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Mantra acknowledging the God within

Morning Mantra to acknowledge the god within

Today's mantra Elah Eeshtah Elah is best used first thing in the morning to acknowledge the God within, your I Am Presence and your Higher Self. It will help you to align with your day and allow you to hand over all worries and concerns. Knowing that there is a part of you that knows all that is divinely right for you and that when you surrender to that Higher part of you, you can relax into the day knowing that all will be as it should be. Let go and let God so to speak.

These mantras are given to me to share with you. They help you to connect with the higher parts of you, the divine in you. They are power mantras and bring you into a state of peace, activating the power held within the vibration of the mantra.

Many of the mantras that are given to me are names of God or qualities of the divine. By chanting them, you are able to activate that quality within you.

Please let me know in the comments below, if you find it easy to connect and how buzzed out you feel. You will feel buzzed out when you make the connection.

How to use the mantra

Close your eyes

Drop your mind into your heart

Say the mantra in such a way that it vibrates through your heart and then into every cell of your body.

Repeat at least 9 times then relax into the energy and repeat if you want more buzz!

See you tomorrow for your next mantra!

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