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Guardians of the Flame Vesta and Helios

Updated: May 21, 2023

Vesta and Helios Guardians of the Flame
Vesta and Helios

Visions of the Guardians of the Flame

During this Light Codes transmission, I saw a vision of a Master with a cross behind his head in his halo and he had a lamb with him, I knew it was a solar master and I heard Vesta and then I saw another master with a big Persian-type turban and heard the name Zarathustra. These visions were followed by a satellite tower.

I haven't had connection with Vesta before, and while Zarathustra appeared many years ago, I haven't had connection until he came into my writing a few days ago where his name was given to me.

Vesta is the feminine energy of the Solar Logos, the feminine aspect of our Sun, she carries the energy of the Guardian: Guardian of the Flame, Guardian of the Home and Guardian of God's Eternal Purity of Life. Her Twin Flame and Divine Counterpart is Helios. Together they are the Guardians of the Flame. We had Helios come through some weeks back. Helios is the masculine form of the Solar Logos. Helios and Vesta spiritualise the Sun of our Solar System with the Light frequencies of the Great Central Sun so they can be reflected to us. They lower the intensity of the Light of the Great Central Sun to make it easier for us and other lifeforms in our solar system to receive them.

Helios serves on the Golden Ray, and Vesta, on the Pink Ray.

I had to research Vesta because I didn’t know anything of her other than having seen her name before. She works with the Flame of Truth, Cosmic Honour Flame, carries the flame of purity - the Immortal Purity of Cosmic Christ Love, which drew my attention when I first saw the vision and it made me think of Jesus because of the lamb and the Solar Cross in the Halo of Helios. Vesta has a golden pink glow. I’m really looking forward to experiencing the light codes of this today. Vesta works with the third Ray, the Ray of Unconditional love. Helios and Vesta have their Etheric Retreat in The Temple of the Sun in our physical sun also called the Victory Retreat, symbolising Life’s Victory.

I didn’t know why Zarathustra should come along with Vesta and Helios but I found that Zarathustra’s consciousness is an auric emanation of fire that is an all-consuming love, a piercing light that goes to the core of whatever is unreal. Like being in the presence of the physical sun itself. So, I can see the connection. He has mastery of spiritual fire and physical fire and is among the highest of any masters ascended from this planet. He is a devourer of the dark forces.

Zarathustra's etheric retreat is designed from the secret chamber of the heart, where the threefold flame burns. Zarathustra welcomes us when have the necessary development of the heart.

A satellite tower is for communicating and broadcasting. Helios, Vesta and Zarathustra are ready to send us data and information to help us move forward with our missions. This is the final transmission for February, the next being the first of March which is the day that the flame of Vesta is celebrated. We are ready to receive a new flame, so if you are reading this, you are ready to receive the new flame frequencies!

Be conscious of incoming messages and insights, do not ignore any of them these masters are broadcasting!

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