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What is LUXOR Light Healing?

LUXOR Light Healing

LUXOR Light Healing is an energy healing system that connects with the Ancient Egyptian times and earlier. While all energy healing systems connect with Source energy, they each have their own unique signature for a different purpose. The LUXOR Light system of healing is specifically for ascension and was given to us to help us to move through these exact times and fully embark upon our ascension and enter the New Earth.

Being an Ancient Egyptian energy, the LUXOR Light energies or frequencies as we call them, are directly linked to the Star system Sirius and Isis energies. It is so ancient, coming from Sirius to Atlantis and into Ancient Egypt. Luxor is the earthly Home of this energy because it is directly connected to the Temple of Luxor. The temple of Luxor is the physical location of the Etheric Temple of Ascension. The Ascended Master linked to the Etheric Temple of Luxor is Ascended Master Serapis Bey. Serapis Bey was a High Priest in Atlantis in the Ascension Temple there, then before the fall of Atlantis, he was directed to take the ascension flame to Luxor, Egypt, and to establish a temple. That temple has it’s etheric counterpart that carries the White Flame of Ascension.

Serapis teaches that the path of the ascension is the path of love or the “Return to Love”. The Return to Love leads us along a path of purification. LUXOR Light is part of this mission, and the frequencies are part of this Flame and Divine Intention.

The LUXOR Light frequencies can be passed from person to person through a system of meditation that was divinely given to myself, ChristinA in 2004. It takes us on a journey of awakening through the chakras and through the dimensions. Because it is a path of purity, it is also something that must be earned rather than given, unlike some other systems of healing.

Serapis was known as a disciplinarian and while there are teachings that come along with the LUXOR Light Ascension program, the higher Truth is held within the energies itself. True wisdom is held in the energy and so as you begin to embody the frequencies of LUXOR Light, you begin to awaken to higher parts of yourself and embody your higher wisdoms and energy signatures direct from your Higher Self and the Masters of Ascension that work with you. Healing your karma is a lifetime journey, but through LUXOR Light, you tend to speed things up as you work through the program. Once you answer the call, the call answers you!

What is different about LUXOR Light?

A lot of people ask what it the difference between LUXOR Light and other healing systems like Reiki. One main difference is that it works on a higher vibrational frequency because it has a different purpose that requires this higher vibration.

LUXOR Light is a very powerful gift to receive because it works through all levels, all bodies, all lifetimes, all dimensions, and all realities. With that degree of healing, you can see why you accelerate your vibration and embody a higher consciousness.

5 Ways to Receive LUXOR Light

  1. You can receive LUXOR Light healing through a hands-on healing practitioner and the practitioner will follow a very thorough technique to help you clear all your blockages that are holding you back, shift stagnant energies, upgrade your chakra system, and prepare the way for your kundalini to rise and your consciousness to accelerate.

  2. LUXOR Light can also be received through distant healing; some people call this remote healing. A distant healing practitioner will follow the same format as a hands-on practitioner and the distance makes no difference. In fact, sometimes the distant sessions are far more powerful. The great thing about distant healing is that the ego is removed and so the practitioner is dealing only with the energy. I work this way mostly because of the way my life is. I live in Egypt and my clients are scattered all over the world. Because of the gifts that have awakened along the journey with LUXOR Light, I also “see” visions and can bring messages through in this way, this is also true in varying degrees for the qualified LUXOR Light Practitioners.

  3. You can receive LUXOR Light through Light Codes and Sacred Sound Healing. Another gift that tends to awaken on the journey of LUXOR Light is that of the fifth element that awakens gifts long lost since times of Atlantis. These include the gift of language of light and other Light Codes variations. Most of my work includes the Sound and Light codes of the Masters, bringing the Keys of Ascension to you. This is another higher level of awakening.

  4. Ultimately you can receive the LUXOR Light Ascension frequencies through the LUXOR Light Ascension program. This is the ultimate because you embody the energy along the journey instead of just being bathed in the energies. You awaken to your own uniqueness and ascend into your own unique frequencies and can anchor them into the Earth’s grid. This means it helps you to awaken and make manifest your own soul’s mission and purpose for this incarnation.

  5. You can receive LUXOR Light subtly by simply following along with these blogs, my videos, through the light codes transmissions and so on.

5 Reasons to try LUXOR Light

  1. First and fore-most LUXOR Light is a “self-healing” modality, and when you undertake the LUXOR Light Ascension Program you have a self-healing program at your fingertips for life. This means you always have a “go to” when things get tough and when you feel you are falling out of alignment with Source or your purpose.

  2. LUXOR Light is insurmountably valuable for twin flames. In fact, LUXOR Light assists twin flames into union. The reason is that LUXOR Light at its lowest level is a 10th dimensional frequency. Twin Flames come into union at the 10th dimension. There is so much to learn about the twin flame journey through LUXOR Light. LUXOR Light kicks off at the 10th dimension and accelerates out to the Infinite.

  3. LUXOR Light assists everyone into inner union with themselves. It awakens your masculine and feminine chakra system and pushes you toward inner harmony and ultimately into inner union.

  4. Healing with a LUXOR Light Practitioner, or myself of course, gives you all the support you need along your ascension path. LUXOR Light Healing Practitioners are possibly better known as a Soul Coach. As a Soul Coach they can support and empower you on your journey into your own mastery.

  5. LUXOR Light is more than a healing system. LUXOR Light is an empowerment energy, an awakening system that enables you to become more. It’s powerful, unique, and ultimately it is the Return to Love.

What can LUXOR Light help me with?

There is not much it cannot help you with. A LUXOR Light practitioner is trained to help you learn about your own energy field with each healing you have, so with regular healing you are also learning. This is how you become empowered. Understanding is the Key. You will always feel calm and centered after a LUXOR Light Healing. It will bring you into balance and most people feel the power of the energy as it moves through you. It can range from gentle tingles to a powerful rush initiating a kundalini awakening where your body begins to shake and even levitate. I’ve had clients say, it feels like they are taking Ayahuasca. It can awaken your whole body as it accelerates every cell beyond dis-ease.

During a LUXOR Light meditation sitting, many clients report that it is “the most powerful energy they have ever felt”. However, that really depends on if you are ready for this degree of power and if you are prepared to do what it takes to be in total integrity with this Divine Frequency.

Awakening your Truth

Our Truth is something that can change as we spiritually evolve. Because we have been conditioned in so many ways throughout our lives, many of our truths are not actually ours. Through the journey of LUXOR Light you unlock your belief systems and connect with your true self. In this way you find parts of yourself you may not have even known existed. You begin to connect and embody your Higher Self on Earth and you can anchor your Souls purpose. Of course, this all takes different time frames for different people.

What is Ascension?

The ascension is the acceleration of our God consciousness within. We are immersed in the White Fire of purification that lies dormant in our base of the spine chakra until awakened. When awakened it is often referred to as the rising kundalini or the awakened serpent. Ascended Master Serapis Bey is the Ascended Master of the White Fire.

Ascension brings us Liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth through the clearing of our Karma.

Why is it the Return to Love?

Serapis Bey came to earth with many other sons and daughters of God, led by “the Ancient of Days”. The Ancient of Days is Lord Sanat Kumara, one of the Seven Holy Kumaras, who are masters of the seven rays on the planet Venus. (We will talk about that another day).

So, LUXOR Light is also directly linked to Sanat Kumara and the energies of Venus and the Path of Love that brings great spiritual transformation.

There is so much to learn about LUXOR Light, even I am still learning. This is a journey, a journey of ascension as we Return to Love.

Please join my website and share my articles and help to share the energies of LUXOR Light….

ChristinA Ritchie

ChristinA Ritchie is me, founder, and Guiding Teacher of LUXOR Light; the Guardian if you like of the energies.

LUXOR Light was birthed through my body in 2004 with the specific purpose to help lead us through the Big Change, the Great Awakening.

My whole body awakened and my whole body channels the energies just as you may awaken your whole body.

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