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ChristinA Ritchie

ChristinA Ritchie

In the transformative year of 2004, I experienced a profound spiritual revelation, receiving the gift of a celestial vibration known as LUXOR Light. This divine encounter has shaped my dedication to supporting others in their quest for love, healing, and spiritual empowerment.

I developed a unique meditation system that fosters a reconnection with love, harmonizing the inner turmoil and balancing the masculine and feminine energies within. This practice propels individuals across dimensional thresholds, elevating them to a higher state of divine frequency. It also kindles a cosmic fire that stimulates the kundalini, harmonizing the dual chakra pathways.

As an author, I have brought forth two literary works, with three more in the creative pipeline, each exploring the depths of spiritual awakening:

  • “The Pendulum, Powered by the Awakening Soul”

  • “Birthing a New Reality”

These books are a testament to the journey of the soul and are available for those seeking guidance on their path to enlightenment. You can find them on Amazon, ready to serve as beacons of light on your voyage to self-discovery.

I grew up in a small coastal town on the West Coast of Western Australia and lived a quiet and normal life.  I met my husband at 18, travelled a lot around our big wide brown land with my husband and at one point when my two eldest children when they were just 3 and 5.  We travelled for a year driving around Australia and that was the beginning.  My spiritual journey began to open and from then on, a lot of spiritual phenomena began to open in me.  I was born with a constant need for change, and this was because I am one who is here with a purpose as part of a mission to bring change for the Collective.  You might relate to this and if you do, then you have stumbled upon me for a reason.

If you purchase my book "Birthing a New Reality", I describe how my seemingly normal life, opened into a very extra-ordinary life.  I have never lost my thirst for change and after 23 years of marriage, I had to set myself free and embark fully upon the journey I was born for.  This journey opened me to a divine frequency through a spontaneous and powerful kundalini experience that set me on a path of constant directives from my Higher Self and the Ascended Masters.  I describe in my book how all that took place and I work to help others understand it as it awakens in them.  

I would never have dreamed in a million years that one day I would live in Egypt, let alone that I would speak in strange languages from the Stars, channel sound frequencies that awaken the kundalini in others.  I would never have dreamed that I would travel to spiritual portals and invisible temple sites scattered around our planet.  I was just an ordinary girl from an ordinary town, from an ordinary family.  I would never have dreamed, that one day I would help others awaken to these very unusual qualities that are now becoming the norm!

ChristinA Ritchie in Kom Ombo and the seat of neutrality

Following your Truth

ChristinA Ritchie in the desert in Egypt

To follow your path of Truth, you must first discover it, and that's what I offer to those who find me. Most people encounter me by chance, and from there, everything unfolds. Imagine living authentically, daring to pursue what you've only dreamed of. This is how I live, and I assure you, it doesn't require wealth. It's about self-knowledge, self-healing, and awakening to your true self. When you're in sync with this flow, financial status becomes irrelevant; one day, your account may show zero, and the next, you could be traveling. I live fearlessly, trusting in the divine, my path, and my purpose. I give, and in return, I receive; all I need is to be open to receiving, and abundance flows to me. This is the essence of divine flow. My constant travels and the trust people place in me to guide them have secured my work for years ahead. Abundance activation is not just a mindset but an energy, accessible to all, particularly twin flames. Twin flames can easily activate abundance post-union, and I can guide you there. Even if you're unaware, you might be a twin flame. I can assist with this realization. Whether or not you have an incarnate twin flame is irrelevant. If you yearn for Truth, Ascension, Purpose, Mission, or to serve Humanity, you're likely a twin flame, a code carrier, or even a flame carrier. Join me on this journey to a magnificent life!

Working with ChristinA and LUXOR Light

ChristinA is a living Guide, dedicating her life to those who wish to make the shifts of consciousness needed to bring their world into Harmony.

Through working with ChristinA and LUXOR Light, it is possible to awaken your sleeping gifts.  She carries the Sacred Sound Keys of Thoth, Hermes and Enoch, that enable healing at the level of the DNA and beyond.  The Light Language and the Sacred Sounds, Keys and Codes awaken you to the hidden aspects of your Higher Self that are waiting to be fully embodied once again.

Twin Flames

Through working with these energies, the Twin Soul connection is made  and opportunity for Sacred Union with the Divine Counterpart ensues. 

ChristinA lives on the West Bank of Luxor, near the Nile across from Luxor Temple and just 10 minutes from the Valley of the Kings and Queens and all temples in the Nile Valley.

You can arrange a private retreat with ChristinA and change your life!

ChristinA Ritchie on top of Thebe Mountain between Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens
LUXOR Light symbol.jpg

Welcome to the world of LUXOR Light Ascension frequencies, where you embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Led by ChristinA, the founder and guardian of LUXOR Light Ascension, this unique system of meditation coupled with powerful healing frequencies helps you awaken your personal spiritual journey. Through LUXOR Light, you can embody divine frequencies and return to the state of love, bringing peace and serenity within by balancing the masculine and feminine energies. Join us on this path of ascension and unlock your true potential.

Check out my books available on Amazon

The Pendulum Powered by the Awakening Soul.jpg

The Pendulum

Powered by the Awakening Soul


Birthing a New Reality

The Search for the Beloved, the Unbelievable Truth

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