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So., 21. Jan.


Al Qarna

Starseed Shaman Journey

A journey to the Stars through Sounds, Mantras and Language of Ancient Egypt gods and goddesses.

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Starseed Shaman Journey
Starseed Shaman Journey

Time & Location

21. Jan. 2024, 19:00 – 19:05

Al Qarna, البعيرات، Al Bairat, Al Qarna, Luxor Governorate 1345179, Egypt

About the event

A Channelled Sacred Sound Bath of Sirian and Ancient Egyptian god sounds and language as we journey through the energy field awakening sleeping centres traveling out into the cosmos to experience the Wisdom of the Universe and.

You can also choose this event as an online event.  

122 Euros individual 200 Euros up to 4 people 300 Euros for 5 people or more.

I Am a Starseed Shaman and Master Energy Healer. Founder of the LUXOR Light Ascension System of Meditation.

The frequencies are from Sirius and the language is the first language that came to Earth at the Beginning of what we call time. A language of Light known by all Souls and a mix of Ancient Egyptian, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hebrew and Ancient Chinese.  You will also experience Sounds from the Ancient Gods of Ancient Egypt such as the Ancient Egyptian God Shu, the god of peace, lions, air and the wind.  He was one of the Primordial gods and brother of Tefnut, and one of the 9 dieties of the Ennead of the Heliopolis cosmology.  He is sometimes represented as a lion or as a man wearing a feather.  I also bring forward the Codes of Thoth, the Activation Keys of Enoch and the Sirian Star Master Sounds of a strange whistling language that washes us with Christ Consciousness.  

You will also experience the frequencis of the ancient Egyptian Gods Hu and Heh and Iah.  

Hu was an Egyptian god who personified the authority of utterance or the spoken word.  He was a minor god but one of the most important gods.  Heh was in the Oddoad in the ancient Egyptian religion and was the personification of infinity representing eternal life.  Ah was an Egyptian god associated with time and the ancient Egyptian calendar therefore also connected to Thoth.  The three sounds are often sounded together and bring about Creation itself.  This is a powerful freqeuncy to be bathed in.  

There are many more sounds and frequencies that I will explain during a workshop or session booked with me.

If you are visiting Luxor and would like to experience this sacred one on one journey please register on WhatsApp on +61430026133 to arrange a suitable time, or claim this time.

Groups are welcome.

Advanced meditators only.

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