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My gift is deeply connected to Egypt and it's ancient Past. 


As a Keeper of the Light Codes of  Thoth, I am an Awakener, helping you to awaken to your lost wisdoms. I carry a powerful frequency we call LUXOR Light that was birthed through my body in 2004 and I was divinely inspired to develop the LUXOR Light Ascension Program. 


I work with many people from all over the world, helping them awaken to their purpose and into their full empowerment.  


I bring forth the Light Codes of the Temples of Egypt, the messages in the Ancient Egyptian light language of the gods.


 To experience Egypt with me, is far more than an archeological experience, but a reconnection of your Soul to the wisdom that is held deep within you.  


Through my work it is common for participants awaken to the Light Language of their origins and to the Light Codes unique to them and activate their powerful kundalini energies.

I am a twin flame assisting other twin flames to awaken and come into Harmony and full spiritual union.  

Working with these energies, is something that will change your life forever!

ChristinA Ritchie, Keeper of the Keys, Alchemist and Awakener

Upcoming Events

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