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Heka, Ma'at and the Law of Attraction

Heka god of magic
Heka bringing balance and harmony

How does one align with the frequency of receiving? That is something most of us seem to battle with. The Law of Attraction, Abundance and all that stuff seems to be a constant on peoples minds. Every Monday, I do a Light Codes Transmission to receive the activation light and sound codes to awaken within us, that which we as a collective are ready for. You the reader stumble upon it when you are ready to activate that quality within you. In short it is all about the spiritual gift of receiving. To receive firstly we need to feel worthy to receive and then to welcome that which we are worthy of receiving. Note the words "worthy of receiving". Most of us don't feel worthy in some way, "feel", being the word we need to work with here. We can think it, for sure, and energy does follow thought, but until you truly feel worthy, you block it. So feeling worthy has a lot to do with the degree of higher frequency you are able to tune into and align with, it's the degree you are healed towards it.

In Ancient Egyptian law they worked with the value of ma'at which means harmony and balance. It was the gods that established the quality of Ma'at when they first created the Universe and the Earth. There are many myths about Ancient Egypt and one version says that the god Atum emerged from the depths of the waters of chaos and stood upon the land that was called the ben-ben and here he began the act of creation. Atum held the power of heka or magic within him and this powerful force created ma'at to which we call harmony and balance over the land. It was later during the time of the Old Kingdom that there became a goddess with the same name of Ma'at. With the quality of balance and harmony, Ma'at life can unfold gracefully.

In Ancient Egyptian times they knew that Heka was a divine force that existed in the Universe. It was a power or a strength that manifested into the form of a god and he was named Heka. Heka, or magic is an energy that when harnessed in alignment with true divine purpose changes the energy of a place, a situation, a thought or a feeling. In the time of Ancient Egypt there were priests known as the priests of Heka that worked with this power. That power is still alive today in some individuals. It is a power that is awakened in those who have known this power in past lives. Light Codes are a form of Heka and those that carry this ability are often those that worked with the power of Heka in ancient times such as Ancient Egypt.

Hieroglyph for Heka
Heka and the Ankh

When the power of Heka or magic is harnessed in the divinely right way, you are able to receive it's power and make manifest that which the power of Heka is offering you.

This is the basis of my work. I work with the power of Heka. Once upon a time I would shy away from saying that, because I had an unbalanced understanding of the word or theory of Heka or magic. I did not want to be seen as a magician or someone who would work with magic. In all of my work over the last 30 years, I have had to learn through experience and not through books or teachings. I was always guided away from that so I would experience and then understand what it is I carry and from that I can help others better as well as awaken others to the same quality. I have always had an inner knowing that I should hand over my ego and work only with the divine and not try to manipulate energy for any particular purpose other than the highest good. This required a lot of patience and knowing that no matter how long it would take, I had to stay true to this path and allow all that came to me to come drop by drop.

All of my work is about finding balance and harmony, about clearing the inner chaos so you can rise into harmony. This is ascension. I am able to harness the energies of Heka, only I did not know that was what it was at the time. My limited understanding would have gone in all sorts of directions with it. Only now can I acknowledge Heka as the powerful force that works like magic when people come to me for healing, aligning, awakening and so forth. To use Heka in the highest form that it is intended one must be able to stand aside from the ego and allow the divine to work through you. It is no different now than in ancient Egyptian times. When someone is not or was not pure of thought word and deed, they can manipulate the energies and that could bring about harm. We all know what happened to the world when Heka was used in the wrong way. This still happens today, by those who have the ability but are not healed enough to use the magic in the way the Universe intended. But now many Souls are awakening and the pure ones are reincarnating to help bring our world back to a state of Ma'at.

purchase your light codes for receiving
Light codes of Receiving

Each week I align with the Universal frequencies for the purpose of bringing through the light codes that initiate a new energy of balance and harmony towards a certain quality. This is Heka. I step aside and I allow the Divine to work through me, to speak through me, to show me visions and guide me toward the purpose of the wisdom frequencies that are beign given to us. Through my 30 plus years of experience, I have learned how to do this by following the guidance of my Higher Self, my Ascended teachers and masters of Light. I had to attain Ma'at and that is a constant application of aligning and recognising when I am out of balance. I do not work when I am out of balance, or feel unwell. I only work when I feel totally in alignment with the Divine and this has been a long journey for me, but I have been blessed with wonderful clients who know that I will be there when the Ma'at is right for me so I can help them find their balance and harmony.

On 18 December 2023, we were given the frequencies and wisdom codes to align with the quality of Receiving. Because we are working with the frequencies of the divine, we step away from having to know what all this means. We simply align to receive from the Universal Wisdom and allow it to bring inner peace and harmony around the quality of Receiving. We don't need to know on a mind level, because the power and strength of the Universe works through you, to the degree that you can handle and slowly your frequencies change and adapt and align with the quality being offered, and in this case it is the quality of Receiving. You will become it, you will be a perfect match and in this way the magic or the force of Heka is working through you. If you choose to purchase the Light Codes of Receiving, I recommend you do them every day for 8 days straight and if you miss a day, start again until you have completed them every day for 8 days. Use them every time you feel you are out of alignment and lost your balance and harmony.

These are not magic spells, these are powerful light frequencies in a language known by all souls. The sounds, the codes, the keys, the wisdom language spoken works through you on all levels, all bodies, all lifetimes and all realities. The wisdom codes are preparing you for the world of Truth and we shall once again have Ma'at, firstly within ourselves and then within all the lands.

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