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Protecting your Light

Pineal Gland Headache

It's been a journey for me to get here. I'm two days late because I have been on a journey! On Sunday evening a headache began and lasted 48 hours. I'm used to these headaches because I have been getting them since my awakening 20 years ago. I call them Pineal gland headaches and they feel like they are banging on my skull. They usually last for anywhere from 12 hours to 24 hours or so, but this one lasted 48 hours! Of course I got concerned, but I am so used to this over the years and being a teacher of ascension for over 20 years I have watched many other people also awaken to these powerful light downloads. Each time they happen my brow chakra is super active but very painful. Sometimes when my brow chakra is super active, it brings on one of these headaches. This could be what happened on Sunday. I went out only 15 minutes after finishing a powerful visual healing session and did not take time to wind down. This was very irresponsible of me and I think I have learned a very big lesson. It hit me very quickly and all night and all day on Monday I could only sleep and stay in a darkened room wearing sunglasses. I had many dreams showing my brow was super active. On waking I tried to meditate to get the message for the Light Codes day. My head was killing me and I gave up. I slept some more hoping to wake clear, but no. On Tuesday, the same, the pain was too strong, it hurt too much. I went into meditation on and off throughout the day and was shown Isis with her wings outspread as if to come in with a show of protection. My head hurt too much so I wasn't sure if it was the message for the Light Codes of the week so I left it. My brow was very active but I couldn't retain anything through the pain. I figured I was preparing for the new energies being given to me for the beginning of the new LUXOR Light Ascension program starting on Feb 19. I slept some more and then the pain got so bad I was crying! I started to sway from trust in the divine to thinking I was sick, then swaying back again to remember who I am.

Nothing happens without reason. Every time I teach a group with a special purpose I am first of all put through some massive tests while anchoring the new energies into the physical. At 2pm on Tuesday I asked my Higher Self how long would this go on and was told 7 more hours. That would mean 9pm. By 4pm it was weakening and I went out for a walk to a quiet spot on the Nile to watch sunset to allow the energies to move through me. By 8.30pm the pain was faint and the next time I became aware, it was 9.30pm and the pain was gone! I ate well and slept well.

The Hall of Two Truths

During the Light Codes Session, I was shown an Ancient Egyptian tomb or temple with two big statues of Anubis outside. I've seen this entrance in meditation and altered states before. I feel it is the Hall of Two Truths and it is now open for us to enter. The ancient believed that when people died, their souls would proceed to the Hall of the Two Truths, where they had to proclaim to Maat their purity. Maat would weigh their hearts against her feather, to see just how pure they are. This is a place that humanity is in now, to see if we earn our place on the journey of Ascension. I also saw a group of people in little cars like on a roller coaster ride, heading into a bright yellow light. In the Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying they say the brightest yellow light is the light we should follow after departing. There is an opportunity now for a new wave of ascension candidates to make the ascension.

Protect your Light

The Light Codes will help you to prepare and protect your Light and therefore purify your Truth for your ascension journey to move full steam ahead. Watch the video for a few hints on how to protect your Light and if you would like to work with me or have a healing session please check out my services or simply connect and have a chat to see how I can best assist you in building, strengthening and protecting your Light.

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