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Spiritual life Coach

Embark on Your Ascension: A Guided Journey to Self-Discovery and Transformation

  • 2 Std.
  • 189 US dollars
  • Phone, Messenger, Telegram.


Welcome to a session designed for the seekers of enlightenment, those ready to step into the realm of ascension. This is more than guidance; it’s an invitation to go deep into personal transformation that unfolds with spiritual awakening. As a Spiritual Life Coach, my purpose is to facilitate your healing, empowering you to embrace the profound changes that bring integration of your true self. As your guide, I bring not only knowledge but lived experience, having embarked on my own ascension journey since 1996. My understanding of this profound process of transformation allows me to support you in recognising your current state and steering through the powerful shifts occurring within. Grounded in my divine mission and spiritual frequencies, I am dedicated to assisting you in elevating your awakening. I provide guidance and clarity, making the complexities of your energetic transformation more comprehensible. My focus is on consciousness, offering the insights necessary for you to navigate your journey with ease and understanding. In our sessions, we delve into the awakening and full activation of the divine masculine and feminine energies within you. This understanding is pivotal in recognizing and harmonizing the mirror relationships that enter your life. I will guide you in forming a sacred connection with your chakras, integrating this balance into your daily existence. Opt for this session if you’re seeking a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey and the steps to move forward. Prepare to experience a powerful light codes healing, a transformative process designed to initiate your shift into the new, awakened you.

Umbuchung & Kündigung

Retreats have a no refund policy for the deposit and cancellation policy is minimum 8 weeks prior to the Retreat.



Luxor, Egypt Healing and Meditation LUXOR Light Ascension, Al Bairat, Luxor, Egypt

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