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Pink Full Moon Receiving Spiritual Gifts

spiritual energies around the pink full moon
The Pink Full Moon

A New Wave of Awakening

If you remember, last week I wrote about coming into harmony and ascending to the 14th dimension. In that post I described how we awaken to higher consciousness through our chakras and begin the journey again only like a mirror of the physical in the spiritual. Like a dual path that we walk first more physical and then more on the spiritual side. It's a high degree of consciousness that not everyone awakens to, because it serves a purpose of merging or dissolving duality and our shadow. Usually, each week when I channel the weekly light codes, we are given a theme that relates to the previous week and takes us on a journey into higher realms. So, this week, we are going to find out how the message that we are now downloading our spiritual gifts follows on from the previous week. I don't know this yet, just like I don't necessarily know all the wisdom of each week's light codes. I'm shown during the session, but then I have to interpret the visions I see. This becomes quite a learning journey, a mystery unfolding, after all we are walking the path of the mystic. Let's unravel this week's mystery!

man with gift box head and two divine beings
Downloading spiritual gifts
The Alpha Chakra

The first vision I saw was in the Alpha chakra and this shows us the theme of the week. I saw two people, man and woman standing either side of a head that was open and had an open gift box tucked inside the crown area of the head. They appeared to be packing the box with soft tissue to protect something precious. Alpha is our divine masculine chakra, also called the Soul Chakra. Alpha governs our Soul's purpose, mission and direction. Of course, our spiritual gifts are connected to our spiritual mission and purpose and is what we incarnated to open to at the divinely right time. Now gifts can't just be opened at any time, at least that is not how I see it. It's a sacred journey and one where we have to do the preparations to be ready to receive and awaken them. This is what we are seeing from the vision I received. That we must prepare well because the gifts are coming, so if you have done the work, you will be ready. I tend to feel they come with certain star or cosmic alignments.

Pink Full Moon

man and woman under the glow of the pink full moon
Pink Full Moon

We are under the influence of the pink full moon. Spiritually, the Pink Moon suggests it's good time for emotional healing, awakening and transformation. We should deepen our connection to the divine through meditation to prepare to receive our spiritual gifts. It's a powerful time to align with the cosmic energies, because the Pink Full Moon energies are about growth, transformation, and self-discovery.

Not only that but Mercury Retrograde finishes up on Wednesday 24th April. Woohoo! All things are ready to steam ahead as Mercury goes direct on Thursday 25th April. We are already in the lead up to that, so it's a good time to think about the lessons learned through the retrograde period. It certainly looks like a good time for gifts to start coming in. If you wasted all that time, then make a commitment to start meditating daily now so you can be in alignment for all the new beginnings coming to us.

Twin Flame Third Energy

cosmic twin flames with wings on their heads
Twin Flames creating a Third Energy

The crown chakra is a gateway to the Divine, connecting us to the universe and the Divine Source of All Creation. If your crown chakra is open, then you are open to the inflow of spiritual energy or the "downloading" of spiritual gifts. This could also be a sign that there is a wave of twin flames ready to receive the Third Energy.

The Third Energy that is talked about in Twin Flame connections, is a powerful energy that emerges when twin flames come into union. When Twin Flames merge, they create a third energy, separate from their own and it activates a powerful ability to manifest and create abundance. It aligns you with the flow more powerfully than before union.

The Third Energy can be seen as a Spiritual gift that enables greater healing, spiritual growth and awakening to new gifts. If all twin flames could understand this, it would make the dynamic of the twin flame journey so much more enjoyable.

Twin Flames go into separation for healing phases and then when they reunite, they activate this quality of the Third Energy and manifesting becomes rampant. Have you noticed that? It's like, take a break to what seems a step backwards, but that step backwards gives you a run up to speed things up next time you are ready for reunion and bam! Abundance from out of nowhere pours in. Believe me, it's true. All the trying to stay together all of the time, does nothing for manifesting, you need the twin flame separation, the healing and the powerful runway to come back in and move forward again. Each coming together deepens the connection and powers the opening of spiritual gifts.

Focus on your own healing not theirs!

Twin Flame Alchemy

twin flames with third energy between them
Twin Flame Alchemy

The Third Energy is focused on the united twin flame mission and twin flame purpose. It is the Third Energy that guides twin flames toward their shared mission so they can fulfil the purpose of being a Twin Flame. There is no point being a Twin Flame if you have no intention of fulfilling the divine purpose of coming together. Twin Flame Union is not meant to be relationship focused, it's more of an Alchemical process that the Third Energy creates to help them to awaken to, and work with their spiritual gifts.

So, if you are in separation now, or going into separation, you are preparing for a new influx of energies and you need this rest phase to allow that to happen. Step aside, focus on you and allow for the healing to take place, alchemy is in process, and you need to allow this to happen so you can be ready for reunion with the next flow of energies come through. What I have noticed in my own journey is that the third energy seems to encompass flame upon flame, you know like new fresh qualities and added layers all the time. So, every separation prepares you for another layer to the third energy as it leads us back to the One Great Source of all Creation. This is Twin Flame Alchemy!

The Chakras Speak

man in lotus meditation with planets around him
Aligning with the Planetary aligments
The Base Chakra

The next vision was in the base chakra,

and it showed me someone sitting in lotus position, readying to come into balance and harmony. This is the beginning and the first step we must take. Align yourself with your Higher Self on a daily basis and you will align with the Planetary alignments and then you will be perfectly ready for the downloads of light codes coming through to us. Utilise prayer and meditation to help you to do this and whatever other spiritual practices you enjoy.

Use my Light Codes Activations to activate those light codes to bring everything into full manifestation and to anchor them into the physical. This is not just for you, but you act in service to Humanity as you do it. You do it for those who cannot.

The new journey is unfolding, be ready....

The Sacral Chakra
a soft pink rose with light codes around it
The Sacred Rose

The next message came in the sacral chakra, and I saw the Rose. The Sacred Rose which is about love, Divine Love and the essence of God's love and purity. In different spiritual traditions, the rose symbolises spiritual holiness, the sacredness of the soul, messages from the Divine, spiritual joy, and inner beauty.

The Rose is always about Love and holds a very high frequency. The colour also has meaning and the colour of the rose I saw was pink, which symbolises divine love, gratitude and peace.

The Rose was in the Sacral Chakra, which is the relationship chakra so it suggests love in relationships. As we are under the influence of the Pink Moon we can see it is time for emotional healing and moving to another level in our relationships. This can show up in mysterious ways, so whatever is going on in your love life or with your personal relationships, know that there is healing taking place.

The Rose is also connected to Mother Mary and reminds us of Paradise and the perfect world.

Mercury goes Direct

We have been going backwards during Mercury Retrograde and so your relationships may have appeared to be going backwards also and given we are at the pinnacle of turning direct now, the worst could be playing out. Maybe we should not jump to any conclusions just yet and wait until after the Mercury goes direct and see what unfolds. The alchemy of the rose may well be going in deep in order to dredge out the worst pain and bring it into the light and dissolve it... let's hope!

No matter when you ready this article, the Light Codes will help you to heal and awaken your gifts.

Heart Chakra

One would think that if we did heal our deepest wounds then we would be offered something better and in the Heart chakra we were given the Keys. This was not a vision but rather a sacred light language that comes through my teeth. These Enochian Keys activate the light codes, and, in this case, they would be activating the Codes of the Heart and Divine Love.

Mermaid, sun filtering through the water
Mermaid doing Cobra Pose
Brow Chakra

Our chakras are telling a story as we ascend upward toward the crown. When we reached the brow chakra, I saw a mermaid in cobra pose.

The mermaid is half fish half woman, suggesting she has a connection with the physical and the emotional worlds. This would suggest a merger of the two that could bring great transformation and adaptability being able to change from one state to another. The emotional water realm is very much about intuition and having prophetic abilities and also suggests freedom and non-conformity.

The Mermaid being a free spirit, lives by her own rules as she moves between the two worlds. They are seen as guardians to the wisdom of the ocean which would suggest wisdom of the emotional body and the great and ancient wisdom that we can access when we master our emotions. Observe how well you have been doing in recent times when it comes to emotions. Are you better? Worse? Stayed the same? Maybe knowing this can help you transition into a greater degree of mastery.

By capturing the wisdom held by understanding the emotional self, we can release our creative essence and awaken the great inspirational self that is within all of us just waiting for the opportunity to be revealed.

The Mermaid was doing the Cobra Pose as seen in yoga, also called Bhujangasana in Sanskrit. The cobra pose opens up the heart chakra, so we can see that the Light Codes we are being given are about opening the heart chakra so we can ascend into the brow to open our spiritual gifts. The cobra pose aligns us with the qualities of the heart such as empathy, compassion and openness. This in turn encourages us toward self-love and having a positive relationship with ourselves. Naturally if your heart is open, you are able to come into harmony with your own emotional well-being, so you can rise above the struggles of life and have the courage to be open to love.

The Mermaid acts like a guide leading us into higher worlds into the brow and then the crown chakra.

The Crown Chakra
a mountain, the ocean and sunrise
Sunrise over the Ocean

Here I saw a sunrise coming up over the ocean. In sync with the Mermaid symbolism, I saw a mountain and beyond the mountain was the ocean and rising up from the ocean was the sun. The mountain is the Earth, the physical realm and the ocean is the emotional realm. This is leading on from the mermaid as the physical and the emotional coexisting in harmony with each other leading us to a new dawn, a new beginning. God.

The Emotional Body
cosmic dieties blue skinned
Cosmic Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

As we continued to expand our energies, I saw in the emotional body, two cosmic deities, a masculine and a feminine with blue skin moving in towards each other. This is the reunion of twin flames or the divine masculine and the divine feminine in the emotional body. This confirms that the healing through the emotional body is taking place for reunion as we come into a more balanced state of harmony through the emotions. We are attaining Harmony through the inner chaos also reflected in our outside world.

The Higher Mental Body

As we moved upward beyond the lower mental body and into the higher mental body, we once again received the Enochian Keys to activate the Higher Mind and the Intuitive plane that we are so ready for our spiritual gifts after we have calmed our turbulent inner oceans.

In the Spiritual body was silence! Stillness! Beingness!

I'm always amazed at the messages and especially when I look at my own journey and the journey of those around me, including my readers and my clients who reflect through their experiences that we are indeed ready for this. However, if we stay unconscious or ignorant to the meaning of our journey, we slow our process, we get caught in the emotional entanglement and we delay our ticket to Freedom.

Light Codes Activation for the Pink Full Moon Energies
Pink Full Moon Light Codes Activation

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