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5 Meditation spots you’ll love in Egypt

Are you visiting Egypt and looking for the Great Power Spots to meditate away from the maddening crowd?

Egypt has to be the most amazing place for meditating and reconnecting with your ancient past. It's fast becoming the go to place for spiritual seekers. I've been taking meditation groups to Egypt since 2006 and through that time we have had varying degrees of access to sites for meditation. Pre-Revolution it was so much easier to meditate in the temples, tombs and pyramids. But, post revolution it has been less easy, but I've noticed it is starting to ease up again, so, if you are meant to get to meditate in a particular temple, just trust because Spirit will align it so you get to meditate in the perfect locations for you. And, often times, you get it all to yourself. Well, pre-revolution that was a very hard thing with millions of tourists all the time. Then, during the revolution period, I felt like I was the only westerner in Egypt! I should have visited all the sites then, but I didn't. However, it's been quiet since 2011, with not many tourists and it's been easy to get to have alone time in the temples. But, it's starting to busy up again, so it's sometimes yes, sometimes no. It all depends on the temple guards. But, I want to share 5 of what I consider the best places to meditate for the special energies.

Do you want to meditate in the Temples on your Sacred trip to Egypt ? Egypt is like journeying back in time, it's magical, it's mystical and it's still in a lot of cases, like time has stopped still..

My favourite 5 places to meditate in Egypt

1. Temple of Dush

Temple of Dush gets my number one vote. Temple of Dush is temple out in the desert between Farafra and Dahkla Oasis. It's a temple dedicated to Serapis and Isis. It is a lesser visited temple because of it's remote location, but I'm a follower of Serapis, so I will travel far and wide to get to his sites!

2. Temple of Serapis

The temple of Serapis at the Serapeum in Alexandria holds the energetic WOW! factor for me. I can't even begin to explain the magnitude of the energy there. If you are an energy sensitive, this is mind-blowing!

3. Temple of the Sun - Abu Gahrab

Actually to be honest, I can't really compare these three. They are all magnificent in their own way. On meditating upon the sun disk at Abu Gahrab, I saw the whole horizon filled with Giant God-like beings. I've never seen anything so magnificent. If you want to know who to go with, connect with me and I will put you in touch with Amro Karam. This is his specialty.

4. Tomb of Ay

Unfortunately we are not allowed to take photos inside the tombs. Sometimes they let you get away with it for a bit of baksheesh, but it's not right, so, I generally don't do it. This is the entrance to the tomb of Ay. Ay was the High Priest at the time of Tutankhamun. He was also thought to be brother of Queen Tiy, daughter of Yuya and Tuya (Joseph) and mother of Akhenaton. His energies are very powerful and if you are a super sensitive, you will feel the energies rising up from the inner Earth and up through your legs. For me, it sends me into a full kundalini activation or full body quaking as it does with many of our LUXOR Light participants. It's a must visit tomb in the Western Valley, also known as the Valley of the Monkeys just outside the Valley of the Kings.

5. Deir el Sherwit

This little temple dedicated to Isis is another of the lesser known temples but well worth a visit for quiet time to meditate without being hassled. It's on the West Bank of Luxor near Malqata, home place of Akhenaton.

Of course there are many, many sacred sites in Egypt, but these are some of my favourites. They are less visited places and all hold beautiful energies. Some of my absolute places I like to meditate are not available for access now, but I do hope they open again!

I hope you get to visit. I live in Egypt and I carry the Sacred Sound Codes of Thoth. If you would like to receive the codes of the Sacred Sites and Temples, please connect with me for a consult on what is right for you.

Every 11:11 I lead a magical journey on the Nile visiting all the Sacred Temples along the Nile, sharing the Keys of Thoth and the Sacred Sounds of the Nile. Check it out here

Better still is to begin the LUXOR Light Ascension Program and bathe the energies of LUXOR Light and begin to build your personal pyramid to prepare you for your journey into Egypt.

Or you can connect with me for a personal healing session while in Egypt and receive the Sacred Sound Codes in person. By special arrangement I will visit specific temple with you. Please email me at for more information.

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