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Alchemy of the Egyptian Desert

Updated: Apr 25

Christina Ritchie of LUXOR Light in the Western Desert of Egypt between Luxor and Daklah
Swimming the Egyptian Desert

Alchemy of the Egyptian Desert

If you get to travel to Egypt, the first thing I want to say is Marbrouk! That's Arabic for congratulations, and I'm congratulating you for listening to your Soul calling back to your Home of many lifetimes ago. This is not your first visit to Egypt, because Egypt is the Motherland and if you are called to Egypt, it's because you have been here before and She is calling you home to reconnect with fragments of your soul so you can gather yourself again as you come into your Fullness of Being. Coming to Egypt is a big thing, some people come on organised tours with groups because that works best for them, and some people travel alone or with one or two friends and trust they will find their way and everything falls into place. Or maybe you came with a tour group before and you just knew you had to come back again because something is nudging at you telling you that you had not completed everything your Soul wanted for you in Egypt. Your Soul is still calling you....

For me it's the land and the mountains and the desert. I love the temples, but nothing compares to the feeling I get when I gaze upon the mountains, they draw me in and I want to go deeper and then the desert whispers ever so silently to my heart beckoning me to come deeper into the silence to listen to the wind or the stillness and I know there is something very profound that is still waiting for me and it's in the desert!

Are you are a lover of the Egyptian desert like me, can you feel the secrets held within each grain of sand calling you? Do you want to feel the heart beat of Egypt that is too hard to hear in the busy tourist areas? Then come with me into the desert from Luxor to the Oasis' of el Kharga Oasis and Dakhla. Come deep into the true nature of Egypt to feel the true nature of you....

Day 1. A meeting at 3pm with ChristinA at her home near the Nile for meditation to align with the energies of the trip and dinner in a quaint little restaurant on the banks of the Nile. Back to your hotel for an early night

Day 2 - We leave from Luxor at 5am to drive through the desert to el Kharga, stopping at Dush Temple dedicated to Serapis and Isis. Here you receive healing inside the temple. Time to wander and connect with the temple and desert. You will receive temple codes fully recorded to take home with you. Lunch el Kharga and then drive to Dakhla Oasis. Here we unwind in the healing hot springs where the water can reach 43 degrees celcius! Dinner and the tea or coffee in the Bedouin tent.

Day 3 – Morning dip in the healing hot springs before breakfast and then visit the Old Islamic palace and Old City. Lunch at the Hotel. Afternoon rest. Then camel ride into the desert at sunset and a guided meditation in the desert. Bedouin coffee and back to the hotel. Dip in the hot springs to unwind before dinner. Relax in Bedouin tent or early to bed.

Day 4 – Optional dip in healing hot springs before breakfast, then vist the Temple of Hibis, a temple dedicated to the Theban triad, Amun, Mut and Khonso. This a a really beautiful temple built in the Persion period, a rare opportunity indeed. We intend time for silent meditation in the temple. We then visit Bagawat tombs. This is a fascinating visit to this unique site of a pagan cemetery with a Coptic Christian Chaple that has many different beautiful Christian murals. You can also see an almost perfectly preserved mural of Moses and the Jews on their way out of Egypt.

Enjoy freshly baked hot bread made by the women in the traditional Egyptian oven.

Lunch and head back to Luxor to your hotel to rest and get a good nights sleep.

Day 5 - After breakfast in an open air restaurant on the Nile and complete the visit with a powerful light codes healing on ChristinA's healing table. The perfect way to finish the program.

This is a very relaxed and flexible trip where you get to connect deeply with all 5 elements leading us back to our true nature.

  1. the element of earth by standing bare foot in the desert sand allowing our toes to feel every grain of sand and by laying down and feeling the pulse of the earth begin to awaken the base as we chant a Sacred Mantra of Light that will be given to you in the desert.

  2. the element of water with the healing hot springs as we bring the energies up through the sacral chakra as we have begun to awaken the sleeping serpent we connect deeply with our emotions allowing them to flow freely through us. The heat of the hot springs helps to soothe and dissolve any blocked or stagnant emotions. We release and dissolve any concerns through the nurturing element of water, like floating in our mothers womb. Fear and concerns melt away and serenity remains. Again you will be given the Sacred Mantra of Light to chant while working with the highest aspect of this chakra.

  3. the fire element of the desert, bringing powerful transformation through the solar plexus chakra, bringing change through powerful spiritual shifts as we leave the old behind and stand in our true balanced masculine and feminine power. Working with the Sacred Mantra for Fire.

  4. the element of Air through the wind as it whistles through the temple of Dush and across the desert sands, speaking to us from the heart of Egypt herself. The element of air governs the heart chakra, the bridge between worlds, just as when you listen to the wind you can hear as if worlds within worlds are speaking to you. Listen with our heart as we chant the Sacred Mantra of the Heart and work with the breath. Here we connect with our Ancient Egyptian past as we breathe the breath of past, present and future and connect with the All through the heart.

  5. the element of Akasha/sound or space/ether the fifth element through meditation, the Sacred Mantras awakening us to rememberance of the higher spiritual aspects of ourselves. This element connects with the higher spiritual chakras. The awareness is all we need, the Presence and Intention.


  • all meals while on the desert trip.

  • Tickets into the temples

  • Refreshments for the journey.

  • Healing and meditations, light codes and mantras

  • Aura analysis, Consciousness and Energy reading daily

  • special government travel permits

  • One on One time with ChristinA

Not included

  • airport transfers

  • accommodation before and after the trip but we can help you find accommodation.

  • meals before and after the trip

Bring a hat and sunscreen. Dress in comfortable casual and conservative loose fitting clothes suitable to the time of year, Comfortable walking shoes and flip flops. A journal and pen to record your feelings, experiences, memories.

One on One Western Desert Oasis with ChristinA




Please contact us for extra people/group prices and to see if we have availability while you are in Egypt.

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