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Don't take the Jab

I decided that in these times of Covid19 it is important to be a part of sharing information that is intended to keep Humanity safe. I respect everyone's decisions to take the injection, but I personally feel we all need to be informed. I want to take my part in protecting humanity and as I am only one small person, this is the way I feel I can do it. I want to add to the energy of saving humanity. These well informed doctors say this is not a vaccination but an injection. Watch the video to receive this vital information.

I will be sharing Light Codes to assist in raising consciousness and Healing the DNA.

Let's all find our own creative ways to save humanity's health and consciousness.

The Doctor's state, it is not a vaccination, it is an injection and we should change our wording.

Words hold power, we must stay positive and in a space of Love.

We are in this together.

Rise in consciousness ... I gift you a mantra to use to help you rise and fully connect with your I Am ...

Elah Eeshtah Elah ..... (means Beloved God I Am) say the mantra over and over every day, especially in the morning when you rise and in the evening before you sleep.

Infinite Blessings of Love and thank you



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