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Akashic Records Light Codes Readings

Updated: Feb 9

Spiritual woman reading the Akasha
Reading the Akashic Records

What are Akashic Records and Light Codes?


The Akashic records are a cosmic database of all the events, thoughts, emotions, and intentions that have ever occurred or will ever occur in the Universe. They are encoded in the Akasha, the fifth element of space, which is the source of all material reality.


Light codes are the language of the Akashic records. They are multidimensional streams of information that can activate our DNA, heal our bodies, awaken our consciousness, and transform our reality. They are transmitted through sound, light, color, symbols, geometry, and vibration.


How I Discovered My Gift

woman opening a box of light codes
The gift of light codes

At a pinnacle time in my life when I just knew things had to change, my husband and I sold our house and went travelling around Australia with our two children 3 and 5 at the time. On that journey, something inside of me began to change. We travelled for nearly a year and on return, I was diagnosed with abnormal cells of the cervix (the first time). This was a great shock for me and my life began to change. Crystals came into my life, and I began to learn about them by starting a small business with them. At first it was just jewelry but eventually I opened a shop selling crystal and new age books among other things. I was learning to read the signs of the Universe. And then a second time, some three years later I was diagnosed with advanced abnormal cells of the cervix again. This time it was more serious; it was on the turn to cancer, and I had to take action fast. I turned to a combination of spiritual healing, psychic surgery, diet, crystals, affirmations and followed the advice my gynecologist. If there is such a thing as miraculous healing, it happened to me and just a few short weeks after being diagnosed, everything was back to normal, and I chose not to go ahead with the advised hysterectomy at that time. This catapulted me in the direction of Colour Therapy and I never looked back.

It's a long story, but my journey into awakening just happened, I went from no idea to full blown spiritual healing in what would seem like a flick of a switch. It was not of course, but now some 30 plus years later, it feels like it was overnight. My journey with colour therapy and developing a School of Colour teaching a 2-year diploma of all things colour related in the area of spiritual concepts, purified and uplifted me in such a way that I experienced a spontaneous birthing of a divine frequency that opened me up to a powerful energy that continued to have me awakening constantly to more and more spiritual gifts. I didn't have to learn anything; it was all in me just waiting to be awakened.


A woman reading her past lives
Reading the Akashic Records

But it was not until a short time ago that I discovered I had the ability to access and read the akashic records through light codes. I was already awakened to light codes since the early 2000's but a few years ago I was guided to start a weekly series of transmissions bringing awakening codes that help people heal and awaken to their own unique purpose. It has simply grown from there. My gift gets stronger and clearer and more advanced the more I use it.


I love doing these sessions and as it progressed, I started doing one on one sessions with individuals to help work through personal blocks, and in particular a lot of twin flame related work. Light Codes are a powerful tool for personal and collective healing and spiritual evolution. My ability gets more and more powerful, and it wasn't until I did a session for myself that I realised that I was actually accessing the akashic records. I received the information that I was a Spiritual guide helping others to find their way through ascension.

I have a unique way of accessing the Akasha because I work with the fifth element of sound, and it just so happens that it is the light codes that opens the Akashic Records. It makes sense now because the light codes I work with are Sound Codes that carry wisdom and light, and my visions bring forth messages and guidance to those having the session.


What I Do as a Light Codes Reader


a woman channeling light codes and someone sitting in meditation
Channeling Light Codes

As an Akashic Records Light Codes Reader, I offer sessions where I connect with the akashic records through the sound light codes I channel to deliver the messages and activations. I also use my intuition and psychic abilities to interpret the meaning and significance of the light codes and what I see.


During a session, the client can ask any question or set any intention that they want to explore. The akashic records and light codes can provide insight and clarity on any aspect of life, such as health, relationships, career, purpose, soul contracts, past lives, future potentials, and more. They can also help to heal and release any blocks, traumas, fears, or patterns that are holding the client back from living their highest expression.

body with chakras
Energy fields and other worlds

I work through your entire energy field, guiding you along the way so you can know where issues are held within the chakras or auric field. In this way, you are receiving healing every step of the way and learning about your inner world at the same time. It is a very thorough technique bringing incredible healing and insights as we travel out through the bodies to other worlds and other timelines.


The sessions are always unique to the individual, and their needs and goals. They are also interactive, and the client is free to participate and co-create their own healing and transformation. The sessions are not meant to be predictive or prescriptive, but rather empowering and supportive. The client is always free to choose their own path and follow their own guidance.


What it's like to be Light Codes Reader


woman with psychic ability
Visions of other worlds

Being a light codes reader has been a blessing to me, opening up a whole new world of possibilities and experiences. I am blown away every session I do and am always in awe of what amazing energies and visions come forth for those who choose to work with me this way as they seek to find their higher purpose. Doing this work has taught me to trust myself, the universe, and the akashic records and light codes as I watch the unfoldment from each and every transmission.


Being a channel for light codes is a journey of constant learning and growth while also a gift and I see it as a great responsibility and therefore I treat it as such. 

woman opening a box with light codes in it
Opening your gift of light codes

I am very grateful to be on this path as an Akashic Light Codes Reader, and I hope to inspire and assist others who are interested in this path too. These sessions if done regularly enough will open you to the gift also. Some people are just waiting for that key to open them up and that happens more often than you would think. I carry the Keys that open you up, so if you want to book a session with me, you will get to see for yourself just how amazing you are! I would love to hear from you and connect with you.

Meanwhile I've put some packages together for you.

A light codes akashic record reading can help you access and understand your soul’s journey, purpose, and potential.

8 Reasons to have an Akashic records Light Codes reading


  1. You want to discover and clear any karmic patterns, blocks, or restrictions that are affecting your current life.

  2. You want to receive guidance and insight from your guides and higher self on how to align with your soul’s blueprint and manifest your desired reality.

  3. You want to activate and program light codes in your energy field to enhance your intuition, creativity, healing, and manifestation abilities.

  4. You want to explore your past lives, future possibilities, and parallel realities that are relevant to your soul’s evolution.

  5. You want to experience a deeper connection with the source of all that is and the universal consciousness.

  6. You want to receive healing through all levels, all bodies, all lifetimes and all realities.

  7. You want to access information from your higher self in relation to your soul mate or your twin flame.

  8. You may have any other reason, it's all possible, just connect with me and let's get started.

It's a journey to become an Akashic Records Light Codes Reader and guess what? All of my work leads you there. If you feel you want to follow this path, it's not something you can do a weekend workshop to learn, well not unless you are already a Light Codes transmitter that just hasn't figured out how to work with them yet, that's a faster path. But if you want to start the journey of ascension, and you resonate with me, then there is a pretty good chance you are a Starseed awaiting awakening to your gifts. If either of these two descriptions fit you, then all of my workshops and ascension programs will prepare you to do it. Connect with me to register for my next series or simply contact me and let me help you get started.

Individual sessions start at AUD$199 for two hours, but I don't charge extra if we go over time.

  • Buy three sessions AUD$597 and save $60 pay only AUD$537

  • Buy five sessions AUD$995 and save $150 pay only AUD$845

  • Buy ten sessions AUD$1990 and save $600 pay only AUD$1390

Contact me for the best way to pay me or to ask me any questions.

You can pay me via

  • direct bank transfer,


  • PayPal or

  • Western Union.

You can contact me on

WhatsApp +61430026133 text message.


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