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What Clients are Saying

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November 28, 2020

Truly Amazing

You are truly amazing and appreciated!


I can't tell how spot on you always are are.

I have been doing a lot of the things you mentioned in the healing.

Your insights are greatly appreciated!

Yesterday and today my twin as been very happy and wanting to please me.

I truly love and appreciate you Christina !

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Remote Visional Healing

Maree - Australia


October 14, 2020

Changed my Life!

Being able to work with ChristinA has changed my life. She is a caring, compassionate and brilliant channel for pure source energy. I have signed up for her ascension course. I am so, so lucky to have found her. We did a 1.5 hour zoom session from where she is presently located which is in one of the most ancient and spiritual places on the planet - and it's not the one in Las Vegas!! ;-) I really wanted to keep ChristinA all to myself, but I would be remiss if I didn't share what an amazing person she is to work with. Thank you for everything, ChristinA! You showed up at precisely the right time. -Lisa Claire xoxo


Twin Flame/Light Codes

Lisa Claire - New York


November 10, 2020


I can truly say this is the strongest online program I have ever done. I'm only on day two and WOW!!!! Today I was driving and I felt this pressure in the front of my chest then it surround my back to surround my entire upper body. I pulled over the car because something was telling me to take off my shoes. When I did it felt as if my chest exploded and then what a bolt that went from my chest straight down into my private feet got hot and heavy....I was like that was a few minutes and I did my deep breathing and things eased away. I have never experience that type of rush before.


Ascension Program

Nardi G - USA

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