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When Heaven and Angels Sing

Welcome to 2022!

Today was the first Light Codes transmission for 2022 and I'm excited to see what unfolds for us this year.

The message for us today was very much about Purification and Protection and you can listen to the message on my YouTube video below. Something I forgot to mention in the reading was that while we were working in the Emotional Body, I had two visions and the second one I forgot to mention. It completed the healing activation in the emotional body and was of Twin Flames kissing in the Heavens. I really thought I should mention that because I just know how important that is for Twin Flames to know right now.

It's a hard journey being a Twin Flame and all positive messages are always gratefully received. I'm personally feeling the Twin Flame connection energy extra intense right now. My Twin is in my life, but that does not mean I don't still feel all the crazy Twin Flame dynamics. In fact, it possibly means I feel it more intensely and more often because it is certainly not an easy journey, contrary to what you may read on other sites.

I have many Twin Flame clients and if you think you are a Twin Flame and all is easy, then I think you are mistaken. You are more likely experiencing a beautiful soul mate relationship and how lucky you are! I think all twin flames will agree with me, that this journey is not for the faint hearted and not even something we would consciously choose if we knew before what it entails! I sometimes wish I could run but seriously? How do those so called "runners" run? It's the opposite for me, I'm "magnetised" to stay not run! But we must remember that being a twin flame it holds a great purpose in relation to our ascension.

Everyone is on the ascension path, but as I tell my clients, a Twin Flame must do it twice! Yes, I'm sorry, but you must walk the ascension path twice if you are a twin flame. First you should focus on your own ascension journey and get a good hold on what that means.

And then, or at the same time in some instances, you must walk it again as you move through the twin flame journey. The Twin Flame journey sparks the same dynamics that everyone must move through in their ascension path, only it is intensified because it is two people being dragged through the fire! Oh, there you go, it's kind of three times as intense!

If you have a feeling that you are a twin flame and you are hoping to connect with your twin flame, then you really should be prepared and the LUXOR Light Ascension Program (check out my events page for this years programs) will help you do that. In fact the LUXOR Light Ascension program will draw your twin flame in, that is what it is designed or maybe destined to do is a better way to put it. But it is imperative that you focus on yourself. This is a journey about self-love and not a journey about co-dependence. Co-dependency cannot survive in a twin flame connection, or rather a twin flame connection will not survive co-dependency. It will just cause more conflict and more healing to do. Solve your co-dependency issues!

Twin Flame Connection

You may notice I do not use the term "twin flame relationship" and there is a very good reason for that. Twin Flames are a very intense connection that does not guarantee that you will have a relationship. But it does guarantee that you have a purpose together and therefore, purpose and mission should be your focus. But first of all you should be focusing on your own purpose, not your joint twin flame purpose; that will unfold in due course. In fact your own purpose will unfold in due course also, so take the pressure off and don't try to "think" up what your purpose or your mission is, because you will never guess it in a million years. Focus on your ascension and healing journey. That is where LUXOR Light Ascension program becomes powerfully helpful, because while you focus on your own ascension path, your mission and purpose finds you! Isn't that a whole lot easier than trying to "figure it out"?

Be in Service

If your purpose hasn't arrived yet, then keep focusing on your ascension, keep raising in frequency and what gifts your do have, share them; be in service to humanity. Whatever you do in your healing for yourself, be sure it helps at least two other people and then you are in service.

Consider this....

when I do, this or pray for this, or ask for this, who does it benefit? Does it benefit only me, or does it benefit others? Be sure all that you ask for, all that you work towards healing can be dedicated to at least 2 others. There you go, you are now in service.

What happens when you are in service?

When you are in service a whole other world opens up for you. Suddenly you have purpose, suddenly you are offered more purpose, suddenly you are awakening more and more to your soul purpose in service to the divine and suddenly, your twin flame, if you have one, appears! So, if you really want to meet your twin flame, then stepping into service will speed up the process!

When Heaven and Angels Sing

So, I saw the twin flames kissing in the Heavens, that suggests many twin flames are coming into Union. Now, I want to point something else out, because I am a realist and I'm walking this journey, so I kind of have a pretty good idea how it all goes. I'm not going to lead you down the ever so romantic path of twin flames, because it is just not like that. The love of twin flames is beyond anything you could ever imagine. Now, when I say that, I just know that those of you who are hoping to meet your twin flame, are imagining something very far removed from what it really is. I know, because I thought that too. Your twin flame is probably not as shiney as you think they are, but you will love them anyway. You will love them warts and all, but you will feel all those warts and you will find it very difficult to move on from those warts!

When you are deep in your wounding, when the connection gets so intense and you can't reach out and touch your twin flame, come home to yourself. Look at what the journey is teaching you now and learn it, and learn it good, so you never have to go back there again.

So, Heaven and Angels will be singing when they see that you and your twin flame have made union. Here is something else I want to clear up. Union must take place in the Heavens first and I can help you to see how much union you have achieved if you like. This union in the Heavens happens for everyone even if their twin flame is not incarnate, so it is really important to focus on your personal ascension. It happens at the tenth dimension, so unless you are tenth dimensional in your chakras you are not ready for your twin flame. Do you want to be ready?

When Heaven and Angels sing it will bring Joy to the World, because you will have ascended into the Heavenly consciousness. With LUXOR Light Ascension, it is not hard to get to the tenth dimension, because we clear through all the levels, all bodies, all lifetimes, all realities and all dimensions. All it takes is commitment to self, turning up for self, and of course the LUXOR Light frequencies!

The Twin Flames were kissing in the Heavens, oh joy to the world! Stay true to you and all will turn out right. Trust in the divine, trust in your own ascension path and Heaven and Angels will Sing!

You can watch today's video here and below the video are the links for the Light Codes

Visit my Etsy shop here to purchase your Light Codes of Purification and Protection and don't forget, that within them, is the light codes of the Twin Flames Kissing in the Heavens that makes heaven and angels sing!

Please share my post and comment in the comments below if you have any questions. If you are a twin flame and need some mentoring, I can help. Check out my services page, or visit my etsy Shop.

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