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Divine Masculine Healing Polarity

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Red and Greens, polar opposites
Sunset closing the day

For 138 weeks we have been receiving Light Codes Transmissions that awaken the brow chakra; the gift of the brow that just keep on giving!

Closing the Cycle

My first vision during transmission was a beautiful deep red sunset. As I gazed upon it, peeking through the trees, acknowledging it's beauty, I slipped back into sleep. I don't know how long I slept for, but when I woke I realised, I had fallen asleep and wasn't ready to wake up, so I asked my Higher Self to give me the visions on waking next. It's as easy as that.... so I drifted and then I woke, and there standing in front of me was Horus, I acknowledged him and then immediately stood Set and I acknowledged him. Next I saw someone with their hands clasped up above their head as if in victory! I acknowledge each vision and then another follows until the message is complete. Another vision appeared and it was the face of a beautiful old man with a beautiful smile on his face. He was not of this world, he was white, with white hair, white beard and a beautiful energy. He reminded me of a mix between Father Christmas and Sahdguru. He oozed love, kindness and serenity.

The deep red sunset is the closing of the day. Its beauty was marvelous reminding me of a saying my mother used to say. "Red sky at night, sailors delight, red sky in the morning sailors warning". The red sky at night foretells a beautiful day ahead and of course as the sun set upon our day, it means that chapter is over, the cycle is closed, and we are readying for the next. I could see it through the trees. The trees were green with beautiful growth suggesting a lot of growth had taken place and we can see through to the other side now, the side with the portent of wonderful things to come. I fell asleep, symbolic of the cycle closing....

Horus the Divine Masculine

On waking I saw Horus. Horus symbolises our spiritual side, our Higher Self. He is the ancient Egyptian god also known to the ancients as Hor, Har, Her, or Heru. He is the god in the form of the falcon whose right eye was the sun or morning star and his left eye the moon or evening star. He represents the divine masculine power and quintessence, which is the fifth and highest element of all. It permeates all nature and is the substance composing the celestial bodies. It is the purest essence of all, it is the calm, the serenity, spirit itself and all the wisdom of the Akasha. The fifth element binds the four elements of water, fire, earth, and air together. It is the strongest, most powerful element other than Light itself and is awakened in us after we have fully embodied the wisdom of the first four.

Set the Chaos and Confusion

After acknowledging Horus, I saw Set. Set is the opposite to Horus, he represents more our ego. He is the ancient Egyptian god of chaos and confusion. He is equal in power to Horus, but he is his rival, just as we have our Higher Self and our Ego. So with the original power of the two being equal, the two are very much about helping us to recognise our two powers and heal polarity. There are two sides to everything and we cannot know light unless we know dark and vice versa. The two powerful symbolisms have appeared to us here today with the setting sun and in our skies the moon is in the phase of the dark moon. We are ready for a new cycle.

Healing the Masculine

After acknowledging Set, I saw the two hands clasped together in a single fist, raised above the head, symbolising the victory of the coming together of the two sides. The power of the two when working together, clasped in harmony.

And so, after acknowledging the victory fist, I saw the beautiful loving, calm, serene vision of the old man who holds the energy of both Father Christmas, the bringer of gifts and the Guru within. Last week we saw the man seeking to understand how to spread the spores of the Sacred Mushroom. The Sacred Mushroom helps us to find the god within, the inner guru and the spores represent the spreading of that energy far and wide. We can see that we have come through and are now offered the Light Codes of healing the two sides of us. You will note that this was a masculine vision, as was last week. The masculine in us, has come forth, more healed, more balanced and more in his right power. This is also happening for the masculine in general and I have witnessed that with the masculine's in my life.

A New Direction

As I have mentioned before, masculine energy is directional. It helps us to find our direction and the feminine gives us the path to walk. There are many paths and many directions, but we need to walk the path that heads in the direction of harmony within. The divine masculine suggests our divine path and the divine feminine suggests our divine path; our soul direction and our soul's path.

This is transmission 138 which becomes a 12 which becomes a 3. This is the Christ energy as we enter the first day of December, the month of Christ Consciousness,..... and on that note... Horus represents the Christ energy as does Father Christmas, the bringer of Christ gifts on mass and Sahdguru, clearly a messenger of the Christ.

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