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What is LUXOR Light Ascension



LUXOR Light is a system of meditation that brings the divine masculine and divine feminine into Union. 


This meditation system awakens the kundalini enabling physical and emotional healing caused by stuck or blocked emotions from our past or past lives, bringing us into a more balanced state and a shift into higher consciousness follows.   

LUXOR Light awakens the Kundalini through the process of meditation and healing,   This is a Self-healing system that enables us to raise our consciousness and anchor our Higher Self.

It can assist in healing some forms of violence, shock, abuse, grief, relationship breakups, financial difficulties, accidents, loss, constant stress, or serious illness, etc...but the ultimate healing is through all subtle levels, dimensions, lifetimes and realities into ascension!

What is Ascension

Ascension simply means to spiritually evolve. and raise our consciousness. 


The energies or frequencies that are harnessed through the LUXOR Light Ascension system assists us to surrender on a deep energetic level and we totally accept and let go of the past experiences and come fully into the Present.  While we heal and begin the climb to higher dimensional states of consciousness, we begin to develop, and balance the masculine and feminine chakra system into the one unified chakra anchored at the heart.  See my book "The Pendulum, Powered by the Awakening Soul".

The LUXOR Light Ascension Program enables us to come into a state of stillness as we gain mastery over our mind. It awakens the Kundalini, brings us into full union with our Divine counterpart, and gifts are awakened and our missions begin....

Awakening the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within assists with the merger of the Twin Soul, this in turn begins the magnetic attraction of the Twin Flame incarnate on Earth.   

Puchase LUXOR Light Ascension Here

LUXOR Light is the Return to Love

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