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Why do I feel Stoned after Light Codes

Updated: Apr 11

a man looking stoned another man looking wired after light codes
The feeling of being stoned after Light Codes

Feeling Stoned after Light Codes

I often have the feeling of being stoned after doing Light Codes transmissions or after facilitating deep meditation sessions. I know I am not the only one, because many of my clients report it after doing sessions with me, especially meditation or Light Codes sessions. I do get many questions about ascension symptoms and why we feel certain ways after meditation, so this article is to try to answer why you may feel stoned after Light Codes or deep meditation?

I can usually pinpoint when I'm going to have a stoned day and it is usually Tuesday after my Monday Light Codes Transmission. But it can hit me at any time because I am working in deep meditation every day, several times a day and then sometimes I just can't work at all because I am totally stoned and need to sleep and if I don't sleep, I'm just stoned all day. When I sleep, I go into a deep restorative sleep and the next day I'm on full power. It's an interesting phenomenon, so let's take a look at it.

Deep Meditation

someone meditating in the clouds facing the sun
Deep meditation

During deep meditation, we often enter altered states of consciousness that can lead to feelings of euphoria, bliss or even a feeling of being disconnected from the physical body. This is caused by a brain chemical called Dopamine that is linked to pleasure and reward, and it can change in response to meditation. This can help to cause the stoned feeling some people have after meditation. Meditation can also activate the parasympathetic nervous system which promotes relaxation and a sense of peace and calm.

Light Codes

man meditating in the heavens
Connecting to Universal Wisdom

Light Codes are associated with spiritual awakening, ascension, and higher consciousness and they carry information and energies from higher dimensions.

Sometimes working with Light Codes can bring experiences such as

  1. A feeling of intense joy or bliss.

  2. Feelings similar to feeling stoned after light codes, where reality seems different or more vibrant.

  3. A sense of being more attuned to subtle energies or spiritual realms.

  4. Feeling connected to universal wisdom or cosmic knowledge.

Why Does It Happen?

Why it happens, I don't fully understand, but some theories say:

  • Meditation and exposure to light codes may influence neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins that lead us to altered states of consciousness.

  • Light codes activate dormant chakras and enhance spiritual awareness.

  • Deep meditation can shift brainwave patterns, having the potential to induce altered states.

Not everyone experiences these sensations during meditation or light codes work though. It depends on how sensitive you are to energies, your intentions and how open you are spiritually. Some people feel more grounded, while others may feel more ethereal, and some people feel wide awake and then you can have some days where you experience that and much more. It's not always the same and it's not only one way for one person. You can have it all on different days.

Some different sensations experienced during meditation.

It's different for everyone, but here are some common sensations and feelings that can come with meditation.

  1. A light, floating sensation can suggest you have entered a deep state of meditation.

  2. Feeling waves of energy passing through your body because you have opened up the energy flow through your chakras.

  3. Soothing, warm vibrations around the body that can make you feel more conscious and more aware of your surroundings.

  4. A deep sense of relaxation as you release old tensions and stress from the body. This can lead to the body moving, tingling and other sensations such as body jolts or shaking of the body or body parts.

  5. Some people just experience a sense of warmth and relaxation during meditation.

  6. Sometimes buried emotions rise to the surface during meditation, leading to tears, laughter, or other emotional responses.

  7. Greater awareness of the subtle changes or movements in your body that you don't normally notice.

woman meditating and meeting et
Meeting star beings

You might have visions and often the visions will also induce an emotional reaction. These reactions depend on your spiritual sensitivity. You might visit the outer realms of the universe, or you might see past life visions and a whole array of other experiences like meeting star beings on other planets or seeing into other dimensions.

Everyone’s experience is unique, and sensations can vary. The main objective is to observe these feelings without analysing and allow them to come and go naturally.

What have you experienced during meditation?

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