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How to
Return to Love

Healing the Wounds of the
Divine Masculine and
Divine Feminine

Our spiritual development and our healing journey is all about coming into harmony and healing the chaos within. To do this, we must first develop our masculine and feminine energies and bring them into balance and harmony before we can step into Unity Consciousness.   This is the journey of ascension and this is also the journey of the Twin Flame.  One powerful system to heal duality and come into Oneness.

The LUXOR Light Ascension Program

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It’s all about the Journey not the Destination

From beginning your awakening to awakening to the gifts of your Higher Self, I share with you how to get there.  How to awaken your higher chakras, your masculine and feminine chakras, awakening your healing abilities, how to awaken to Light Language and the Light Codes you hold within. How to awaken to the Sacred Sounds within your Soul, amplifying your healing abilities and how to meet and merge with your divine counterpart or your twin flame.  It’s an amazing journey and because I have walked it, I can help you every step of the way.  Helping others to awaken to their unique gifts of mastery is my Soul’s purpose this incarnation and I would love to assist you to awaken to yours. 
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Light Codes

Sacred Sound Light Codes and Light Language Healing and Meditation

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Twin Flames

There is a flame within us all and when we awaken we ignite that flame, we awaken to a second flame and a new journey begins

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A trip to Egypt is not complete without receiving the powerful Temple Codes activations with ChristinA

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I love my clients!

Being able to work with ChristinA has changed my life. She is a caring, compassionate and brilliant channel for pure source energy. I have signed up for her ascension course. I am so, so lucky to have found her. We did a 1.5 hour zoom session from where she is presently located which is in one of the most ancient and spiritual places on the planet - and it's not the one in Las Vegas!! ;-) I really wanted to keep ChristinA all to myself, but I would be remiss if I didn't share what an amazing person she is to work with. Thank you for everything, ChristinA! You showed up at precisely the right time. -Lisa Claire xoxo

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