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Entity and Attachment Auric Cleanse

6 Day Course of Healing to Remove Black Magic, Curses, Evil Eye

  • 9 horas
  • 299 US dollars
  • Remote Healing session

Descripción del servicio

This healing is performed over six days. That means you are receiving six (6) healing sessions for the one price. This is a Remote healing session performed by Badawy, an Egyptian with a gift for clearing the darkness. Sometimes people have been plagued with dark energies for a long time. Sometimes it's an ancestral thing and sometimes it's due to curses subconsciously sent or consciously sent. Sometimes it's a karmic thing and sometimes it's what happens when you are ready to awaken to the ascension and the darkness decides to test you, because they do not want the light to prevail. If it is due to awakening and you go into fear, you can get affected and need the clearing and a little bit of support to help guide you into knowing how to protect and hold the light. If it is any of the other reasons, it's still the same, but possibly needs more work. It all depends on how long you have had it and how much a hold it has on you. Some people are affected by black magic, and this can also mean you are affected by the jinn which are a dark entity that are very strong and so you need someone who knows how to deal with this. There are many kinds of entities, including discarnate entities / ghosts that cling to you and need to be sent to the light. Whatever kind of entity or black magic, curse or evil eye has been affecting you, Badawy can help you. you will receive a document that will give you a thorough instruction of what he asks you to do on your side to help you clear it as efficiently as possible. This is a two-way thing, and you must be prepared to do your part too or you won't get rid of it. You will receive support from ChristinA along the way, if you need it and you will be guided to open up to your own true spiritual light, so you move beyond the attracting attachments. Six days for more severe attachments with evil eye or curses $299AUD

Política de cancelación

Retreats have a no refund policy for the deposit and cancellation policy is minimum 8 weeks prior to the Retreat.

Detalles del contacto


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