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الثلاثاء، ١٦ أبريل



Twin Flame Retreat in Egypt

In this power packed Twin Flame Retreat we visit the Sacred Temples significant to the divine masculine and divine feminine. Receive healing to healing help you align and fully embody your own masculine and feminine. Learn how to meditate to come into full inner union and much more!

 Twin Flame Retreat in Egypt
 Twin Flame Retreat in Egypt

Time & Location

١٦ أبريل ٢٠٢٤، ٧:٠٠ م – ١١:٠٠ م

Luxor, PJ92+R8Q, Al Bairat, Luxor, Luxor Governorate 1340550, Egypt

About the event

Are you ready to embark on a soulful journey that transcends time and space? Look no further than our mystical Twin Flame Retreat in Egypt. Whether you’re seeking union with your divine counterpart or simply yearning for inner harmony, this retreat promises transformation, connection, and awakening.

You don't have to be in Union with your twin flame to attend this retreat. 

This retreat is not for Twin Flame couples but for those on the twin flame journey, the only pre-requisit is that you are on a conscious ascension path or wanting to learn about how to begin that. The ascension path and the twin flame journey travel side by side like twin flames themselves.  In reality the journey is the same, whether you are a twin flame or whether you are wanting to ascend in this lifetime.  Through gaining an understanding about the inner masculine and feminine we already have a grasp on the journey of the twin flame, they are interconnected.

The purpose of this retreat is to help you understand the ascension journey and that of a twin flame and to gain greater union and harmony within yourself first.  If you are on the twin flame journey, it is paramount you understand this and learn how to navigate your way to Union.

When twin flames come together, and I mean a group of individuals who are twin flames, the energy is fast, and the awakening is powerful.  The energies that transfer between individuals that are twin flames is amazing.  Twin Flames are Wisdom carriers and when they unite in groups, there is a unique transference of wisdom that passes between them, words unspoken.

Join us on this unique experience looking at Twin Flames and Egypt in a different way.

Why Egypt?

Egypt, with its ancient temples, sacred sites, and powerful energy, has long been a beacon for spiritual seekers. Here, the veil between dimensions is thin, allowing us to delve into the depths of our souls. As the sun rises over the Nile, you’ll feel the whispers of ancient wisdom guiding you toward reunion with the Beloved.

The Twin Flame Retreat in Egypt Experience

Meditating into Union

This retreat is designed specifically for twin flames that are not in union or for those in union but struggling to find harmony.  This retreat is about learning the importance of finding inner union and learning how to achieve that, and how that plays the significant role in you finding reunion with your twin flame.  It is better done alone without your counterpart, so don't bring them!

Through guided deep healing meditations, energy work and sacred site visits focused on the energies of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, you will strengthen your connection with your twin flame, and you will see real results achieving greater inner union and understand how that also affects your twin flame.  You will learn about the importance of focusing on your own journey and on working towards your spiritual purpose rather than on romantic connections.  This retreat is for serious ascension candidates who place their spiritual growth at the top of their list of priorities.

Masculine and Feminine Balance

We will explore the dance of masculine and feminine energies within and learn how to harmonise these aspects, paving the way for unity consciousness. As you balance your inner chakras, you will align with the cosmic dance of twin flames.

You will receive healing from twin flames in Union and on Mission and learn about what unconditional love really means.

Sacred Sites

You will be visiting Luxor, the City of Temples, where ancient pharaohs communed with the gods.

Please read more about the sites and reasons we are visiting them on this link....  Twin Flames and Egypt (

Karnak Temple and Twin Flames

Luxor Temple and Twin 

The Sacred Lake of Queen Tiye

Deir el Shelwit Temple of Isis

Temple of Hathor at Dendera

Temple of Edfu

We will be staying at :

Mystical Habu Domes Villa in Habu overlooking Habu Temple

Our Retreat will be interspersed with other activities like healing, meditation, receiving the light codes, sailing on the Nile, gazing at the magnificent expanse of stars in the evening, visiting the temples mentioned, wandering through the Bazaar, walking into the desert to watch the sunset and dining at quaint Egyptian restaurants.

We will be staying in a beautiful Villa in the quiet village of Habu, overlooking the Theban mountains just a stone's throw to Habu and Thoth Temples, so you can also visit those temples in your spare time.  You can relax in the pool at the end of the day.

You will receive one awakening phone session prior to leaving for Egypt, Value $188AUD  and you choice of one series of Temple Codes relating to the sites we are visiting, to prepare you for the energies and to be aligned with the purpose unfolding.

Choose from 

Luxor Temple Codes

Karnak Temple Codes

Hathor Temple Codes

Temple of the Sacred Marriage (Edfu)

Retreat Dates and Options

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine 7 Night Retreat (April 29 - May 6, 2024):

  • Explore your inner and outer realms.  Temples, meditation, enlightening discussions, healing, light codes and local experiences.
  • AUD $1888 per person - book asap.

11:11 Twin Flames in Egypt 7 Night Retreat (Nov 9 - 16, 2024)

  • Dive deep into twin flame wisdom at Luxor, visiting temples, receiving powerful healing and awakening light codes activations, interspersed with local experiences.
  • AUD $1888 per person

Contact +61430026133 on WhatsApp or email me at

to apply.

Book Your Twin Flame Vison Quest

Reserve your spot now and step into the timeless embrace of Egypt. Let the sacred land guide you toward your twin flame, the mirror of your soul. Remember, love knows no boundaries, and in Egypt, the veils dissolve.

This is More Than a Retreat: I've been living and working in Egypt for 8 years and for 18 years I've been bringing groups.  Egypt and Luxor in particular, is in my heart, the people, the land, the temples, the Nile, the experiences.  In Luxor we are all one big family, and everyone wants to see you have a magical time.

If you wish to stay on after the 7 days, to do further temples you will need to book accommodation early.


  • Deposit Twin Flame Retreat

    This ticket includes one free phone session value $188 and one free pre-recorded Light Codes of the Temples of your choice. Deposits are non-refundable so please be sure before you book. Only 5 places available for this retreat.

    ٥٥٥٫٠٠ US$


٠٫٠٠ US$

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