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The Key to Surrender

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Full moon and pathway in snow
Surrender to the Journey

Keys to Enlightenment

Imagine that the Universe is giving you the Key to Enlightenment each and every week and all you need to do it pick up that Key and know how to use it to open a specific Gate that leads you to a newfound wisdom that leads you to a higher state of awareness. In fact, the Keys to Wisdom are offered to us all the time. Imagine there is a series of Gates and therefore, there is a series of Keys. You pick up some, you open a few Gates, you find those Gates lead to another Gate and so you pick up another Key and find your way to another Gate again, becoming aware that these Gates keep coming and you become thirsty for more Gates because you discover so much about yourself each time you enter a new Gate. That's what we have been doing over the last 3 or so years with the Ametron Truth Light Codes Transmissions. We have been opening Gate upon Gate upon Gate. Way back then we didn't know where it was leading us, but now we can see the theme unfolding each and every week, leading us to a higher state of awareness, a greater degree of freedom and inner knowing. We are learning about our inner world through the awakening of our higher senses. Each Key opens something new within us. So far, we have opened 260 Gates. Each Gate has a theme, each theme has a quality that awakens something within us. Each Gate holds healing, and wisdom codes of enlightenment that you need to understand so you can earn the next key to the next Gate. You can have the Key, but you have to know how to turn it in the lock to unlock the wisdom.

Let's talk about this week's Key and this week's Gate. If you have been following along, you will be starting to get the gist of how it all unfolds, how we are awakening that mystic within us on our path to enlightenment.

The Key to Surrender

This week we received the Key to Surrender. Spiritual Surrender, Twin Flame Surrender, surrender to what is surrender, Surrender to Enlightenment. That is the actual direction shown to us this week. Our purpose, our mission, our direction right here right now, is to surrender.

The first vision I saw was of someone standing on a high mountain, something like a volcano, waving a flag of surrender. There were snow capped mountain peaks all around. The message here is that you have reached the summit, the highest point of whatever it is your have been going through and now is time to surrender. Let Go and Let God.

Surrender to the Enlightened Path as I saw a red muddy road with melting snow. A huge full moon in the distance slowly rising. The message being passed to us is that of new beginnings melting away any previous upheavals and that beautiful full moon shows us that those very upheavals bring the enlightenment you have been seeking.

The messages unfold like a story and the next vision was of unification of opposites. I saw two ledges as if a cliff face. These ledges were mirror images of each other and they had come together and joined in union, as above, so below. The ledge or the edge could symbolise having been on the edge and ready to take a leap of surrender. Like the Fool card in the Tarot, but the second energy, the very same energy came in and under for support, stabilising the two energies. A great deal of healing must have taken place if we are ready to join with our opposite and stabilise each other.

This unification of these energies transcended to a new level, showing me two galactic eggs with two beings inside them. These egg-shaped vehicles were transparent, and they traveled side by side toward a great galactic looking Being. I felt this being was either the Oversoul or the Higher Self of these two Souls traveling toward him. The energy being emitted by these two energies was a beautiful pink colour. This colour was that of love and harmony. By now I knew we were talking about where we are at on the journey of the twin souls. My work goes deeper and deeper into this line showing me the significance of this on our journey. These messages are for the collective, they are not personal. When we set our intention to live in service, then all that transpires, transpires in sync with the collective.

I personally believe that this is the same message for twin flames and non twin flames. This is ascension and each and every one of us must become unified within. We must first develop, harmonise and unify our own inner masculine and feminine, so if this vision shows the journey for the twin souls, it also shows the degree on the ascension journey for those who are not twin flames, but who are working with their own inner flames both masculine and feminine. The two journeys are not separate, they are one and the same, we simply each have a different purpose and a different way to get to where we are all journeying.

I saw a spiritual being, possibly a guide or a more healed aspect of the person he was pulling up from a ledge. The person that was being pulled up was masculine. They were very thin suggesting weak of strength and to the side of them was what looked like a makeshift ladder or possibly even a stretcher. The two possibilities of it being either a ladder or stretcher are both valid. He was too weak to climb the ladder (ascend) alone, he needed assistance, however, he was no longer needing to be carried on the stretcher. He was wearing bright red shorts, and this suggests wholeness of the self, going with the flow of things without any objection or resistance, problems decreasing day by day and making new decisions about your life. So, we can see here that the masculine is in fact lifting up and healing and coming into a more healed self. The red shorts suggest being too rebellious to leave the right path. This is something many of us may relate to. The Rebel is often the one walking the right path, they are non-conformists, so they will always find the higher way. Remember we are talking energy, so this can be the male figure, or it can be the masculine side of ourselves or it can be the more masculine feminine even. Whichever part was the weak link, is now finding that inner strength with a little help and leaving the victim behind and ready to come into our fullness.

So we see this masculine side ready to step up and the next vision shows us the unification of self taking place by showing me a great wave of energy coming forward and morphing into a yin yang symbol. This is the balance of light and dark, masculine and feminine and so on. A wave of energy often symbolising a wave or group of individuals now ready to meet this higher state of being. In the beginning the visions showed us where we are at and then the second part of the visions are showing us how or what part of us is evolving to help us get there. I saw this vision in the higher mental body which suggests that it is on it's way in. What I mean by that, is that everything begins in the spiritual and finds it's way to the physical. So the Spiritual body is the furthest from our physical and the higher mental is the first layer of the aura closer to us. So, with that added information, it might help you to be a little more patient with when this growth process actually arrives in the physical. It's there, it's on it's way in, you will see glimmers of hope, don't give up hope, the energy is supporting this healing with the masculines.

What followed the last vision was a pathway and on either side of the pathway, were rows of golden beings. These beings were individual, but not separate. There was no separation between them on this very narrow pathway. The more spiritual you become the narrower is the path otherwise you are stepping off the path, while at the same time there is no real separation between us and all others walking the same path. We are one. What lies ahead for these golden enlightened beings is a darkened area. It seems these enlightened or golden wisdom beings are now to enter into a darkened area to carry the light or to take the wisdom into the darker areas, so they too can become enlightened.

The Ancient of Days
Sanat Kumara

In the spiritual body I saw a series of books. Each book was different and I saw three different sized and thickness books. That morphed into the Beloved Sanat Kumara, Lord of the World carrying a very large, ancient and sacred book. This book is the story of you. Each of us has a book and each of us is in the one Great Sacred Book being overseen by the Beloved Sanat Kumara.

It's all destiny, and we have reached a certain chapter in the Great and Sacred Book.


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