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From Soul Star to Earth Star, the Cosmic Blueprint of Ascension

divine masculine soul star and dna helix
Divine Masculine bringing down the healing for full manifestation

During the latest Light Codes transmission, I was shown through Universal symbolism that passed through my third eye, the concept of piecing together the components of ascension. I was shown the ladder of consciousness extending from the Soul Star to Earth Star chakra and morphing into the DNA Helix, suggesting we are in the process of integrating a profound process of spiritual evolution, right here, right now.

The Soul Star chakra is the divine masculine chakra, governing the reception of higher spiritual energies. I saw a divine masculine in the Soul Star letting down a ladder that went down to the Earth Star, showing us that these energies are being brought down to the Earth Star chakra, so we can integrate higher consciousness into our physical existence, which is integral for ascension.

The ladder representing the ladder of consciousness, morphed into the DNA helix, which was showing us the activation of spiritual potentials within us. As these light codes are anchored, they ‘switch on’ latent abilities and wisdom, contributing to the ascension process by expanding our awareness and capabilities.

Ascension can be seen as bringing our spiritual and material aspects into harmony. The ladder in my vision morphing into DNA represents this harmony, depicting the blending of cosmic energies with the physical body.

The DNA helix serves as a blueprint for our physical body. In relation to ascension, it can also be seen as a blueprint for our spiritual transformation, guiding us towards our highest potential.

Ascension is not only about reaching higher states of consciousness but also about grounding these insights into our daily lives. The Earth Star chakra represents our connection to the physical world, and by anchoring the energies here, we make the spiritual insights practical and usable, so we, ourselves are of Earthly good.

The transformation of the ladder into DNA suggests an evolutionary leap in consciousness. It’s a visual symbol for the profound changes that occur within us as we ascend, both spiritually and physically. The concept of piecing together the aspects of ascension from the Soul Star (Alpha Chakra) and then into the Earth Star (Omega) is shown to us through the vision of a ladder extending from the Soul Star to the Earth Star.

The process also suggests that we are transmuting karmic patterns. As the light codes are integrated, they can help to clear old karmic debts, allowing for a clearer path forward on our spiritual journey.

While this is a personal journey, the visions also speak to the collective. As individuals integrate these light codes and ascend, they contribute to the ascension of the collective consciousness.

In truth, the ladder transforming into DNA between the Soul Star and Earth Star chakras can be seen as a symbolic representation of the various stages of ascension coming together. It’s a process of bringing down and embodying higher spiritual truths, activating our fullest potential, and evolving both individually and collectively.

We are integrating cosmic knowledge with the essence of life.

The ladder of consciousness symbolises our journey of spiritual awakening. Each rung of the ladder is a step toward higher consciousness. This is the path that connects our earthly existence to the divine, or our human self to our soul.

When we look at the symbolism of the DNA Helix, we understand it as the building blocks of life, and symbolic of our physical existence and the potential for change and evolution.

When the ladder of consciousness morphed into a DNA helix in my vision, it signified that we are integrating the lessons and insights we have gained while on the ladder of consciousness into our physical body. It is being made fully manifest in the physical and not just staying in the etheric.

The ladder as it morphs suggests that the latent spiritual codes within us are being awakened and we are turning on our higher levels of consciousness. There were many Keys coming through in this session. The Keys come through in a chattering of my teeth. These are activating these DNA codes, they are "turning them on".

As the ladder and the DNA helix merge with one another, it shows the union of spirit with the physical and the harmony being attained between the two. It also shows us how we are evolving spiritually as we constantly adapt and grow on our journey of ascension.

Because DNA passes on traits from one generation to the next, the spiritual wisdom and light codes we are integrating into our being through these light codes can be transmitted to others, contributing to the collective evolution of consciousness.

The ladder of consciousness becoming a DNA helix is a beautiful representation of how our spiritual growth is deeply connected to our physical existence, and how the ascension process is about bringing higher wisdom into our everyday lives, transforming us from the inside out.

How did I know it was about piecing together the Ascension components?

showing the soul star and the earth star in a galactic scene
Soul Star and Earth Star

The first vision I received was in Alpha (Soul Star). This chakra is about our purpose, our mission and our direction at any given time. I saw a capital A being pieced together, piece by piece. The capital A has long been a symbol of ascension for me, and in any case, it is also the symbol for Alpha. So, you could say our mission, our purpose and our direction is right here, right now being pieced together and grounded into the Earth's grid to bring them into full manifestation.

I did see another significant vision and it was in the heart chakra as both divine masculine and divine feminine were merging together within the heart. She, the divine feminine was offering the divine masculine a pie. She wasn't offering a piece of the pie; she was offering the whole pie.

The divine masculine and divine feminine merging into the heart is about coming into union. The heart chakra is the center of love, compassion, and connection. The divine feminine offered the divine masculine the entire pie, means this is an opportunity for complete sharing and integration.

The pie is representing the fullness of the divine feminine love, wisdom, and nurturing energy. When she offers the whole pie, she is not just sharing a part of herself or her gifts but is offering everything unconditionally. This suggests spiritual union where both energies are in balance, bringing harmony and oneness within oneself.

This vision was followed by an expression of the "perfected man" as drawn by da Vinci. This represents the new human who has attained balanced and harmony with the physical and the spiritual / universe. This was like an exclamation mark to make sure I understood the message of the offering of the pie.

There was one last message in this transmission. It was a cat-like being sitting like the Sphinx and in between his paws was a large sacred book. The Sphinx seems to hold the answers to the mystery of life and the integration of human and animal nature. This again symbolises the union of earthly instincts with human intellect.

The sacred book is the Akashic Records, which contains all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intentions ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. It’s the library of the soul’s journey.

The message suggests the ability to access ancient wisdom and knowledge that when you open to it, is meant to be shared with others. The Sphinx is protecting it because of its sacredness and significance.

These Light Codes are inviting you to embrace the fullness of your spiritual gifts and to integrate them into your being. For twin flame connections, this is also a powerful message about the ultimate goal of reunion and harmony of the divine counterparts.

The light codes are intended to help you to awaken to your spiritual truths and to bring them forth for the greater good.

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