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53/8 Blessings of the Universe

How to tap into the blessings of the universe

Let's keep it simple. You don't have to do rituals and cast spells and all that kind of thing to tap into the abundance of the universe, all you have to do is raise your vibration! Ok, I hear you say "how do I raise my vibration"?

Let's start at the beginning and keep it simple, after that, you will graduate to faster and more powerful ways to raise your vibration to very high frequencies. Start by knowing that you have a choice in everything you do and in everything you think. If you feel angry, sad, miserable, betrayed, hurt, fearful or any number of negative concepts, remind yourself that you have a choice; you have a choice as to whether you allow these emotions to take over you and control you, or you take control over them. That can start simply by saying to yourself "I have a choice to stay feeling like this or change it". We all know it's not as easy as just saying it, but that is the first step; after that, you keep on keeping on. You can work with affirmations, you can watch a funny movie, you can go for a walk, observe nature, acknowledge the beauty in the world, listen to a baby laughing, you can use the gift of recalling happy and loving memories. All these things and many more can help to shift you from one energy state to another. That is the first step. Where you want to be is in a high vibratory state. When you get there, you hold that state for as long as you can and you will become a magnet for positivity and the abundance of the universe to come to you.

See the wonder in everything and acknowledge it. The more you intend, the more you train yourself out of negativity and into positivity; out of the victim and into your mastery.

No matter where you are on your ascension path or path to mastery, you can still access these high vibrational states where you can then manifest the blessings you deserve.

If you feel the call to raise your consciousness so your vibrational state is always high, you can take the LUXOR Light Ascension Program. This system of ascension was shown to me by the divine back in 2004 and I was guided to bring it to the world. It just gets higher and higher the more people that utilise the system; that means that when you utilise this system to get to your mastery, you become in service to humanity because your vibratory rate is connecting with all the others working with this energy and so you become part of the mission to raise the vibration or consciousness of the collective.

The higher your vibrational state, the more powerful you become at manifesting. But remember this. The higher your vibrational state, the easier it is to manifest anything you are thinking. Did you hear that; Anything, and that means if you hold a high vibration and you are feeling negative you quickly attract more negativity towards you. There is always a positive and a negative. You choose by remembering that you always have a choice.

How to harness the Blessings of the Universe

One way to harness the energy and receive the blessings of the universe is to be aware of the date such as 24+5+2+0+22 or any other date that adds up to the vibration of 53 which becomes an 8, you have the opportunity to harness that energy and reap from the blessings of the universe. Or take notice of numbers around you. Are you seeing 538, 358? Let's look at the energy behind these numbers below

53/8 Blessings of the Universe

The Infinite Universe wants you to have all the infinite blessings you so desire. There is a change upon you that asks you to come to peace with your own inner power and bring that expression forth so you can embrace the Infinite blessings that are being showered upon you now. Ask yourself this question : is there anyone I need to forgive? Have I forgiven myself? Do I truly understand the concept of unconditional love? And am I truly ready to embrace the power of now so that I can have the power that creates the changes that allow me to anchor my spirit on earth?

Consider all the above and allow the concepts to filter into your consciousness and then to help you align with these energies consider bringing the colours into your environment while you work with these frequencies.

The Colours aligned with 53/8

Bring in some blissful blue, some brilliant yellow and and majestic magenta and you are going to be so very much in tune with all that is on offer for you from our abundant and beautiful universe. Try wearing the colours or bring them into your environment through candles or throw a few scarves around with these colours, or you could paint or colour.... be creative!

To add a little more power to that, work with the following affirmation. If you are working with a date, use this affirmation for the day in focus. If they are the numbers that you keep noticing, work with the affirmation until you feel it is complete. If you want to learn more about numbers, I recommend the book called "Numerology and the Divine Triangle", by Javane Faith and Dusty Bunker. That book was my favourite go to for many years, until I developed my own intuitive way of working with numbers. I still recommend it, because I am grateful for where it lead me. Numbers are frequency, numbers hold the secrets to the universe!

Affirmation for 53/8

"I am the reflection of the Infinite Universe on Earth and I express myself freely and in peaceful and joyful ways. I Am!"

Colour Therapy Course

Would you like to know how to heal using colour? I have an awesome colour therapy package that will open you firstly to your passion and show you step by step how to embrace and embody the colour rays and work like a colour therapist! Check out the Level One Here

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