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Healing Codes of Hermes

Hermes awakening you

Welcome back to my blog!

On Tuesday evening we had our usual light codes transmission, only they are never very usual. July has a very powerful healing theme being the 7th month and 7 being a very powerful frequency for healing on all levels including for the physical body right through to the spiritual at the highest levels. The date also was a 7-numerology vibration, and we just came through the 777 portal on Friday, of which I will share the light codes for that soon.

Visions of the Healing Codes

The first vision that I saw during the healing codes transmission was in the Alpha chakra. The Alpha chakra has to do with the divine masculine / God / soul's mission or purpose and soul direction. The Alpha chakra is located about 6 - 8 inches above the crown of the head and is not active until you embark fully on the ascension journey. It has a divine counterpart chakra called the Omega chakra which lies about 8 inches below the earth's surface in line with the base chakra if you are sitting in lotus position on the ground. She governs our soul pathway and helps to integrate the gifts of the Alpha into the Earths grid. I often find they are inactive in many of my healing clients prior to having healing. Once they are then activated during a healing or meditation such as this one, your spiritual growth begins to accelerate and communication between soul right through to the universal consciousness is awakened. My first vision in the alpha chakra, was a masculine and feminine, and between them, they carried a giant lotus that beamed an incredible bright light. This vision repeated itself again in the Omega chakra. Alpha being your divine masculine, Omega being your divine feminine, and the energy being emitted from this particular lotus was the energy of marriage, the sacred marriage between both Alpha and Omega and the divine masculine, divine feminine energies.

The next vision I had was in the Base Chakra, and this was of somebody sitting on a wall and they had wings and a halo, like a little angel, but this was about you the angel, you the one who has your wings and sitting on the wall, a little bit like sitting on the fence kind of thing. What are you waiting for? It's time to move forward. You are the angel and you have attained your wings and you also have your halo because you have done the inner work and now it's time to stop just sitting there dangling your legs over the wall, and move to the next phase of action.

We moved to the Sacral Chakra where I saw the masculine and feminine again in an operating room. I could see a big bright light beaming down on the person that was on the operating table and my hands moved constantly as if psychic surgery was taking place. Being in the sacral chakra this has to do with relationship between whatever healing needs to take place between the masculine and feminine. Following the vision in the operating room I saw somebody sitting in a field of flowers. The heads of the flowers were facing upward toward the sun. I felt the message had to do with being at one with all others on the ascension path always looking up and seeing the positive in whatever healing is taking place in the sacral and relationships. Surrender, this will ultimately bring you great happiness.

As we came up into the solar plexus, I saw the image of a circle of friends. So, this is like the soul group having attained unity consciousness and now serving each other as support. This is in relation to moving into your purpose and into your power, your right power.

In the heart chakra I saw the masculine and feminine again with their hands up like bridge makers. You did the inner work, received the healing and now have become the bridge makers, which is allowing others to come through the work that you do in order to help them to move forward into the higher realms and into the higher dimensions, this is the mission of the masculine and feminine once in full union.

In the thymus chakra I saw a feminine sitting in lotus position, at peace, and behind her was a masculine energy who mirrored her with his arms around her giving support, showing the balance of the masculine and the feminine coming together and moving forward together on the ascension. The Thymus is not fully activated until we reach the sixth dimensional level of consciousness, so this was showing that we have come that far, and these light codes are assisting in that. Now the masculine and feminine can move forward together through the ascension into the resurrection and the New Earth.

In the throat chakra I saw a tower like the Eiffel Tower, suggesting communicating the energy of love out to the Collective.

I don't always have visions in every chakra, and I didn't have a vision in the brow, but in the crown chakra, again, there was the masculine and feminine, and between them was a giant lotus. This time the Lotus was a beautiful giant pink lotus. The pink lotus flowers are known as Buddha's earthly symbol, where a bud symbolises one's spiritual journey and the fully bloomed pink lotus represents enlightenment. In this instance it was a fully bloomed pink lotus, reinstating the message from the Alpha chakra.

Unification of the Masculine and Feminine

This is a healing where I guide you through the different layers of the energy field, so that when you are having your visions or receiving your messages, you can gain understanding about what you are seeing in relation to that area of the aura.

As we unified the energies of the brow and the sacral chakra, I saw the masculine and feminine again and this time in between them, there was a big yellow Lilly. The yellow Lilly is to do with health and wellbeing, and also with purity. Again, we can see this degree of healing to do with relationships, and the higher masculine and feminine energy meeting at the brow chakra representing the unification of the divine masculine and divine feminine. There was very strong activation of purification taking place here.

With the unification of the crown and the base chakra, I saw two hands being held together with palms up and open. The hands had henna artwork on them, and they were offering a little piece of saffron. Saffron enhances your psychic powers.

The healing codes continued, and in the Spiritual body I saw Hermes as the caduceus. Hermes is the alchemist awakening you to the higher pathway.

3 Steps to understanding

I share my visions with you for a threefold reason.

  1. So you can understand the energy that powers the healing and how you can gain benefit from the healing energies and wisdoms passed through the transmission.

  2. So you can learn how to understand your own visions and messages and gain greater insights about your own spiritual journey as you awaken your gifts of the brow chakra.

  3. To awaken you to the knowing that not all psychics work in the same way and to encourage you to open to your own genius within!

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