcend into the fifth dimension and "that‘s a nice place to be". 

Sandra was asked to remember what she can do. She can ‘walk on water’. Or she can do anything, or walk over the emotions; she has risen up and out of the emotional state. As she walked back over the troubled waters (emotions), we can say she had been revisiting the fourth dimension where there may still be some healing to do. 

After checking Sandra's chakras through the dimensions, we found that there was an imbalance at the heart chakra in the fourth dimension. The family, all but the daughter were left behind swimming in the water, they couldn’t get through. Sandra was probably attempting to assist her family through to the fourth dimension, but they weren't yet ready. Her daughter however, was born an Indigo child so of course is already operating from a fifth dimensional energy, so she could make the journey with her mother. 

The sixth dimension is about learning and become detached. At the emotional centre, (fourth dimension) Sandra is still attached to wanting to save the family. When she clears this blockage, she will be on her way to transcending into the seventh dimension because all dimensions previous to that will be clear. 

The anger does not belong to the dimension she is currently operating from, but the memory of that feeling from the fourth dimension has appeared for her to recognise there is healing to do. This is why she felt it didn’t belong to her. It was actually the old Sandra that needed healing. And the old Sandra is still there just on another dimension.



Time Space Continuum 


When we want to heal the fourth dimension, we need to travel back through time and space and revisit that level that still exists simultaneously with all other dimensions that you are currently experiencing. Einstein referred to time itself as the fourth dimension, or the time space continuum. Once we have moved through the third dimension and into the fourth, we can then travel back through our past lives or into the future.


When we look at the third dimensional reality, we see that we incarnate in order to work through a particular initiation and then go through the death rebirth process in order to come back and experience another set of lessons. In this reality we forget what we have come for and where we have come from, this of course makes life a very hard journey. Now, once we have entered through the fourth dimensional portal, we are in a place where we then choose to work through all our initiations in one lifetime. Now we have entered a time where we can then forever more, (if we continue the journey) remember our lifetimes and what it is we need to learn. That is what we are doing when we look at the imbalances within the chakras at each particular dimension. We are looking at past lives. If we are at the seventh dimension for instance, we can remember where we were at and what we were doing back there at certain dimensional realities. They were past lives, all rolled up into this one.


As we enter the fourth dimensional portal, we begin to open the heart chakra. This is the beginning of the pathway into the higher dimensions. We have to learn from this world in order to move on to the next higher world in the fifth dimension. And, to do this, we will need to achieve enough healing in the fourth dimension and enough wisdom before we can move up a level. This is not to say that there are not still memories of this experience that may need to be cleaned up again at some time in order to make sure you don’t hold yourself back or weigh yourself down with density while trying to become more “light”.



A Place full of "Stuff"


The fourth dimension is a place of hard work. It’s when we go through the clearing of all our ‘stuff’ and is therefore not an easy journey, because we are still dealing with duality, the good and bad, light and dark, male and female etc. Here we need to work endlessly on solving our problems to do with duality and separatism and it is through experiencing this dimension that we are then able to transverse into higher consciousness.


Slowly, we then begin to take on an understanding of ‘Oneness’, and we now begin to get a thirst for more knowledge, and will have to make the choice to either continue on toward enlightenment or go back to the third dimension and experience the realities of duality, rebirth, and suffering. For some this is a difficult choice, because it requires the individual to be prepared to Change, and change is often a difficult thing for many.



Jesus opened the Fourth Dimensional Portal


As Milanovich and McLune mention in their book, ‘The Light Shall Set You Free’, it was Jesus who incarnated in order to open the fourth dimensional portal 2,000 years ago, to teach us about love and forgiveness so we could choose the path to higher consciousness.



Working with the Archangels through the Dimensions


There are many ways that we can look at healing through the dimensions, today we will look at working with the archangels.

  • Archangel Michael works through the eight dimensions to Earth.

  • Archangel Gabriel is in charge of the third, fourth and the fifth.

  • Raphael and Uriel, assist Gabriel in working with the fourth and fifth dimensions, they also have access to the 6th and 7th dimensions and assist Archangel Michael with these higher dimensions.

  • Michael and Gabriel however are the two main archangels appointed by the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist us in our ascension process.  

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