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10.10 The Temple of Thoth

Thoth Scribe of the Gods and 10.10 Light Codes
10.10 and Thoth

10.10 and Thoth Scribe of the Gods

Everything happens with a reason, a time and a purpose. When I decided to write this post, it was 15 months after the original event took place. A non-English speaking client had purchased the Codes of Thoth program and drew to my attention the fact that one of the recordings was in English so they couldn't understand it. All other recordings are in Sacred Sound and Ancient Languages of Light. I decided to transcribe the recording and that is how this post came about. Before I begin, I want to recommend you read the post all the way to the end but if you need to take breaks, do so, then come back to it. There is a good reason for this. As I was transcribing it and editing it so that it is more understandable, I got drawn deeply into the energies the piece contains. It drew me into the Nothingness, and I went into a deep sleep that last 4 hours. From within the Nothingness comes the seeds of Creation. As I started to come out of the Nothingness, I was shown visions to do with the temple and given answers to some of my own burning questions. So, within the words are wisdom codes embedded for you to receive at the time of reading.

What I didn't know back then was why I had to do this temple on 10.10. I didn't know Thoth, ancient Egyptian god of writing, magic, wisdom, and the moon is associated with the numbers 10 and 10.10, which represent the decimal and binary systems of numeration, respectively. Apparently, Thoth invented both systems, as well as the hieroglyphic script and the 365-day calendar. He is connected to the stars as the keeper of cosmic order, he holds the secrets of the entire universe. Thoth has an etheric Temple in the sky, and this is possibly the physical location, a portal to where he recorded the history of the world and the deeds of the gods and humans.

This is a long piece, so make a cup of tea and take time with it as you read. I include the original recorded version on a link at the bottom of the post, but within this writing the presence of the energy of Thoth is also here. With this transcribed piece I have been guided to help you understand the message behind the codes. But when you read, don't worry if it doesn't seem to make sense, or if you can't understand it. True wisdom is held within the energy and through the words comes the energy. Don't analyze just read and absorb the energies.....

10.10 The Temple of Thoth Calls You

Thoth inside a temple in the stars
Thoth is associated with the number 10 and 10.10

I was "Called" to Qasr el Agiz on the West Bank of Luxor in October 2022. A powerful mission to capture the energies of 10.10 and temple of Thoth and bring forth the Light Codes of the Temple. Since August I had been guided to different temples throughout Egypt for this same mission. Each temple "Called me" at different times and each temple had something unique for us on our ascension journey.

I've visited this little temple many times in the past, sometimes alone and sometimes taking a group with me. This time was different, because it had a specific purpose to capture the light codes on the date of 10.10. I wasn't just me who approached the temple differently, but the temple had a different approach for us. When I entered the temple, there were many workers taking photos and recording the hieroglyphs on the walls of the temple to put into a book to place in the archives.

Ancient Egyptian God of Writing
Thoth Creating Hieroglyphs

The Temple of Thoth is only a little temple with just three rooms and all rooms were filled with workers on this day. Each room leads into another room and in the third room, the Holy of Holies, a man sat with his laptop controlling the camera equipment with men constantly coming and going in and out of that room.  I was not alone that day, I had a friend named Bec who was retreating with me.  Bec is an artist, so she was recording in another way. I also had a group of 10 individuals taking part through an online group, all part of this little mission to higher wisdom through connecting with the ancient Egyptian god of Wisdom, Thoth.

Normally in the temple of Thoth, I would sit on the dusty floor and meditate. Because not many people frequent this temple compared to the other temples and for this reason it still holds a special energy. It's only the serious spiritual seeker that spends much time in there. Because I was not able to meditate with the workers around, I had to find another way to achieve what I had come for. I was not going to be deterred from the purpose I knew had to fill. The workers were watching and asking questions, but I stayed centred not allowing distractions to sway me.

10.10 the Gateway of your Soul's Direction

Thoth and 10.10
10.10 Gateway to your Soul's Direction

10.10 is an opportunity to stay focused on spiritual intentions as you seek your soul's direction. This is an entrance point to a higher gateway. I sat quietly in the left-hand corner of the entrance to the Holy of Holies, facing the West toward the Valley of the Queens and just wrote because I didn't know what else to do. I couldn't meditate so I knew I had to do it in another way. I had a sense of peace and serenity in knowing that whatever I was supposed to do would take place and all I had to do was stay true to that knowing because there was a divine purpose unfolding.  I also knew that the men within the temple were themselves a part of all that was unfolding. They were recording, acting on behalf of the scribe of the god Thoth himself. We had a dual mission going on with the divine feminine and the divine masculine each recording in two different ways for the benefit of Humanity. The masculine recording for the archives, preserving information and passing on that knowledge for the collective in a practical and Earthly way and the feminine receiving for the collective in a Spiritual Way through the energies. (True wisdom is held within the energy.) This was a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies united in mission of Heaven and Earth.

In this temple Thoth is mostly depicted with the head of an Ibis and the Wisdom aspect of Thoth. In other temples Thoth is sometimes depicted as a baboon and the gift of "knowledge" and his connection as a moon god, awakening us to our intuition. Also known as the god of writing and language, it was Thoth who brought forth the gift of hieroglyphic writing preserving knowledge and historical records. Thoth, the scribe of the gods bringing forth divine wisdom and sharing knowledge with humanity still helps us to open to communication with the Divine. This is why this time I had to "write". Often Thoth will appear as a message for us to "write".

Your Part in Service to Humanity

Ancient Egyptian God Thoth surrounded by Light Codes
Thoth God of Light Codes

All these missions to the temples of Egypt I was embarking upon since August 2022 were not about personal agendas, but in service to the collective and each person that took part in these missions would activate their own codes within themselves, so they too help in the unified mission of awakening humanity. We worked as a group, sharing experiences through writing after working with the recorded light codes activations. Each person played their part in reactivating these qualities as an act of service for humanity, because that is what we all do when we work toward any form of healing ourselves. It becomes even more powerful when we intend that or rather when we dedicate it to others. So, when you do these in your own time, dedicate it to Humanity, or to a loved one, or just dedicated to someone.

Light Codes are the language of the soul, and they help us to awaken to our true potential. They are patterns of light and sound that carry information and activate DNA.  

As I sat in the Holy of Holies within the temple of Thoth with my pen and paper and intention to receive, even amongst the busy-ness of the men in the temple, I could still feel that energy of peace and serenity.  I asked permission from Thoth to receive the messages of the temple when a man brought me a chair to sit in to be sure I was comfortable; another sign for me of the divine purpose of the men being in the temple at that time. They were also working with Thoth, God of Wisdom and learning, recording and writing. I asked Thoth again to help me channel through my writing while surrounded by the busy-ness.

A fly sat on my pointer finger as I was holding the pen, and the messages began to flow and so I share with you now...

"the fly which was called the aff 

in ancient Egypt was seen as a

symbol of determination"

Lead by example was the first message. The pointer finger is about direction and leadership and the fly which was called the aff in ancient Egypt was seen as a symbol of determination. During the New Kingdom large fly pendants were given to officials as a reward for their military achievements and persistency. Flies are persistent, so be persistent on your path to conquer the “ego”.  The peace you hold within is what leads others to find the same.

woman in temple with thoth
The Fly bringing me a message from Thoth

"10.10 opens the door,

the gateway to the

wisdom of the spirit"

10.10 opens the door, the gateway to the wisdom of the spirit. Lead with the essence of

spirit and allow the essence of spirit to lead you. There is a gate opening before you, look and you shall see. Trust this is a mission for the collective and you the reader are part of bringing unity and harmony to the collective. As a part of this mission, you connect with all others who have or will take on this role. This is how we find unity and learn to harmonise with others.  First, we must come into harmony within ourselves in order to attain inner union, then with small groups and then we become a part of coming into harmony with larger groups and ultimately, the collective.  Groups are vitally important in this, the energies of those who feel drawn to this is also vitally important and the number of people that take part are also important in this. We had 10 individuals on this day, the 10th day of the 10th month under the energy of the full moon.

A Gateway with Thoth standing in front
Thoth guarding the Gateway


Thoth, God scribe of the gods sent forth his energy and through the messages from the gods.

Inside the temple, my awareness was drawn to the divine masculine energies, and I was asked to look and observe the “gentle men”.  There was a key message in the words "gentle" and "men". The men working on the wisdom, renovating, restoring, and recording, were touching up the hieroglyphs and recording the codes held within the temple. I'm asked to remind you, “please see this”, and an emotion arose within me. Emotion arose within me several times throughout the temple while I was writing and an almost automatic form of writing. The emotion can only be described as that overwhelming feeling we get when we are touched by God. A heart opening emotion, as a wave of unconditional love, higher love washes over you and tears flow. We are reminded about the gentleness. Be gentle.

The men working within the temple were symbolic of the divine masculine within your inner temple. Holding that desire to preserve the wisdom and knowledge of the temple and yet a knowing of the need to rise higher (in consciousness) in order to move forward because this work being recorded is for a higher purpose.

egyptian men working on hieroglyphs and thoth overseeing
Thoth overseeing the work being done

They were working within the second room, the second room symbolising intuitive mind and the need to reach higher levels of consciousness / wisdom.

The Three Rooms within the Temple

This temple has three rooms (the three minds: lower mind, higher mind and universal mind). As you enter the first room there is nothing to record, the walls are empty. We too should empty our minds in order to receive the gifts within the second room. The second room is where most of the hieroglyphs are, most of the "messages" that speak to your intuitive mind. Here we can tap into our intuitive mind and receive divine wisdoms from spirit. As we enter the third room, there are more hieroglyphs and if you look up, you will notice the stars on the ceiling, reminding us of Universal consciousness and to always look up to the stars for true wisdom to flow to us. Most of the work was taking place in the centre of the temple, drawing our awareness to the power of our intuitive mind where we draw forth the inner wisdom, the knowing of the self, and coming into the power within.  

ego, superconscious, intuition
Lower Mind, Superconscious Mind, Intuitive Mind

And the head Guy of the project sitting in the Holy of Holies room giving direction is all very symbolic. I was extending myself, asking Thoth to show me how to work differently, how to be the recorder, how to be the scribe, how to be the Clear Channel bringing forward information through the pen.

Now I ask you to try this now..... close your eyes. Have your pen and your paper and record through drawing or through writing. Allow the words, the energy, the wisdom to come forward for you. Use it like a meditation.

Masculine and Feminine within You

Divine Masculine Leads Divine Feminine
Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine

The divine masculine within you wants to lead you, wants to give you direction, purpose, and awaken you to your mission. The masculine/men in the temple are reflecting that - finding, exploring, seeking to know, to understand, to embody. And the divine masculine working within us, or in our lives is also a reflection of that connection to that other part of yourself, the higher part of yourself that holds the masculine aspect.

Each chakra has a masculine and a feminine aspect, and when you have fully developed your 5th Dimensional chakras and have entered the 6th dimension or beyond, you then carry the masculine and feminine within all chakras. By the time you have attained 10th dimensional consciousness within each chakra you have awakened the divine masculine within yourself. When we talk about divine masculine, divine feminine, we are not talking about personalities, but rather about energies. Divine masculine is direction / purpose / mission.  

As the divine masculine were photographing in the temple, I noticed a flash go off, an “Aha moment”, flash, insight, capture, flash of insight, intuition and receiving that divine spark of God coming through .......instructing me....instructing you...


God of the moon, God of magic, Creator God, God of wisdom, God of writing, God of Higher inspiration, awakening us and awakening the brow chakra. Thoth, Hermes, Enoch, Metatron. The codes of Thoth, the Emerald tablets of Thoth, the wisdom of Thoth, the Book of Thoth. All this wisdom is held deep within. Breathe this wisdom in, allow every breath to be an awakening breath. Eyes open look through your brow chakra. Eyes open and breathe the wisdom in. What do you see? Look and look deeper. Go deeper. Go deeper. Go deeper. If you need to close your eyes to go deeper, close them to see and connect with that part of yourself.


The Beard of the Pharaoh

Pharaoh in amongst light codes
Bearded Pharaoh

As I entered meditation, I was guided to bring forth the energy in the above way and I saw a vision of the bearded plat worn by the pharaoh. I didn't see the face of the pharaoh or the body of the pharaoh. I saw from the jaw down to the bottom of the plat of the pharaoh. In my understanding the meaning of the plat of the Pharaoh is such that when you plat something, or braid something as in the braided beard, there's generally 3 streams or parts that we braid together. The essence of the three. A pharaoh is not necessarily a king, or should I say the king was not necessarily a pharaoh. A king is a king. A pharaoh is something else. A pharaoh is one who has attained the degree of the high priest. A true pharaoh is one who has attained that degree of embodying the higher self, that God Incarnate on Earth. Not all kings attained the degree of the Pharaoh, so there is a misconception of who was a pharaoh and who was not a pharaoh. Breathe this in. Breathe this in now because this is significant.

Light from the mouth of the pharaoh
Spiritual Speech

The beard is below the jaw below the mouth coming down over the throat and my lips began to quiver.  The lip chakras are the chakras of spiritual speech. This chakra connects with the higher throat chakra of spiritual truth and at the lower throat are the chakras of your personal truth. The three energies, the masculine, the feminine and the third energy of creation braided together at the chin drawing down the spiritual speech and bringing it down through the spiritual truth and through the personal truth. This is a channel of bringing forward the truth and the wisdom of Thoth, the wisdom of Hermes, the wisdom keys of Enoch, and the great Archangel Metatron who stands on the right-hand side of God. This is all. Breathe in the wisdom of Thoth. Transcribe the wisdom and record the feeling and take note of that which you see.

The truth is held within you although coloured by the degree of wisdom or knowledge contained within your own human brain as it passes through that which is already within, and only in this way can it be lessened from the highest purity that it truly is.

I saw are two streams of energy pouring through that became pure white light coming down through both sides of the head. Pure white streams of light, rods of light, rods of wisdom. I knew that I was being shown how to purify the streams of information as they pass through my own channel. If there is any darkness or distortion in the rods of wisdom that are coming down through you as you receive from your higher knowing, then we should purify them with the pure white light. You are the third energy from the two streams of pure light. The Divine masculine and divine feminine coming down over you over the left and the right shoulder, and you are the third energy. You are the stream of energy that makes manifest on earth the wisdom that flows through your two rods of light, your two rods of wisdom. A flash of wisdom, aha moments, insight. Capture the wisdom.

Messages from the Universe

Mystical visions
Visions from the Universe

Outside, I heard a horse neigh. Everything is significant. Everything around us is symbolic. Listen to the nature, listen to the wisdom being shown to us, be it the feather falling or the horse neighing, the leaves tumbling, or the trees being chopped down, whatever is happening around you, there is a message in that for you, in whatever you see. There is a wisdom contained within that view; see it from the highest perspective. The horse was speaking as it neighed. What is the wisdom of the horse? The power, the strength, the forthright movement forward, the message and the messenger. Be the power be the strength.  Take notice of all that is happening around you and be in the now moment. Witness the message of spirit divine being shared with you in creative ways from the Creator. You are the third energy, be the anchor of that energy. You are like an acupuncture point with your feet touching the earth and the two rods that stream down through you can pass through the soles of your feet and deep into the core of Mother Earth. Place your feet on the bare earth and see the rods of light from the heavens travelling down through your body, down through your legs, down through the soles of your feet and streaming deep down into the core of Mother Earth. Be that one stream divided into returning to one the core at the centre. Feel the flow of energy as it streams down and through you. Witness where in your body you may feel a blockage as this energy moves down through you. The left is feminine, spiritual and the right is masculine - action forward direction. Do they flow evenly? Are they in harmony? You are the third energy. Anchor the divine masculine and the divine feminine.

I was being drawn back to the energy of the three men again, they moved over and came toward me and asked me what I was doing. I told them openly and honestly without blocking anything while being gentle, knowing my way which is different to their way.  I shared honestly. 

I speak in the language of the ancients and the angels

One man came across to me, not the three and he listened while having wisdom or the awareness of understanding or knowing or willingness to see things from a different perspective. I said I speak in the Language of the ancient Egyptians, the language of the gods and the angels. He asked me “Is it a talent or a gift?” I said a gift. He asked me twice. He listened. He was a very gentle man who we discovered later is also an architect and he showed us his architectural drawings, very precise work capturing the intricate sacred geometry with precise perfection; A wisdom keeper himself through another medium. This is the energy that was around us, the energy of precision, the energy of recording the energy of listening, the energy of the Ancients they were placing into the archives, the keeping of the divine wisdom for the collective so that wisdom may live on within a book, a book of hidden wisdom, recorded in a way that everyone could understand. But the truth will be in the wisdom contained within the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The photographs, the drawings of the temples, all containing the wisdom, the temple within us, the temple above us, the temple and the physical representing the purpose and the wisdom contained within each one of us waiting to be awakened again.

I gazed upon the walls because remember, I was sitting only in one corner. I had a limited view of the temple, but limitation is something that we bring upon ourselves. There is no such thing as limitation. I gazed above me to the images high on the wall joining the ceiling and the colour blue drew me in, the essence of Sirius and I spoke to Thoth to assist me, and he guided me to always look up.


I looked up. I looked up to the ceiling above. The ceiling and the depiction of the stars.

stars through an egyptian temple
Always look up and follow Higher Guidance

What is left are just dots, but it is about the universe and the connection of the stars and the cosmos and the planets and the wisdom that is held in the heavens reminding us to always look up and always seek to rise in consciousness. Connect the dots.

Look up now. Eyes open. Look up and gaze. Through the third eye and see all the wisdom of the grand universe. There is no limitation. A dot in the corner contains the wisdom. Whatever you see, it holds the greatest wisdom that is required for you in this now moment, giving direction, this is the Divine masculine. All the wisdom of the universe is contained within you. How can you access that wisdom? Be in the now. Gaze upon that which has drawn your attention. Step aside from the mind. Gaze and go deeper. Go within. No thought. Just be. This is the truth. Access the energy. True wisdom is held within the energy. You hold the wisdom. Do not look outside of yourself. For you are the one. You are the great soul. A spark of the creator. The ahas the flashes of insights within others, be in that moment. Acknowledge it is not for you to receive the accolades, it is just for you to ignite, and your job is done. In a flash. In a flash. In the flash. You are the creator god. You bring the flash of inspiration. First, within yourself and then within others. Do not stagnate. Do not stay the same. Expand open, be willing to be you, to be different, to do it different to bring it forward different. You are not here to be little or to be belittled.  Be the greater you, the great soul. Rise Great one, look up, there is a star, there is a space, there is a place within you that connects to a place within the universe that connects to all of the universe. To all the wisdom for the universe is the wisdom. Be not afraid to shift, to another space that contains another wisdom, another connection, another greatness. Wherever you look, wherever you see, wherever you connect. Connect wholly. Connect completely. Be the great wise one that you are.

Be that.

I am That I am. It is within you. There is nothing, it's all been said, it's all been done. It's all been created before you. It only calls forth for newness, for another essence, another colour and other energy, another way. That is you. That is your purpose. Do not shy away because it's been done before. Do it your way. Bring it forward your way. You are a great creator God, connecting with those that connect with you because of you. Because you are you. Bringing your essence through that touches a similar essence in others that awakens them to their greater essence, and they too awaken others to their essence. And in this we see that the way the stars and the cosmos is depicted on the ceiling of the temple, connecting the dots, the dots connecting another dot another dot, another dot, you another dot, connect your dot to another dot to another dot, to another dot, to another dot and so the dots infinitely connect with each other, bringing forward the infinite Wisdom of the Universe. And so, creation continues and always shall.


a portal to the stars
Gateway to the Stars

There is a gateway, and the gate is clear. The path to the heavens is clear dot to dot. There is a space within that opens before us when we choose to look up and focus on the heavens and on the consciousness that is available to us. Focus on Ascension, ascend, rise, rise, and rise again. If you fall, get up and rise again. Every point that you focus on is a point of wisdom. Every point that you place your gaze is a point to bring forth the greatest knowing and insight and aha that you can possibly have. Gaze now. It matters not what you gaze upon. What matters is, you know, this is the point, the point of entry, the gateway to the greater wisdom within you. Open the gate. The gate is clear. The path to the heavens is clear. There is a gateway through the stars to the wisdom that lies within you. Every star contains a consciousness that shines through all of us and every point that we gaze upon, be it star, be it tree. Be it person, be it river, be it lake, be it mountain, be it flower, is an entrance point to the gateway of the stars, to the wisdom of the universe, be it animate or inanimate, it is a point, an entrance point, an opening to the gateway of the heavens. There is nothing that is not a gateway, a portal for you to see deeper, to find the wisdom contained within, the wisdom that is contained within by you will open that gateway within yourself. Trust and open the crown allow it to come through, and look through the third eye, allow the wisdom and open your mouth and allow it to come through. Allow it to channel down through your spiritual chakras, your spiritual throat.  Allow it to pass through your own personal truth. Be not concerned that you have coloured it for you to be able to swallow. Because tomorrow is another day, and you will be braver and each and every time that you gaze upon the wisdom held within is another day to a greater entry point, to a brave and more courageous way of opening and being. Do not stop for the entrance point leads you on to greater and greater and greater.

Thank you, Thoth.

Give your thanks now to Thoth as I gave my thanks to Thoth. Thank you, Thoth.

Ibis Thoth, Pharaoh and moon
Thoth God of the Moon

I thanked him for the day, Monday, moon day. Thankyou, thankyou.. I am becoming the

scribe. Say that ... "I am becoming the scribe. I am the scribe. I am the entry point to which the greater wisdom flows through me. To others. I am connected to the creator God. I am the third energy. I am the purpose, the mission. I am the direction. I am that I am".

I give you each and every word I wrote and more. I wrote and allowed Thoth to flow through me.  I gave acknowledgment and said, as I write, I allow you, Thoth beloved, to flow through me. You can say this now.

"Thoth the beloved, I allow your wisdom to flow through me. Your wisdom, beloved Thoth in mine when beloved Source shares your love through the portal of the Stars, I feel you".

Thoth, Ibis, Moon
Beloved Thoth God of the Moon

The emotion rose within me again strong. As I sat in the left corner, and I faced the West. And the wisdom of the ancient flows through for the first time. And as I speak now, I speak for all of you who are reading this. "I recognise, I hold your wisdom, beloved Thoth in me, and I allow you to hold my pen. I welcome you, beloved Thoth, I welcome you, beloved

Thoth. I welcome you Beloved Thoth, to be the scribe through me. I feel you. Your energy is soft and reflected through the men, the gentle, soft men in this temple. I welcome the softness of the divine masculine to come to me and through me. I allow this soft, gentle wisdom of the masculine to direct me. I feel a beauty like never before, your beauty, your wisdom, within me, my beauty, my wisdom, within me and I ask you, beloved Thoth flow your wisdom to me. Allow me to be the scribe, to be your scribe, allow me to bring forward your wisdom through my pen. I choose to graduate to the next level of higher wisdom of purity, through the light of God, through the streams of God, through the stream and flames of purity, I choose. I choose to graduate to the next level of Ascension.

I choose.

I too wish to be a scribe to the gods, masters, angels, Thank you. I accept this gift and I will use it in service to humanity. And I hope that many will choose to receive the wisdom of the ancients, the wisdom of Egypt and to receive the wisdom it offers.

The healing power. Breathe that in the healing power. May we all wake up to the higher level, to the next level that we are ready for each and every one of us holding our place on the ladder of consciousness. May we each receive the healing power that takes us to the next step upon the ladder of higher consciousness. May we all ascend through the wisdom

Thoth tending to the flame of ascension
The White Flame of Ascension

of the Great Flame, the flame of Ascension, the flame of purity, the white flame activating the base and purifying the base.

As I breathe, I ignite the wisdom of purity within. I ignite the flame at the base of the spine chakra, I ignite the flame as it purifies my base and rises up to my sacral. Each breath is a breath of igniting the flame of purity. To the solar plexus. The flame of purity ignites. Through my heart…. And up through the higher heart. And breathing it up through the throat, purifying. A vessel of truth. Flaming up through the central core, up and into the brow and purifying the point of connection of unity, of coming together in oneness. And purifying out, expanding out through the Crown out to the cosmos, connecting with the Grand Masters, Angels, all enlightened beings and all bodhisattvas, ascending up through the monad, and are coming as One with the Great Creator. With the light of All. Guide my pen beloved Thoth work through me, Beloved Thoth, Thank you.

I see a little white feather float down gently, drifting down from the heavens to the earth as we anchor the divine, the purity, the wisdom. Beloved Thoth, take my hand, speak through me. I am open, I am willing. I am in service. To the Great Divine Creator, the All that Is. I ascend through the purity of love. I am willing and in service to God the Creator to the ascension of the collective to the receiving of the wisdom codes to the awakening of the

ibis and thoth and the moon
Thoth tending to the flame of purity

codes held within each and every one of us. I am in service, and I am open and willing to be in service to the masters, to the divine, I am that I Am. Take my hand, guide my pen. This is my prayer to you, beloved Thoth. I feel your love.

The emotion of God, of Wisdom, of truth Touches me and awakens in me the greater truth. My heart is open. Allow me to always feel the bliss, to be receptive to the Divine. There is always a way. There is no such thing as a block within me, there is no block within me, I Am that I Am, clear and pure, totally in reception of the greater I Am. My I Am presence stands before me. I Am the reflection of the greater I Am. Only the ego sees problems. There is no problem that I cannot overcome.

And I am reminded of Wayne Dwyer, in a book he wrote,” There is a spiritual solution to every problem”. You hold that solution within you. I feel this. I feel only peace.

Feel this, say this. Intend this. Be this....

“I feel only peace. I am peace, I Am that I Am. I feel your presence. I feel your love, Beloved Thoth. I feel you. I feel your love flow through me. I am you; I Am That I am. And if my love now can be sent out into the world, allow that love to flow out into the world. Let that be.

a woman wearing flipflops with a rose between her feet
The Heart of the Rose

I see the heart of the Rose as I gaze at my own feet; I see the Rose on my Flip flops as I sit within the temple…. Everything is a symbol. Everything is a message. Where are your eyes gazing now? What do you see? Within that vision, there is a message. There is a sign. There is a communication between you and your higher self, between you and God. See that now. I see the heart of the Rose on my feet as I know that this is the anchor to anchor the love and the wisdom of the Rose on the earth and so to do you anchor the wisdom of the Rose, the wisdom of love, the energy, the essence of love into the earth, so that each and every person may feel that wisdom. Thoth, let them receive those codes as they place their feet upon the Earth. Let that wisdom, that love flow through the grid of the Earth to touch every corner of our Earth, every speck of sand. Breathe that in. Now breathe that out through the core of the earth, through the essence, through the grid. See it flood all over the Earth's surface. I asked Thoth, "am I finished?" No, is my answer, and I know to stay in this space, as you must stay in this space to be here, to stay present, to be conscious. Commit, commit, commit. If I could live in you beloved Thoth, I would be so eternally grateful. I hear you. I feel you. I see you. I am you.

Connect with your inner temple
Your Body is your Temple

Spend more time within our own inner temple. You are the temple. Be the temple. See your temple. See now, look, look, see, see and allow your temple to show itself to you. See it now and see. Ask and it shall be given....

Naru ha taitu Kaya, eya la ama ha kay toorahah tae ah aeya la ama ha tae tooraha tae ah aya aya aya, oo ra ha, oo ra ha, oo ra ha….., (sound of god hu) aya oo na ha tae… tah coo ra ha…..aya….(sound of god Hu breathes creation into being he is the Word)….

Beloved, listen. Beloved, Listen, Beloved listen, stop asking, listen to the beloved Thoth, listen…. Ma ru ha… listen….

Observe your emotions.

With the river of life flows the wisdom of existence itself.  Be that…

Ru ha eshtah  oo ra ha tae too karama aylah oota ka ah Eshtah …. Ra Ha ae la oota ka ah Eshtah (sounds of god hu)…. Rise up, beloved. Oo ra ta ta eshtah  endora ha tae la amaha … entu karaha tae tuya aya … ma oo yana ha tae ….. ru ha ….. a ru ha …… a ru ha …… (sounds of god hu) taya ru ha …. Taya


If you would like to have the full experience

to fully activate the codes within you can



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