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A Gathering of Masters

Last week you may remember I wrote the post "Under the Bodhi Tree" and this week, being our final week for the month of May leading up to the Wesak Full Moon on Wednesday 26th, I awoke in the morning with visions of Jesus in my minds eye. As usual, I was in the half wake, half sleep state that we call hypnagogia state. In this state I often receive messages and visions from the Divine. Jesus was sitting on a garden bench in a beautiful garden and by his side he had a lamb symbolising gentleness, innocence and purity.

Under another tree I saw Buddha laying on his side, also on a garden bench. The reclining Buddha represents him in his last moments of his life on Earth. When he passed he passed directly into Nirvana because he had gained enlightenment in this lifetime. The Buddha did not have to continue with the endless cycles of birth - death - rebirth known as samsara, and instead entered directly into Nirvana. In my vision he was laying on his right side and this is the very same position the Buddha is depicted as laying for this symbolism of his last times on earth. As we approach the full moon, we are being asked to let go of what holds us back, surrender to receive the light codes of enlightenment just like the Buddha did. We are given this opportunity each year. Behind the Buddha was a large beautiful tree.

It was as if I was being guided around this beautiful garden and I saw many ascended masters but I did not recognise them all. I saw another golden Buddha sitting under the tree. He appeared with very oriental features and soft floating flowers like magnolias. The magnolia symbolises purity in the Buddhist tradition. He was very very jovial Buddha and I wondered if he might be the Maitreya.

Another master appears with bald head and long hair from the base of his skull. He wore a very curly scruffy beard and he reminded me of Melchizedek.

I also saw El Morya, and for some reason he appeared inside the cockpit of a plane. I have no idea why. Maybe he was asking us if we are ready to fly / ascend ... Thy Will Be Done!

My visions shifted as if I was being guided around the garden and I saw many beautiful scenes within this garden. I saw St Francis and other masters intermittently throughout this beautiful place, but I did not know who they all were.

The scene came back to Jesus on the bench with the lamb. Behind him I saw cherubs blowing trumpets and I knew we were being called and that it is time. This brought a heart opening and I began to cry. At the same moment I realised where we were in the Heaven-like garden as the name Shamballa passed through my thoughts and this opened my heart again and the crying touched me again.

The Pure Land,




and Eden.

Shambhala is said to be a mythical Buddhist kingdom that exists somewhere between the Himalaya Mountains and the Gobi Desert. In Shambhala, everyone has achieved enlightenment.. It is also known as The Pure Land, Olmolungring, Shangri-La, Paradise, and Eden.

The final vision was another vision of the Buddha. I didn't want to open my eyes, I wanted to stay with the Masters and never leave. I felt so humbled to experience such a blessing and I remembered my experience over the last 3 weeks or so. I experienced a great deal of sadness, loneliness, separation and isolation. I knew Wesak was coming and I knew, I had to release this deep sadness and loneliness to the world of Oneness, but the human in me still wondered why and asked questions seeking answers. Of course we can never find the answers with our mind and so I kept myself there in Samsara. I was in and out for three day cycles which I know is the cycle of death rebirth that I have recognised in previous dark nights of the soul. I was unaware that I was in a dark night, but at the point that it got so strong in me and my body was weak and unable to hold myself up and I felt my life force draining from me, I had the awareness of the dark night. It was at the moment that I knew what to do. I had to shift from my mind and back into the all knowing "that I choose God" not attachment to human suffering. I made my choice and the shift happened. This was on the even of the third day before Wesak moon when we enter into the energies. I awoke the next morning light and joyful and my day was blessed.

"the May Full Moon

is our

Bodhi Tree"

Today I am blessed even further, with the visions and presence of the masters just 2 days prior to the full moon. I thought to myself, "the May Full Moon is our Bodhi Tree", our tree of awakening and all who are ready will receive. At the point that I wrote about the "dark night", my my electricity went off and I was left in the dark. I opened the curtains to receive the morning light and continued to write. At the point that I wrote "we will receive", my lights came back on. The Light is here.....

Over the next days to the full moon and for three days after until the 29th, keep your space and your time Sacred. Eat clean, fresh and light. Drink lots of water and purify your body mind and spirit with prayer and meditation and of course "light codes". Stay out of the mind and just "Be".

During the Light Codes Activation today, I didn't have many visions, I saw a large rose carrying the essence of the wild. This holds a highly spiritual message of healing the trauma of our life and letting go to the pure essence of love.

The second vision was a large arced shaped fire pit. Inside were golden embers. There was no fire, just golden glowing embers so hot they could consume any darkness. If the breath of God should blow upon them the flames will ignite and burn anything that does not belong. The shape of the fire pit was the same shape as the receptive bowl of the Divine Mother asking us to receive the golden embers of Christ Consciousness that can extinguish anything that is not of the purity of light and higher consciousness.

The next vision was that of a masculine and feminine without faces, without hair, without clothing. They were simply pure expressions of divine opposites come to a place of no ego/personality, joined in union in the position of ecstacy.

The final vision was of the individual sitting crossed legged with forehead on the floor and arms outspread. This position is called sukhasana. It opens the hips and lengthens the spine. It helps to ground us, open the base chakra, put us into a space of serenity and offers us a route to spiritual enlightenment.

The Light Codes Activation of "The Gathering of Masters"

Thank you for reading my post and I do hope you will enjoy the video and consider purchasing the Activation Light Codes.

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