Energy work and Ascension in Luxor

This page is to give you a general idea of what we have to offer you in the way of spirituality and energy work in Luxor and the significance of Luxor and the fifth dimension and the New Earth.

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Aligning with Egypt

It's not just services while in Luxor that I wish to offer you, but the opportunity to align with Egypt before you come.  The purpose of this is to be ready and open to receive to a greater degree when you arrive in Egypt.  I have a few services I can offer you for this and you can touch base with me to find out  more or to make a booking.

Luxor is the home of the etheric temple of Ascension, did you know that?  Lots of people don't know that, and they miss the most amazing opportunity when they visit Luxor.  Understanding the spiritual significance of Luxor can open inner portals of power within you.  

The Ascended Master that governs the etheric temple of Luxor, above the physical temple of Luxor, is Ascended Master Serapis Bey.  Serapis Bey is the ascended self of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, the pharaoh who built Luxor Temple.  He is the father of Akhenaten and grandfather of Tutankhamun.

I want to emphasize the spiritual significance of Luxor, so I am going to give you a version that you may not have come across before.  Amenhotep III was married to Queen Tiye.  Queen Tiye was the daughter of Yuya and Tuya.  Yuya was Joseph as in Joseph with the coat of many colours who came into Egypt from the Holy Land as a slave after his brothers thought they had killed him.  Joseph's mother was Racheal and father was Isaac, son of  Abraham.  Abraham is known as the father of the three religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  Joseph became the Vizier to the Pharaoh and the most important man in Egypt who married the Pharaohs daughter Tuya.  This is all I have time for now, but I think you can see the sacredness of this family.

My connection with Egypt is more energetic than concerned with the history or Egyptology.  I've always been this way, preferring not to get caught up too much in the myths and stories, because there are so many of them.  My aim is to introduce you to the Truth within the Wisdom.  Wisdom is held in the energy and energy speaks for itself, it has no need for explanation.  When we get caught up in the stories and myths we get caught in the mind.  The mind is attached to the ego and so we build even more stories and move further and further away from the Truth and often do not get the opportunity to experience the energy, which  holds the Truth.   When you get caught up in the myths and stories everyone has a different version.  I don't want to say everyone has a different truth because there is only one truth and that truth is energy.  Energy does not lie and all you have to do is experience it.  I have my version that I resonate with when it comes to some of the players in the Egyptian script, but I cannot tell you if that version is the absolute truth, it's just the one that speaks within me because of my cellular memories of my past incarnations.  It's better to focus on the energy and let the truth penetrate deep into our consciousness to enable full awakening to remember who you are.  Awakening to who you are does not mean knowing who you were in a past life, because that too is part of the story.  We are all One, from the ONE, we are all a small spark; an expression of that Great Light. Our awakening is to bring us back to that Oneness, to Love and to express that Love as energy.   


The secrets are written on the walls of temples of which each of us would interpret differently, just like any sacred text.  From ancient times til now, man has fought, squabbled and warred over who's story is true.  When we are fully present with the energy, there is no need for stories; stories feed the ego, and the ego keeps us separate from the Oneness of  the All.  We all love a story, and that is ok, just do not get attached to it having to be the one truth or you will block yourself from expanding into a higher consciousness.   Let the story awaken you to your own expression of truth.  Take what resonates and leave the rest.  Most importantly listen and feel the energy.   Make your connection with Egypt awaken you.  Spend time in the temples and tombs and allow the energy to speak through you.  I will share with you, what resonates with me.  I am not a scholar, I do not study, I am more of a mystic;  I let the energy guide me and awaken me.  Books might find me, messages might come to me, visions might come to me, but most of all, energy comes to me and then it becomes an experience and your experience is what matters to you.  Let the temples do the talking, just be with them and soak up the energy.

Now to the temple of Luxor. 


In the physical, the temple of Luxor was built like the body of the pharoah.  There is a book written by  R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz  called The Temple of Man. It is designed on the basis of the sacred architecture of the perfect man.  This is exactly where we are in our spiritual evolution now.  As humanity is striving to ascension into and beyond the fifth dimension, we are striving to become the perfected Hu-man.  The spiritual being anchored on earth.  

As you walk through the temple of Luxor, you are indeed walking through the chakra system. This is a very sacred temple, with a very sacred purpose.  In the etheric above Luxor temple resided Ascended Master Serapis Bey, the Seraphim, Archangels Gabriel and Hope.  The Seraphim are fiery angels who hold the highest rank of all angels.

As you walk through the temple to the top of the temple, you come to the area where in the etheric is the flame room.  The flame is the ascension flame, the white flame of purity.  This flame was carried to Luxor by Ascended Master Serapis and his flame carriers at the time of the fall of Atlantis and is still here.  In my book "Birthing a New Reality",  I share my experience with Luxor Temple, long before I ever arrived in Egypt.  Egypt called me in a very powerful way and I listened and came.  I was not the person who had hungered over Egypt all my life.  In fact I had no intentions or desires to come to Egypt, until I was called.  I was called back and 18 years later I am still here fulfilling my mission.

Back in 2004, I went through a massive transfiguration and resurrection initiation to embody the flame of Ascension and was shown how to transfer this flame to others.  I had not visited Egypt at that time, nor did I have much idea about Egypt at all.  I did however have a connection with Lord Serapis.  You can read about my journey through this transfiguration in my book "Birthing a New Reality".   In short, my life purpose was to bring this energy back to humanity and those who are attracted to this energy are reinitiated into it again, just like they were in the times of Atlantis.  We call this system LUXOR Light Ascension.  And many people have become "remembered" through this system and have reignited their position as flame carriers to help humanity awaken into the fifth dimension and beyond. 

I speak in languages of light that do not need interpretation, although some of the language is closely linked to Aramaic (language of Jesus), Hebrew, Arabic, Ancient Egyptian, Sanskrit and Ancient Chinese.  It is a very ancient and sacred language of God that is also connected to the stars, in particular to the Star Sirius.  I also speak in a clicking language, a whistling language and I bring through sacred sounds that are connected to the Seraphim and they awaken us to the threefold energies of God, Goddess and Creation.  Because most of these sounds of light cannot be interpreted, the ego cannot get involved;  you receive the Truth and you cannot argue with it, because you do not understand it on a human level.  However, your soul understands it.  Every soul understands it and so as it awakens the spark of God within you and you gracefully move in that direction.  Gracefully if you surrender to it, maybe not so gracefully if you fight it!

deir el sheirwit 2
temple of the sun
serapis temple alex
Finding your Balance point Kom Ombo
Esna meditate
ChristinA Ritchie West Bank Luxor
egyptian equinox
top of the hill
silsila quarry temples
meditate in the desert
me profile temple


Here are three powerful options to align with Egypt that you might like to consider before you come. All of these options enable you to be fully prepared for you spiritual journey into Egypt; after all, you are returning to Egypt, not arriving for the first time.  It may have been lifetimes ago, but you are returning Home in more ways than one.  If you understand the ascension and the connection with Luxor and the ascension, you will understand that you are truly being given the opportunity to come "Home".  Now, you can make the very most of it! Just as you will prepare your itinerary, you should prepare your energy field.  Egypt is the Motherland, everyone has connection with Egypt.  Ascended Master Serapis Bey says in the book "Dossier on Ascension", Everyone should pass through Luxor, be it in the physical or the spiritual.  You can do both!

  1. So, the first thing I recommend in aligning with Egypt, or rather re-aligning with Egypt, back to your original connection and purpose for the NOW is to partake of the LUXOR Light Ascension program before you come to Egypt, or at least get started with it, so you are already aligned with the energy of the Ascension Temple of Luxor.

  2. Next to that is having a remote visionary healing with me to help align your chakras to bring you into balance and to amp up your frequency to a higher dimensional consciousness to be well prepared for your journey into Egypt.  You will learn what is happening in your energy field and you can request that it is specifically to align you with Egypt.  You receive visionary messages to do with your spiritual progress.

  3. And next,  request a personalised light codes activation to prepare you for your journey into Egypt.

Temple Codes

While you are in Egypt, activate your light codes.  I carry the Wisdom Codes of Thoth also known as the Activation Keys of Enoch, awakening you to your lost wisdoms. You can do this either

  1. Through a personal hands on energy healing session in Luxor, receiving a light codes and light language transmission

  2. Attend a Light Codes meditation evening or arrange a personal individual or group meditation sitting to receive the activation Keys and Codes of Thoth.  

  3. Any of the above requesting Temple Codes either general or specific.  Contact me for more information. 

Energy Immersion

This is group work and can be done either through meditation or group healing.   

  1. You can join a meditation class 

  2. Arrange for your group to have a private sitting/healing to experience a LUXOR Light meditation to receive the ascension frequencies and shift your vibration or request a Wisdom Light Codes of Thoth activation for your group

Powerful Sites

Egypt is filled with powerful energy sites, but Luxor is known as the worlds largest outdoor museum.  This is because there are so many temples here.  

On the East Bank of the Nile we have Karnak Temple complex which has many temples within the complex and Luxor Temple, the home of the Etheric Temple of Ascension itself.

On the West Bank of the Nile, we have the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Deir el Bahri, Queen Hatshepsut Mortuary Temple, Seti 1 Temple, Ramesseum, Collossi of Memnon, Temple Habu, Temple of Thoth, Deir el Sherwit (Temple Isis), Tombs of the Nobles, the newly discovered lost golden city of Akhenaten, Malkata; location of Temple of Akhenaten and Palace of Queen Tiye.  There is also a lovely old monastery behind the Valley of Queens, near Malkata.

Just a day trip away from Luxor is Temple of Hathor in Dendarah and Temple of Abydos to the North.  To the south we have Temple of Khnum at Esna, Temple of Horemheb at the stone quarry of Geb el Silsila.  Heading further south is the Temple of Horus at Edfu, then Kom Ombo dedicated to Horus and Sobek.  Further South is the Temple of Isis on the island of Philae in Aswan and so much more.   Even further south you find the Temple of Ramses at Abu Simbel.  I will write more on the temples at another time.  Meanwhile this is a short summary of what Luxor and surrounds has to offer.  

Or if you are a lover of the desert,  you can enjoy a private 4-day, 3-night adventure from Luxor to Cairo, which includes a desert safari. The safari will take you into the Oasis of Kharga, Oasis of Dakhla and the Black and White Deserts where you camp out in the open air in a traditional Bedouin tent.  Or just 2 nights and you can take in the Temple of Dush near el- Kharga.  I love the temple of Dush.  It is a 1st millennium BC temple dedicated to Serapis and Isis and is all by itself in the desert making it such a special visit with very clear energy. There is also an ancient Christian Necropolis of Al-Bagawat that can be included in this visit also. You can swim in the Mut Talata hot springs in the northern part of Dakhla Oasis where the springs reach 43°C of water temperatures.  And visit Hibis Temple dedicated to the Theban triad;  Amon , Mut and Khonso.  Hibis is a really lovely temple.  In fact there are many sites out there, it just depends on how many days you wish to spend in the area.

In the north which is called Lower Egypt in Cairo, you have all the pyramids.  Normally people fly directly to Cairo.  Cairo has a lot to offer, but I'm hereto talk about Luxor which is ancient day Thebes and is known as Upper Egypt.

One of the trips I specialise in, is taking people on the Nile to cruise on a traditional dahabieh on a 5 or 6 day voyage to Aswan visiting all the temples along the way.  I usually do this trip to coincide with 11:11 each year.

Ascension in Luxor

If you feel ready to receive the light codes and ascension frequencies of LUXOR Light in any of the options above, please connect with me and get set to awaken to a new more powerful and masterful you! 


If you want me to put a tour together for you let me know, and if you want me to join you on your tour so you can receive light codes along the way, my fee is 1500 Egyptian pound per day with my expenses covered.



I'm looking forward to meeting you in Luxor soon! Let's journey spiritually together!

+20 102 085 9349