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About ChristinA

ChristinA's life Purpose is to assist individuals to Awaken to their Higher Self and step into their own Soul Purpose.

In 2004 ChristinA went through a spontaneous awakening and was gifted with a Divine Frequency she called LUXOR Light.  Since then ChristinA has dedicated her life to assisting others on their journey back to love, healing their life and become Empowered toward their own Spiritual Purpose.

She created a system of meditation that initiates a return to love through healing the chaos within bringing Harmony for the masculine and feminine aspect of self. 

This system of meditation ignites a Cosmic flame energy that awakens the kundalini through the journey of awakening the masculine and feminine chakra system.

ChristinA has written two books and is working on her third....

"The Pendulum, Powered by the Awakening Soul"

"Birthing a New Reality"

"The Return to Love"

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ChristinA is a living Guide, dedicating her life to those who wish to make the shifts of consciousness needed to bring their world into Harmony.

Through working with ChristinA, it is possible to awaken your sleeping gifts.  She carries the Sacred Sound Keys of Thoth, Hermes and Enoch, that enable healing at the level of the DNA and beyond.  The Light Language and the Sacred Sounds, Keys and Codes awaken you to the hidden aspects of your Higher Self that are waiting to be fully embodied once again.

Twin Flames

Through working with these energies, the Twin Soul connection is made  and opportunity for Sacred Union with the Divine Counterpart ensues. 

ChristinA lives on the West Bank of Luxor, near the Nile across from Luxor Temple and just 10 minutes from the Valley of the Kings and Queens and all temples in the Nile Valley.

You can arrange a private retreat with ChristinA and change your life!

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