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Full Spiritual Union of the god and the goddess


Awakening and focusing heart energy as we Return to Love and come into Oneness.  A state of  Perfect Alchemy, as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine have attained harmony and full union, the god and the goddess dancing with the divine.


You will Receive

  • 7 Activations 
  • A 25 page manual with meditations and teachings
  • Free consciousness Updates



  • Awakening the Holy Grail
  • Activating the 17th dimension
  • Focusing Heart Energy
  • Activating the 18th dimension
  • Awakening Fully to your Truth
  • Activating the Spiritual Truth Chakras
  • 19th Dimensional Chakras
  • Communicating with an Expanded Sense of Knowing
  • Activating 20th dimensional chakra system
  • Becoming the Shaman
  • 21st Dimension
  • Connecting to Ancient and Galactic Civilisations
  • 22nd dimension
  • Attaining Oneness with Father/Mother God
  • 23rd Dimension activation
  • Attaining Perfect Alchemy
  • 24th dimension dancing in Union with the Balanced God/Goddess
  • Oness and Full Union

The God and Goddess, Twin Flames in Full Union


    This is purely meditation in digital version.  You will receive the fully recorded meditations and teachings emailed to you to download to your computer so you can keep them always.  PRE-REQUISITE LUXOR Light Level One and Two


    You will receive your program via Email

  • The Return to Love

    The Return to Love is a journey of raising your consciousness.  It is a journey of healing and finding Self-Love and propelling yourself into Unity consciousness.  The Return to Love is a program designed to heal the wounds of the original split from Oneness.  It awakens our chakras system developing the masculine and feminine chakra system.  We journey on finding balance and harmony within ourselves.  Along the way, you may meet with your twin flame and if you do, The Return to Love Program is the perfect healing tool for healing the rift between twin souls.  The Return to Love awakens us to the quality of unconditional love.  It is not just a program, but it is a frequency that accelerates your frequencies ...

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