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How you can use Light Language to Heal

Ancient Egyptian AI light codes
Expression of a Light Codes Transmission

Light Language for Healing

Light Codes and Light Language are a form of energy healing. As a form of communication from the Divine, they can activate specific areas of your life or your body, healing and even reprograming you to that of your Higher Path and Purpose.

Light as in the Divine Light or Spiritual Light frequencies carry information and energy that influence us on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

While listening to a Light Codes or a Light Language transmission through meditation, the sound frequencies help to align your energy with higher frequencies which in turn, can help to bring you into a state of balance and harmony within your body, your emotions and your mind. They can also help to activate your DNA, healing at a cellular level.

Light language can connect you to the higher realms of consciousness such as Angelic, Celestial Beings and Ascended Masters. The language itself is a form of communication that transcends human languages, and while some people say they understand the meaning being conveyed through the language of light, it is more of an inner "knowing" than an understanding.

The Light Language doesn't really have a need for interpretation, because it speaks to you at the level of the soul and your energy field, and your body responds accordingly. To interpret the language we lose the purity, because we cannot capture the light through our usual spoken language.

Light Language will often stir something within you, a remembrance of your ancient past or an inner knowing of how to move forward in your life, and you move gently in the direction your soul is beckoning you.

Light Language is a "gift" of the brow chakra. The brow or third eye chakra is our centre of intuition, awareness, and imagination. It is connected to the element of light which helps us to be able to see with more clarity what is present in our lives and what lies beyond our present moment thus giving us a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe.

When I am bringing Light Language through, I often "see" through my third eye, visions that give me an understanding of what the Divine are trying to convey to us. Because I have been speaking in Light Languages and bringing through the Sacred Sounds of the Divine for more than 20 years now, I understand some of the meaning.

Much of what channels through me comes in the form of "mantras". Mantras are Sacred phrases that bring great transformation and healing. Sometimes the Mantras are also names or expressions of God and hold very powerful healing and awakening frequencies within them. When chanted repeatedly you can invoke that quality and feel the expansion and state of bliss within your own energy field. The more you use them the more you align with the quality they invoke.

What is a Mantra

While you might only be aware of the term "mantra" being associated with Hindu and Buddhism, which originated in Southern Asia, the ancient Middle Eastern and Ancient Egyptian religions also had sacred sounds or words that they used for spiritual purposes.

In ancient Mesopotamia, priests used incantations and hymns to communicate with the gods and perform rituals, very much like in ancient Egypt where they used certain spells and prayers in their religious ceremonies. These spells and prayers as they have been called had magical powers to invoke a certain outcome. Later mantras became a thing in Eastern Religions also.

The use of Sacred Sound through the form of mantras during the time of the ancients was believed to have the power to influence the divine realm and bring healing and transformation.

The remembrance of your light language may be connected to an ancient life you had as a priest or priestess in the temples.

My Light Language is very much connected to my ancient past in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt and is thought to be the first language brought to Earth by the angels and the masters. Every soul recognises this language, and it speaks deep within them. It is the language of the Angels, a celestial speech spoken in the time of Adam. It is a very Sacred and Holy Language.

When you incorporate light language for healing into your daily practice, whether you are listening and meditating to it or speaking it yourself, you will find it brings more balance and harmony into your life, as it heals your complete energy field and brings you into alignment with your Higher Self.

If you are seeking healing, this Holy Language of the Angels can help you to come back into alignment with your Higher Self and bring you closer to your perfected state.

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