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11/11 Light Codes of Reproduction

A cluster of magic mushrooms
Awakening the God Within

This was actually from the Light Codes Messages for last week, which was transmission 137, but I hadn't started my new website then, well actually it was this actual light codes transmission that kick started the change in me. It propelled me from the moment I awoke the following morning and I haven't been able to stop since. This is how powerful the Light Codes are, they activate the codes within us and propel us into our healing or in this case our new direction. They held and 11/11 energy, opening gates for us, and boy of boy, I think I got pushed through the gate! I wanted to include them, because we are on a new fast track motion and these just need to be included in the path we are on now. Hey! They started this new website, so they belong right here!

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The Magic Mushroom

We've had something like this before. What I saw were giant magic mushrooms and someone down on their knees holding the stalk of the mushroom and looking up at the gills for the spores. I knew he was looking for spores because that is the word I was given.. "spores"...

Psilocybin mushrooms have been used for thousands of years through many cultures as way of connecting with the god within. They have been revered as powerful spiritual sacraments that provide access to sacred worlds. The spores of the mushroom are the reproductive cells that allow the mushroom to replicate and grow. The stalk lifts the cap and the gills that contain the spores above the ground, allowing the spores to be scattered by the wind. It was a cluster or family of mushrooms growing close together.

I feel this is symbolic of the light codes being offered to us now. They are to bring us together with those not only of like mind, but with those those who hold the same energy, soul groups and those who are here with a similar purpose.

The man on his knees was symbolic of someone trying to understand the way the spores would be released. In other words he wants to know how to share his energy so it multiplies. He holds on to the stalk for support from the main mushroom as he looks up through the gills to try to understand the distribution of energies.

I can relate to this because when I brought forth the energies of my Higher Self I asked spirit to show me how to help others to have what I have and I was shown a way to distribute the energies so others could also access their energies. I called this system LUXOR Light, which is a vehicle to access your own higher frequencies and helps you to share them with others. It brings together those who have a similar mission to awaken others into their mastery.

I really feel this is what the light codes are about this week. They are Light Codes of Reproduction given to us as we pass through the 11/11 Gateway of understanding the God Within. We are in a time where we need to multiply Lightworkers and come together in clusters to amp up the effect.

The man is a bit like a gnome, he is a guardian of the earth, finding ways to spread the energies that help others to awaken to the god within.....

11/11 Gateway Opportunity

Transmission 137 becomes and 11 energy and it was and the numerology of the day was also an 11 giving us an 11/11 Gateway of opportunity. You can still grasp that opportunity if you have done the work and are ready to say yes. Use the Light Codes to help you access that opportunity, there is never a used by date on the Light Codes, that is the beauty of them, they are harnessed so we can access them when we need and they are activated by the sound codes.

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