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Empower yourself with fully Unified Inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine


A full program of activations through medition to heal through all lifetimes, dimensions and realities, developing the masculine and feminine chakra system, enabling inner harmony and full inner union.   


For those who are embarking upon the Twin Flame Ascension Journey, full inner union assists twin flames into full spiritual union and in due course into physical union with their twin flame.  Connect with me to learn more!


Take charge and claim your right to your mastery.  Through this program, you heal through all the levels, all past lives, all realities and awaken to higher dimensional states of consciousness.  It purifies you to the degree that you begin to carry these same frequencies for the purpose of assisting others.  In some cases it enables those whose mission it is to embody their own frequencies to be able to fully embody their frequency for mission.


If you choose, when you complete the program and have are able to maintain the higher frequencies, you are elligible to complete the LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner course.


The LUXOR Light Ascension program enables you to go beyond the fifth dimension and embody the 24th dimensional level of consciousness within your chakras.  This propels you into the infinite on a regular basis to claim more of your unique mastery to anchor on earth. 


The LUXOR Light system of ascension awakens the kundalini and accelerates your consciousness and may awaken your gifts of the brow chakra such as Light Languages, Light Codes, amplifies your healing abilities and awakens you to your Soul purpose.


If you are ready to awaken to your purpose and your mission then let me help you get there.  I can take you all the way step by step with full support.  This is an incredibly exciting journey and only you know if it is for you, but if you feel excited, then jump on and claim your right to mastery and learn how to utilise your own energies to empower not just you, but all those who require you to help them get there!


The LUXOR Light Ascension program is for everyone, but it is also a very powerful tool for Twin Flames to to help heal and understand the twin flame dynamic.  As one twin rises in consciousness, it assist the other twin to rise in consciousness too.  


Those who choose to do this program are taking charge of their journey as a “conscious” being consciously rising.  You have full access to download the full program, so you have it for life as a maintenance program to forever lift you up when life pulls you down. 


You will become a “powerhouse”, a "Generator" that is able to empower others to want to do awaken to higher levels of consciousness. 


This is a program that is part of a greater mission to awaken Humanity and you will know if you are ready for this degree of work.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced, this is about you claiming your soul purpose and being willing to do the work to get there.


LUXOR Light Complete Ascension is a meditation activation program, that enables you to embody the frequencies of Ascension through the system of LUXOR Light and the Ascended Master Serapis Bey.  It takes 23 weeks on average to complete in the most efficient way and is a lifetime system that helps you to maintain your higher frequencies until you have fully entered the Infinite Realms;  Full Consciousness or full enlightenment in other words. It will take you to your mastery so you can anchor your own unique frequencies.  


Ascension is an ongoing journey and understanding it enables you to go further with your own purpose.


It takes 23 weeks to complete this program.  And over 50 hours of course content time x 2 if you work with both programs.  


I so look forward to meeting you on the journey!

The Complete LUXOR Light System of Ascension

$888.00 Regular Price
$699.00Sale Price
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