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The Way of the Cobra Awakening Serpent Power

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Awakened Serpent Power in Ancient Egypt
Awakening Serpent Power

In the Ancient Egyptian tradition, the Uraeus means the same as the Kundalini in ancient Hindu traditions. It suggests our risen or awakened spiritual power that enables us to connect with the superconscious. Lying dormant at the base of our spine in most of us our Serpent power awaits it's awakening. When awakening Serpent Power, we ascend into a more conscious and divine state of intelligence aligned with the Consciousness of the Universe. We have met and come into union with our inner masculine and feminine aspects. We now have access to our full potential.

The Uraeus is an upright cobra, used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity and divine authority in ancient Egypt. Uraeus is actually a Greek word that seems to originate from ancient Egypt meaning “she who rears up”. In spiritual terms this means the dormant serpent energy at the base of the spine is awakening and rises into the brow chakra.

Wearing the Uraeus
Uraeus Serpent Power

It is said that in Ancient Egypt it was used as a protective symbol, with the Egyptians believing that the cobra would spit fire at any approaching enemies. That may well be the case and it will certainly assist you in putting up boundaries and honouring your Divinity as you come into a more grounded state of being. My intuitive understanding is that the awakened ancients such as those who wore the Uraeus at their brow chakra were awakened ones who earned the right to wear this as a way to show who had reached such a high degree of spiritual power. The Pharaohs as High Priests would be the ones that had attained this degree of Serpent Power. What happens with open and awakened Serpent Power?

  • We are able to direct more psychic energy, access the power of nature and utilise more intuitive wisdom.

  • Bring the unconscious in to the conscious for more effective “self” healing.

  • Kundalini or Serpent Power awakens you to immergence of inner union in order to lose your separated “self”.

  • It brings new life and releases the youth hormone.

  • It balances your masculine and feminine in order to clear your inner chaos and come into harmony.

  • Brings new life, rejuvenation and healing on all levels.

Rebirth – the snake sheds its skin and grows new skin: shedding the old, new growth. In ancient times snakes were associated with Goddess, rain and fertility symbolism.

Through the LUXOR Light Ascension system, we work to awaken this inner power in a safe and gentle way. If you are visiting Luxor however, you can experience this Serpent Power in an intensive meditation workshop with me in person. Connect with me to learn how you can go about receiving these unlocking light codes that are transferred through my voice as I guide you through a powerful process of awakening the sleeping serpent.

Contact me on WhatsApp on +61430026133 to see if I am available.

Thoth was Hermes
Thoth Hermes

The caduceus/rod of Hermes creates balance. It is thought to be, among other things, the representation of the Egg-Creating Snake God and Goddess.

Hermes was Thoth the Egyptian Scribe who wrote the story of our reality in the Emerald Tablets.

As a carrier of the Light Codes of Thoth, I offer you an opportunity of significance through "The Way of the Cobra".

Connect with me now.

Three Powerful Activations done through the LUXOR Light Ascension System of Ascension.

This workshop can be done over one day if you are working with the LUXOR Light Ascension Program, or over 3 days if you are new to LUXOR Light Ascension.

This workshop is in person in Luxor, Egypt, or online if you are working with LUXOR Light Ascension Levels 1,2,3.


Book now on WhatsApp +61430026133

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