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Awaken Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

shakti Shiva self
Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Self

Awaken Your Divine Masculine and Feminine

What does it take to bring your purpose into fruition? How do you magnetize your true desires? Are you ready for the new times ahead? Do you know how to awaken and develop your masculine and feminine, or know how to balance them and come into union? And on everyone's lips is how do I magnetize my divine masculine or divine feminine into my life? These are relevant questions that lead us forward into the new Light.

Embodying Higher Frequencies

Back in 2004 I went through a spontaneous birthing of my divine frequencies. Was that my awakening? I suppose so, even though I thought I was already awake. I guess I was, but awakening happens more than once and for me, I seem to be continually awakening to something new with new gifts coming fast and furious at me all the time. Because I know how to work the energies it's a constant for me and that's my passion to show others who resonate with me how to do it and most importantly, how to understand it.

Universal consciousness
Higher Consciousness

What happened to me, doesn't happen to everyone, but this was about my purpose and what I was incarnated for. This was my Soul's Calling, but I did not know how it would unfold, or what it meant. I woke up one day with my whole body in fit-like state as a high frequency rushed through me activating every part of my body. I was like this for a whole day, and I could not stand, could not hold a pencil, could not keep my eyes open as it rushed through me on and off, on and off. I knew I was safe; I knew it was of Christ Consciousness, I just did not know what it was about. It was only many years later that I finally understood what happened to me. But that year, nearly every day, my body would go into these activations and when it did, I received divine messages and insights toward my life's purpose. I was guided through the journey of anchoring a frequency that would enable others to be able to do the same although in a gentler fashion than what I went through.

This high-powered frequency that was coursing through my body was a powerful kundalini awakening that birthed a new ascension frequency that has a mission to "awaken". I had to experience it so I could lead others through their similar journeys. Not that anyone had to experience it like me, but I was guided over the journey of a year how to transfer this frequency that comes from the Star System Sirius and is connected to the Ascension Temple of Luxor.

Awakening to your Mastery

So, since 2004 I have been leading others on this ascension journey and it continues to evolve encompassing the twin flame ascension, light codes and much more.

Kundalini Cobra
Awakened Kundalini

With my Higher Self and my Ascended Master Teachers, I was guided on how to develop a system that transferred energy and helped others awaken to their full healing potential and into awakening to their own mastery. That program is available online and it is not often that I teach in person anymore, I am simply too busy with my other mission work. The last time I taught online was in 2021 when I was guided that that year was an important one for Humanity and the newest of frequencies or rather flames needed to be shared. That particular series is very suited to Twin Flame Ascension. Now, I am being pushed to offer the program again, only this time it will take a new format and so we begin again on February 20 for a one week intensive to work through to the 8th dimension. All further dimensions to the 24th dimension will be offered later in the year, but this year I am guided to do it as an intensive. Instead of one day a week for 23 weeks we are doing a 6-day ascension intensive to really immerse you in this powerful integrative process of awakening divine masculine and divine feminine, bringing them into union and actualizing harmony. There will be time give to integrate and then the next level will be offered.

Who should do this program?

Sprinkling star seeds
Awakening Star Seeds
  • Star Seeds

  • Monadic Twin Flames

  • Twin Souls

  • Conscious Ascension candidates

  • Those wanting to power their Soul Purpose

  • Code and Flame Carriers

  • All those who know they have more to offer, but don't' know where to start.

  • Those who want to awaken the Kundalini in a safe and effective way.

  • Those who are awakened to or wish to awaken to Light Codes.

  • Those who are trying to heal the original wound of twin flame and close separation.

See more Here and register Now to receive super bonuses!

meditate with headphones
Meditate at home in your own time

You can also do this course later because it will be fully recorded and available online. Connect with me to find out more 

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