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Ascension Activation for Twin Flames and Startseeds

This is a mini course to awaken and activate the Divine masculine and Divine feminine chakras system. 
It is an excerpt from the full LUXOR Light Ascension program.  This mini course is perfect for those who would simply like to taste the powerful frequencies of LUXOR Light and begin the activation process of awakening their higher Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine chakras in preparation for full integration of masculine and feminine chakras, initiating inner harmony and inner union.  This is vital for anyone on the ascension journey, especially twin flames.   

This mini course is about 6-7 hours but when used regularly will bring great healing and assist you to raise your consciousness level by level.

A little about the Powerful LUXOR Light System of Ascension
Develop your Masculine and Feminine Chakra system!  This is a divine energy frequency, that supports and pushes you along your ascension.  

Find inner harmony
Embrace inner union!

Superb for Twin Flame healing and ascension and finding union!

This is the first level of the LUXOR Light Ascension Program, giving you the powerful foundations that propel you through to the higher dimensions!

Take charge and claim your right to your mastery.  Through this program, you heal through all the levels, all past lives, all realities and awaken to higher dimensional states of consciousness.  It purifies you to the degree that you begin to carry these same frequencies for the purpose of assisting others.  It is the journey of the Bodhisattva.  

If you choose, you are able to become a LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner after completion of the ascension program.  You go beyond the fifth dimension and are able to embody the 24th dimensional level of consciousness within your chakras.  This propels you into the infinite on a regular basis to claim more of your unique mastery to anchor on earth. 

You can become not only a LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner but there are also levels to help you to awaken to your gifts of the Brow Chakra and you can become a Sacred Sound Healer and a Soul Coach.  All of this and more I offer to you when you begin the journey with LUXOR Light Ascension.  If you are ready to awaken to your purpose and your mission then let me help you get there.  I can take you all the way step by step with full support.  This is an incredibly exciting journey and only you know if it is for you, but if you feel excited, then jump on and claim your right to mastery and learn how to utilise your own energies to empower not just you, but all those who require you to help them get there!

The LUXOR Light Ascensionis for everyone, but it is also a very powerful tool for Twin Flames to to help heal the twin flame dynamic.  As the twin rises in consciousness, so too does the twin flame.  You can choose to work with it in this way and you will get to see how the dynamic between you and your twin changes and magnetises you toward each other and brings you into harmony and ultimately full union if that is to be your destiny.
A powerful process of healing through meditation developing the masculine and feminine chakra system.

Raising the kundalini in a safe and gentle manner you will fast track healing of not only past lives but also through all other realities that may exist simultaneously with this one. 

In this mini program you will receive 

A consciousness analysis of your chakras before and after your meditations
One Light Codes Activation, 6-7 hours of teachings including two LUXOR Light Ascension activation meditations

Ascension Activation for Starseeds and Twin Flames

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