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Spiritual Guide and Ascension Mentor

ChristinA guides you every step of the way..

  • 2 hr
  • 199 US dollars
  • Telegram

Service Description

This session is for those who are ready to embark upon their ascension journey and who need some guidance through the deep personal transformation process that happens when you begin the awakening process, or even after the awakening. My intention is to help you to heal through the positive and empowering process that is taking place and to understand that process as you fully integrate the new you. I am a fully awakened guide who has been through the ascension process and understands what is taking place. I have been on this journey since 1996 and can assist you in understanding where you are at and how you can navigate your way through the powerful transformation that is taking place within you. Having fully anchored my own divine mission and Spiritual Frequencies I can assist you to awaken even further, to understand what direction to follow and show you how to understand your personal healing journey through the energetic state. I work with consciousness and helping you find clarity with that in a simple and understanding way. I help you to understand how to awaken and fully activate the divine masculine and divine feminine within you which helps you in understanding the mirror relationships that come into your life. I show you the purpose of making a relationship with your divine masculine and divine feminine chakras so you can integrate that into your waking life. Choose this session if you wish to discuss the LUXOR Light Ascension Program, or if you simply want to discuss your own journey and have a better understanding of how to progress from here. This session will include a powerful light codes healing that will enable you to make your first shift into the new you!

Cancellation Policy

Retreats have a no refund policy for the deposit and cancellation policy is minimum 8 weeks prior to the Retreat.

Contact Details


Luxor, Egypt Healing and Meditation LUXOR Light Ascension, Al Bairat, Luxor, Egypt

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