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Light Codes of your Inner Design


  • A man sitting under a shady tree, dressed in flannelette shirt and jeans, playing a guitar, beside a farm house. A cow grazing near the house and the grass is green and all is tranquil.

  • A double bass

  • a hand drawing delicately and intricately. There was a beautiful yellow light being emitted from the drawing itself.

  • A pyramid shape filled to the brim with beings, but the one that stood out was Ganesh at the top inner pinnacle of the pyramid shape

  • A hedge, trimmed back to reveal a brilliant sun.

Our Message

Today we are being shown that it is time to find our Home base, the place where we find our inner harmony and are in tune with our surroundings. A place where we know we are provided for and are able to be totally self-sufficient.

This is our own design that comes forth when we are focused on the light and not the design of our mind. When we still enough to allow the design to unfold. To be happy not knowing, but trusting. A design that unfolds because we hold still, in meditation, growing our light, knowing that as we grow our light, the design of our life will unfold to match our light just as the light can only match the design. Turn your focus to the Light to allow the design to unfold.

As we build our own personal pyramid of consciousness, it is we who are the remover of all obstacles as Ganesha reminds us. We sit upon all other consciousnesses, as we build higher our inner light, our inner pyramid of consciousness. We are the remover of obstacles, we are Ganesha and we must see that all obstacles are our building blocks to higher consciousness and give thanks for each and every one of them. It is our obstacles that have given us the very stones to climb upon to gain greater strength and heights of consciousness.

A hedge is grown to keep something revealed or secret, to hide what lies within. We are ready now to trim back that hedge and to reveal what lies within and no longer are we afraid to show our true selves, to be exposed, to be vulnerable, to be true because we know that as we do we are able to receive the brilliance of the Sun, the Great Light. As we allow our light to shine forth, we meet an even Greater Light and so we see only brilliance all around us. The more brilliance of Light we allow in, the more brilliance we become and we shine forth as children of the Sun.


Week 152 becomes and 8 and this offers us the infinite opportunities, the gateway to the infinite where our full potential lies. Through our own intentions we create the change and come into harmony with the Infinite potential that we are.....

How to design your brilliance?

go into meditation, be in the stillness, focus only on the light. Let go of the need to design with the mind and allow the design to come to you

Light Codes are available at

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