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Activating the Diamond Light

Welcome to the March Light Codes! This is going to be an amazingly enlightening Month! The Third Month filled with Christ codes!

I am amazed how this month has already begun. How our Spirit Divine connects us in such amazing way. I went to sleep well after midnight and the messages started during my sleep. Well, in fact I was woken on and off with messages, to be more accurate. One by one they pieced together.

The first vision given to me was an engagement ring. Then a Lyrebird and finally someone marking their brow chakra as if giving themselves a blessing.

The engagement ring symbolises union taking place, a commitment as the inner divine masculine and divine feminine gain greater balance and harmony within our chakra systems. We rise into the diamond energy. There were two diamonds in this engagement ring. The diamonds are representing the new diamond light that is forming within our Light Bodies, and these are the Light Codes being activated now. They are gifting us greater manifestation powers. Manifesting the union of Divine Masculine and Feminine, manifesting flow and abundance and all good things. March is an enlightening month, and the diamond light codes are a 7th dimensional crystalline energy frequency awakening the sleeping parts of our DNA. This brings faster healing of the physical body and miraculous healing opportunities. They bring changes of higher consciousness on the planet. This is week 151 which becomes a 7. The 3 and the 7 and the two most magical, mystical vibrations of all. They hold the answers to all of life’s mysteries that we must each solves for ourselves. We are being offered a very powerful opportunity to greater awakening. The Diamond Light Codes are bringing Life to the dead, sleeping selves, they are the bringing sight to the unseen and bring alchemical transformation of our Light Body, in turn reflecting the greater healing of our physical vehicle.

The Diamond is connecting us to the Heavens and the Earth, they are bringing us together as Spirit and Body, our Higher Selves now anchoring into our bodies. There is a great degree of expansion that happens at these levels and the brilliance of the diamond energy can be felt in our bodies as a humming. This is what I felt as the visions and messages made themselves known to me. I call it the energy communicating with me. It’s how I know the messages are messages of the divine and something I need to take notice of. It’s like the visions and messages come through in a vehicle that anchors into my body and I feel the buzzing and humming all over and it’s clear, I need to take notice. Each vision given to me was accompanied with the buzzing and the humming of the diamond light codes bringing forth the Truth anchored with the sacred geometries of the diamond. Not one diamond but two, divine masculine sacred geometries and divine feminine sacred geometries readying for union… you will note it was not a wedding ring, it was an engagement ring!

Our True essence is that of the diamond radiating love out in all directions… above, below, in front and behind, to the left and to the right. We are multi-faceted diamonds, multifaceted beings of Love and Light as the rainbow energy of the diamond begins to emanate from our auric field. The diamond expresses our multi-dimensional self while at the same time activating deep into our cellular memory so we can heal at the level of the DNA with our expanded awareness, greater sense of purpose, heightened vision, clarity and a new profound sense of inner inner strength. We are coming into union with our own radiance, just like the Diamond.

Look at the shape of the diamond and you will see with your inner eyes that they are giving us a doorway into other dimensions, they open us to the Source of all creation. Last week we had Helios and Vesta bringing the light through from The Greater Central Sun. Stepping it down for us so we could be prepared for the great energies coming. Helios and Vesta two, divine Twin Flames of Great Magnitude preparing the way for us to receive the Diamond Light Codes this week. Our Crystalline bodies are now being fully activated and our bodies begin to hum just like the vibration you would receive from a crystal bowl when you strike it. We are the Crystal, we are the Diamond the strongest stone there is. When we activate this energy it will vibrate out further than it has ever been able to before. We each are now able to touch others to a greater degree with our Light emanations that are humming from our bodies. Every being is touched by it as it vibrates first deep into the earths crust activating the earths grid. We are being brought into harmony. The ascension is fully underway. Humanity must find harmony through the chaos and we are witnessing it first-hand. The consciousness of humanity is rising, our vibrations are expanding with the diamond 7th dimensional frequencies. It will assist in pulling humanity up and into the 5th dimension, and into the world of truth where veils are lifted, and the unseen becomes the seen. We see with Diamond clarity and the shifts begin to take place at a faster pace.

The lyrebird appears teaching us to listen to the tune of what others are saying. Does it resonate with you, what is the meaning behind their words and actions. The call has gone out for love and attention to ourselves, sing our soul songs and listen to the deeper messages that are pouring forth for us right now. The Lyrebird helps us to bond, to come into union with self, with others, and enables us to become more in touch with our emotions understanding the true meaning of the knowing of deeper communication on deeper levels. Feeling the meaning and feeling into connections. They Lyrebird like the diamond helps us to see the truth and awakens our ability to listen to our spirit within. It helps us to quieten so we can hear what is happening, within our bodies, within our environment and within our universe. Listen to the messages of the Divine. The Lyrebird helps us to come into harmony with ourselves and to be able to hear the very fine frequencies that are now moving through our bodies with the Diamond light codes. He is assisting us with our abilities to channel and understand the other voices that move through us in the form of energy that bring communication through our thoughts and feelings. We are finding our True voice that communicates who we truly are. We are finding and activating the harmonies of our own inner tune and expressing our own true nature. Keep your sacred space clean and free of clutter, inside your body and in your own personal environment, get rid of what no longer serves you. Find space and listen to the flows of energy.

The Brow Chakra is receiving a blessing. You are giving yourself this blessing. The brow awakens and you see clearly without veils, you can see through the shadows, you can feel the truth moving through your body. The diamond clarity is here and all you need to do is listen to it, activate it and embrace it into your life. The 7th dimension brings us into a greater place of knowing, we are stepping into Unity consciousness, heading toward full Union.

March, the month of enlightenment is here, will you embrace the opportunities and let go of what no longer serves you and clear your space so you can be the reflection of the Diamond on Earth?

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