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Finding your balance point

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Do you sometimes wonder how on Earth you got here, your life just seems to be filled with chaos and you can't seem to find your stillness?

I've lived through that world of chaos and come out the other end shining and you can too! I remember, it seemed to go on and on for years and I just couldn't find my way out. Then all of a sudden my life came crashing down on me and if I thought things were bad, they all of a sudden became a whole lot worse! Meditation got me through!

I remember visiting a Dr because I didn't know where else to go for help. I had teenagers and a toddler - say no more - I was a single Mum and I really just couldn't take any more. The story is too much to even think about these days!

The Dr wrote me a script while at the same time saying, "I think you have pulled through as well as you have because of your meditation, but these little pills will calm you in such a way, it has taken Buddhist monks 40 years to get to the same place". Um NOOOOOOO !!!! I would not resort to that and I threw the script away and took the Dr's words instead. "Your meditation is what has got your through".... and I upped my dose of meditation and continue to take a daily dose and will do forever more.... We have a choice.... Medication, or Meditation! It's as simple as that little "c".

The little "c" for me would just keep me in the "c" for chaos only it would be hidden, buried and I would not see me. If we replace it with a "t" for tame, we invoke the essence of Tranquility. The little pill makes you "calm". The Thesaurus for calm say it often implies a contrast with a foregoing or nearby state of agitation or violence! Omg! Do you want that? Whereas tranquil is free from emotional or mental disturbance. I'll take a dose of tranquil please. You hear people say "calm down", which means they could at some point fire up again, but you never hear someone say "tranquil down", that's because they are free from the emotional baggage and mental disturbance.

As adjectives the difference between calm and tranquil

is that calm is (of a person) peaceful, quiet, especially free from anger and anxiety while tranquil is free from emotional or mental disturbance. (

How to become Tranquil

Now we have established that a dose of tranquil is better than a dose of calm and yet they both seem to be similar just like "medication and meditation" sound similar, just a slip of the tongue or a typo!

Meditation is the answer and will always be the answer. When you become #adept at meditation, you only need to close your eyes for a moment and all of a sudden you have found your balance point. There are so many different systems of #meditation, but back in 2004 Spirit guided me with my Soul's purpose. My experience was so profound there was no way I could miss it. That's another story, but my soul purpose involved me anchoring a Divine Frequency that would enable people to fast track into their adaptability of their life into knowing how to transform it into one of tranquility. They guided me every step of the way, through drop in messages from my Higher Self through my intuitive mind and all I had to do was follow their guidance. Oh, that was a fast track version, before that they catapulted me into a massive awakening and downloaded to me a very powerful frequency that we now call LUXOR Light. Fast forward again and, Spirit showed me how to share this Divine Frequency to others so they too could find a faster path to tranquility, to inner peace and harmony. To a transformed state of emotions and a balanced state of mind. And, then.... into their spiritual purpose and whole reason for being! Now that is Ascension and we get there faster with LUXORLight!

The Balance Point

In the image above you can see one of my clients on one of my Awakening on the Nile programs. She is sitting at the balance point in the Temple of Kom Ombo. The temple of Kom Ombo is dedicated to both gods Horus and Sobek. Horus is the Falcon headed god that carries the Light. He represents the Light side, the All-Seeing-Eye-of-God and our Higher Self. Sobek, the crocodile god, on the other hand represents our darker side of our nature, our ego. He is our shadow side. So both Horus and Sobek are representing our Light and our Dark, because we each have both. However, there are times when we are more Light and some when we are more dark or in our ego.

The Temple at Kom Ombo represents the perfect balance point when we bring both sides of us into balance and we make our Higher Self and our Ego friends rather than enemies. It is when we are fighting with our Light and Dark that we create chaos. But when we follow the guidance of our Higher Self (Light) and understand the real meaning of the Ego and have a healthy relationship with the two, we find our perfect balance point. So, one side of the Temple of Kom Ombo is for Sobek and that is the right side and the left side our spiritual side is dedicated to Horus. At the rear of the temple near the Holy of Holies area there is a seat of balance as you can see Bron sitting within the Seat of Balance where you can find the perfect harmony between our light and dark sides. Our ego can be our greatest ally when we know how to live in harmony with it and use it with respect and reverence to the purpose of Being here on planet Earth.

Would you like to travel with me and experience the Ancient mysteries of taming our Light and Dark? Would you like to know how to become the master or the living god on earth just like the Pharaohs? We are the masters of our own reality, and we are becoming the balanced God and Goddess in unification of the One True Nature! It's called #Oneness

11:11 Awakening Codes on the Nile

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