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Light Language Wisdom Teachings

Welcoming the Wisdom Teachings

In recent weeks through my meditation class the Wisdom Energies have been very present bringing through powerful messages for us and the Collective. My channel is Ametron. Ametron is the name I was given for my Higher Self connection to the Collective Source Energies for the Ascension work we are doing. Ametron is not a separate entity but rather an expansion of energies. The name implies Infinite beyond Measure, so I think that explains the energies that come through.

Ametron as I said is not a separate entity or energy but energies of expansion that communicate through me in this way and that is why sometimes it sounds different. I am bringing through different wisdom energies for specific purposes or messages and the sound is important because it carries the Light Codes themselves. Sometimes it is pure Sound with Codes and Keys that come through on other occasions.

This Light Language is known by all Souls and it is not needed to interpret it, although I do understand some of the mantras for the purpose of us using those for specific healing or awakening.

I have had Light Language all my life although I didn't know what it was or that it had a purpose until the early 2000's. I thought I was making it up so I never gave it any direction. When I fully awakened to it, or rather when it decided it was time that it was incorporated into my healing work in the early 2000's, it began spontaneously and I moved through many languages. In fact 13 different Star languages that I am aware of, maybe more were my early beginnings. I believe I was reconnecting with all aspects and fully embodying my galactic selves during that time. It is more the Language of Oneness that comes through now. I am calling it the language of Oneness because it is known by all Souls, but is the original language that came to Earth with the Masters and Angels in the Ancient times. We all know it, it holds the Keys to our Original Blueprint and now it's purpose is being called forth.

I have learned simply through asking the energies to help me heal on my journey and by sharing my Light with others. I carry many different energies for specific purposes. Some of these energies are Sounds for purification and embodying the masculine and feminine and coming into the awakened Self. Some are for decoding old codes or harmful codes, some are to awaken your latent codes within, some are for clearing blocks, some for embodying the Christ Frequencies, some are for activating the Enochian Keys of Wisdom and some are connected to ancient places, etheric temples, physical temples, Ancient Wisdoms for Ancient Egypt, the Codes of Thoth among many more. This is my purpose to help others to awaken to all they can be by remembering their own Light.

Through my own lives of master embodiments, I have a unique set of abilities to share with Humanity as many do today, because we are all here as a place holders for a specific purpose. My gifts are to help you awaken to more of who you are, to assist in healing and awakening the divine masculine and feminine within and to assist Twin Flames and Twin Souls to magnetize toward each other in the right time as they move through their healing journey. Ultimately my focus is everything ascension and helping you to embody the energies you uniquely carry.... awakening you to your soul signatures.

The Wisdom Energies through Ametron Bringer of Truth are choosing now. I don't know why, I just know that we are being asked to listen and embody the wisdom by using these messages like a meditation and be willing to receive. Don't try to do anything, just surrender to the energy, don't call in your Ego, just step aside and surrender and let the Wisdom come into your energy field. You don't need to know, you only need to be in allowance and changes will begin to happen and you will become the pure channel for the Wisdom of You to flow.... True wisdom is held within the energy...... move aside from the mind just for a moment and receive....

Participants Lovingly Share

There are other changes starting from this transmission, and that is the sharing of some of the participants. They play such a significant role in the bringing of these Light Codes and messages through. Those who participate are not just receiving for themselves, but acting in service to Humanity in the bringing forth of these messages that are for all of us. I hope to bring more sharing through. These Light Codes sessions have awakened many brow chakras along the way and amplified the gifts of others.... it's time to share....

Wesak Full Moon with Be May 26, 2021

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