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Thoth the Atlantean and the Buddha Essence

Thoth the Atlantean Light Codes

This Transmission comes with a strong Buddhist essence to it. Interestingly in September 2022 I was doing a series of Light Codes of the Egyptian Temples. While I was working with the Emerald Tablets and the Codes of Thoth Temple; a tiny temple on the West Bank of Luxor, I had a very strange experience. I was working through the Emerald Tablets and during each transmission, I would see visions of Ancient Egypt, all except one transmission. In that transmission, I saw the Blue Buddha and the Golden Buddha. The visions awakened something within me as I was touched by a deep emotion that I am familiar with because it happens each time I “connect” with the Divine, be it Ascended masters or Angels, God's or goddesses. I thought it rather odd and after completing the work with my group, I did some research on the blue buddha and the golden buddha and up popped a photo of the Mahabodhi Temple and I had the same reaction. I burst into tears, and I knew that I was recognising an energy I’d known before in previous incarnations. On further research I saw that the Mahabodhi temple is in Bodhgaya, also known as Buddha Gaya or the Land of Buddha in Bihar India. Bodhgaya is the place where the Buddha became enlightened under the Bodhi Tree. I “knew” I had to go there, and I knew this was a “Calling”. Not long after this experience during another Light Codes transmission I saw a Pharaoh and I saw the Buddha and I heard the words “The Pharaoh and the Buddha”. This was another piece in my puzzle as I knew the signs were directing me to visit India from Egypt. Again, I stumbled upon an article discussing Dr Joshua David Stone’s book “The Complete Ascension Manual”, where he suggests that Buddha was indeed an incarnation of Thoth!”

The Blue Buddha is the medicine Buddha or the Buddha of Healing and the Golden Buddha is the Buddha of Enlightenment.

The months went by as I waited for the signs of when to leave Egypt and travel to India. It happened suddenly at the end of January when I was offered a house to rent in Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu where my daughter lives. On the 22nd of February 2023, I arrived in Tiruvannamalai where I spent my daughter’s birthday and my birthday together and then I travelled on to Bodhgaya. That is another story, but a most incredible visit. The energy of the Mahabodhi Temple is like nothing I have ever felt before. If I could liken it to anything, it would be like a total soul cleanse, like bathing in the energy of Bliss. Of course, I cried with the deep unconditional love bathing over me every time I visited the temple. I stayed in Bodhgaya for more than 3 weeks. My journey to other sacred temples and etheric retreats continued throughout India and in May I returned to Australia for the first time in four years, since pre-covid.

Pharaoh and the Buddha

What I didn't know then, but I know now, is that the land of Kush which was Nubia was once part of Egypt and the Kushana were Buddhists that lived in Central Asia and India. And Ashoka who was a great Indian Ruler who modelled his rule on peace and compassion sent Buddhist missionaries into Egypt.

Prior to leaving Egypt I had been doing a series of weekly light codes transmissions every Monday for almost 246 consecutive Mondays as well as the powerful series of Egyptian Temple Codes, (which you can find on my shop). I stopped the Monday transmissions just prior to leaving for India, but when I arrived in Australia my guides beckoned me to begin again, although I knew it was to take a different format as to the last transmissions before I left for India. This transmission of Thoth the Atlantean and the Buddhist connection was the second transmission. I was surprised when the channel began with the strong and powerful energy of Thoth and then it began to sound like Buddhist Monks. It was then I remembered what I have just relayed to you here. Somehow, I feel the mission into India is beginning to unfold………….

I hope you enjoy this most powerful transmission of Thoth the Atlantean and the Essence of the Buddha

What others have experienced with this Transmission....

"Wow, that felt really different, like tribal, I had feelings of like Native American Indian around fire, the shaman or medicine man, then aboriginal, Mayan then Egyptian all like both prophesying that something is coming but also telling stories/wisdom from way back… Really keen to see what comes through in coming days and listening again. 🙏🏻💕". Elisa

"I rarely see anything.

So for me very very primeval - started with energy waves through chest heart area - middle lovely energy buzzing and near end serene calm sense of being lifted up and floating away and right at end feeling slightly nauseous

Thank you". Nora

"I listened last night and fell asleep after. For me the moment it started I felt transported to another time and place of ice and snow and mountain top and wind. An ancient temple feel surrounded as elders/wisdom keepers spoke. I felt like I was being prepped for a journey or perhaps a quest. There was instruction followed by detail and a sense of a story being told not unlike the telling of the Dreamtime stories. I feel like I’m ready and waiting for the next step, the start of a new journey". Riana

"This one felt really powerful! Could sense Thoths presence straight away and could see like a light body of energy, I'm guessing maybe that was Thoth.

I had purple/violet energy moving up through the body and a really strong, warm sensation where it settled at my upper back area and a bit of red came in.

This great white portal type light opened from above more towards the left side.

I kept getting Mongolia??

Then towards the end magenta and I felt the need to move my legs and feet, like stretch them out. Beautiful thankyou🙏🙏❤". Kathy

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