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Guardians fo the Flame is a Light Codes Activation to help you awaken the spark of God within you and to help you become the Flame carrier in service to Humanity. 


What does this mean?

It means that each of us has some unique codes of light that are to be activated when you are spiritually ready.  Then you begin to carry that light and it touches others so they too can awaken.  If you are a Starseed or Twin Flame, or someone committed to the ascension path, you too are a code or flame carrier and these light codes just need to be sound activated.  


Use these light codes like a meditation

Set up your room, burn a candle, light incense, turn off all distractions like phone and tv.  Find a comfortable place to lay or sit down.  Have a journal ready to record your experience and then close your eyes and let the magic begin!


The more you use my light codes activations, the more you are likely to awaken your third eye, strengthen your gift of vision and clairaudience and activate the pineal gland, and kundalini.



Guardians of the Flame Light Codes Activation

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