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Join with me via Messenger or Telegram.


A powerful 90 minute Light Codes Healing Session. You will be taken into deep meditation through the Light Codes transmission. During the process you will receive a deep and thorough healing.


You can record the whole session and I will share the visions and messages as we go.

I will awaken your Alpha and Omega Chakras

Activate your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Chakras

Awaken the chakras that enable you to align with your Soul Purpose and Pathway

balance and align your chakra system

help you to begin or advance your development of your masculine and feminine chakra system and bring them into full union

help you to raise your frequency beyond disease and explain how to maintain your vibration at a higher degree.

share the wisdom messages that come through and what it means.

Answer all your questions


You will love your Sacred Sound and Light Language Healing Session. These transmissions are extremely high frequency healing and I will explain to you what the sounds mean and what they are activating within you.


If you want to work towards awakening to your higher spiritual gifts of the brow chakra, these sessions are for you.

If you want to to clear blocks, these sessions are for you.

If you want to be bathed in the Highest frequencies, these sessions are for you

If you want guidance on your spiritual health, these sessions are for you

If you want to align with your masculine and feminine, these sessions are for you

If you want to heal and reunite with your twin flame, these sessions are for you

Much much more....

Sacred Sound Healing

Price Options
One-time purchase
Triple Whammy
Power and Save
$124.00every month for 3 months
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