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10th Dimension Activating for Divine Purpose

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Merger
Alpha and Omega Merge

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Merger

It's Monday, and Monday is a new Light Codes Activation Day!

Today the Light Codes activation was from the 10th dimension.

At the 10th dimension there is a merger that takes place between Alpha and Omega - Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Once the Merger is complete, we are ready to activate our missions and Soul Purpose.

Last week we were shown that there was a birthing of new energies about to take place.

The week prior to Light Codes activations unfold for me in a series of crazy experiences. I tend to forget that I live my life according to my Soul Purpose and sometimes I get a little distracted thinking I'm living out an unhealed scenario or some crazy nightmare.

Hey maybe it is an unhealed scenario, but in any case, I have to go through something in order to bring something through. I have to experience it in a fast-track way in order to pull through what the universe has in store for us, but it plays out in my personal life, which is why I get sidetracked.

So, this week I saw a galactic image representing a higher aspect of our self. It was emerging from the Divine Feminine chakra, the Omega chakra, which some call the Earth Star. She was emerging into the heart chakra.

As the activation took place, she showed me that she was nursing a baby.

I can tell you I went through an excruciating birthing over the last week. It played out with a separation phase of my twin flame and myself.

This separation phase doesn't have to take place with a twin flame for this activation to take place.

Look at yourself to decide if you are experiencing separation. Are you sad? Are you angry, lonely, worried, stressed or any other concept that belongs to the ego? If you answer yes, then you are experiencing separation.

If you are experiencing separation, you need to come back into alignment with your soul and your higher self where there is no separation.

This activation helps you fully align with your Higher Self and brings you out of separation phase and into merging your own inner masculine and feminine, so you can birth something new.

It was very painful week of separation for me and nearly sent me insane as I could feel the toxic energies running through my twin flame. Instead of aligning myself, I got angry, so I experienced separation even more!

I forgot, (in typical birthing into a new world phase), who and what I am and what I am here to do.

So, I lived that excruciating experience and only found relief this morning before the activation. I almost cancelled my Light Codes Class, because I didn't think I could do it.

Then all of a sudden, awareness came, the energies cleared, and I was ready to go!

I love my work!

The activation continued for some time as the Alpha and Omega charkas, the divine masculine and divine feminine chakras, began to merge into each other at the heart chakra.

As the merger became almost complete, I was shown a vision of galactic masculine and feminine figures standing in front of each other holding hands as if they were "meeting" each other.

They were standing in front of a large sphere of light which of course was the fully united Alpha and Omega.

The fully united Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine chakras.

The activation did not stop there, it continued and as it did the divine masculine and the divine feminine aspects of our selves showed me a pram with a baby in it, and they were standing either side gazing in on it, with a lot of light emissions all around the baby in the pram.

That was it.

Oh, how I love my work!

I did not love the experience I had to live through this week to get there, but man o' man, I love the result.

The Activation is available here, and what I'd like you to consider, is...

Activating your Divine Purpose

divine feminine divine masculine and baby pram
Activating divine mission

What has been playing out in your life in the last week and how could that be related to you activating your Divine Purpose right here, right now?

If you have started something new in recent weeks, give it some more effort. Start to recognise that this is a new beginning on your journey called "Mission" or Soul Purpose. It doesn't have to be the great big picture, but it is a steppingstone, it is another brick in the wall, it is part of the puzzle.

Nurture your new beginnings!

And if you want to add some power and fully activate it, then purchase the Light Codes Activation Here.

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